Imouto Paradise


Today we at MangaGamer are proud to announce the release of Imouto Paradise! Come get your little sisters now, Onii-chan!





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  1. Is there going to be a trial?

  2. Getting a problem here:

    Just to make sure. There should be 3 new files after extracting the two rar files correct? An ImoutouParadiseInstaller.exe and ImoutoParadiseInstaller-1 and -2 .rar files.

    During installation I’m getting an error saying:

    C:destination folderImouto ParadiseImoutoParadise.exe

    error occurred while trying to rename a file in destination directory: MoveFile failed; code 2. System cannot find file specified. Click: retry, ignore, abort.

    If I click ignore, it’ll install but after installation it’s unable to startup the game due to missing the startup.exe file. I don’t see one in the directory.

    • Try to temporarily disable your anti-virus and try again. If necessary, change the destination folder just to confirm if your error is related to the folder path or permissions.

      From what I understood about your error, the setup is trying to move the executable with the DRM but is unable to so this is most likely an anti-virus issue.

    • I looked this error up with the installer support, it seems that this error can occur when security software blocks writing of certain files (like executable files). My guess is that AV software on your computer is flagging ImoutoParadise.exe as dangerous (false positive) due to the activation code and preventing you from copying the file. I would try installing with AV software disabled. To be safe, I submitted the executable to online multi-scanners and didn’t find any issues.

      • Yeah seems it was an AV problem. It slipped my mind since the only other game I purchased which had AV problem was We Love Master. Never had any after that.

        Thanks guys!

  3. I hope this sells well enough to get a hard copy so that we can have the high-resolution 2048×1152 CGs as on-disc bonus material.

  4. Had to Load twice because of the Norton on my computer blocked it the first time….. but I do have a question on the Extra button “titlepage” what do you get to save on the, no data blocks???? oh, and the one thing that is a bit annoying is the beep every time the little sisters say the “P” words the Beep level is way to HIgh!!!!! other than that I like the game, they could have used a few more motion loops

  5. I’ve successfully installed the game, but when I get to the Activation Code, I only get a message saying “Charge Failed. Error Code 24001. Of course, since you can’t request another code until you use the old one, I’m kinda stuck. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. while installing it asks for disk 2 where would i find this?

    • It looks like you’re missing the second part of the download. The game is split into two downloads, and you’ll need to have both extracted into the same folder to install. I’d double check to make sure you have both parts.

  7. I’m thinking something was wrong when I downloaded my files from buying the game. I start the installation get to 9116.dlt and the installer crashes.

    I’m gonna try rebooting and turning off antivirus, any other ideas on what could be causing problems?

    • Hi there, Damoncord,

      If you continue to experience installation issues, please contact our customer support ( with the information you noted above and one of our representatives would be more than happy to assist you! 🙂

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