Aizawa Shuuhei

I thought I’d write up a bit more detailed character intro for some of the Soul Link characters before its upcoming release. First up, is Aizawa Shuuhei.

Shuuhei is voiced by “Healthy Tarou” (A.K.A. this guy), and is arguably the main character of the story. He is a man of action and doesn’t hesitate to pull the trigger when it counts. When the Aries falls under attack, Shuuhei is the one who takes charge and leads the other cadets who remain trapped on board.

He is a quick-thinker and often surprises others with his acute judgment in battle situations, but he still can’t stop from telling the occasional dirty joke. As a cadet in the military academy, he is receiving officer training. Although he hopes war never breaks out, in the event that it does, he intends to serve on the front lines in order to protect his country and the people he cares about.

The two people he cares about most are his little brother Ryouta, who he’s always protected and helped raise since they were little; and Morisaki Nao, who is both a childhood friend and someone special to him. The three of them have been together for many, many years and they share a strong bond with each other.

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  1. I have my card ready and waiting for this, don’t you worry. But out of interest for those not sure yet, are you going to be releasing a demo of this like Navel did when they originally released it?

    • It’s a possibility. I’d have to ask the programmer and other staff though. I know the demo for Soul Link is essentially just the Prologue, the Opening Movie, and just enough of Chapter 1 so that you can get your very first Bad End. It doesn’t get into any of the plot twists and such that really keep Soul Link going.

  2. So the guy who plays Renji has done voice work in other eroge besides Beat Blades Haruka (he’s also briefly in the anime). Now there’s another reason to buy this game

  3. Having played some of MangaGamer’s visual novels, it’s not unknown that MG lacks proof reeders/quality checkers. While MG has improved alot since the days of Edelweiss, there is still a certain quality that a purchased product should have that is missing.

    What I would really love to see is a release with very few to no errors. Being based in Norway, a non-English native area, it sort of an undeniable fact that somethings would be wrong. And I’d like to help with that problem.

    In no way am I seeking a form of pay or anything to that nature. I would just like to assist in proof reading final drafts of scripts for a superior finished product.

    If you would at all be interested in my help please let me know.

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