Nagase Sayaka

Next up, is Nagase Sayaka.

For those who are interested, here are her measurements:
Height= 160cm (about 5ft 3in)
Bust/Waist/Hips= 83cm/57cm/81cm (33in/22in/32in)
Birthday= December 10th

Sayaka is voiced by “Goutokuji Aiko” (A.K.A. this woman), and shows great promise for the future. She has proven to be reliable when a task needs to be done and she has served as a leader for her class at the academy. She is quite curious and isn’t afraid to ask questions either.

Sayaka’s driving force for joining the military is her desire to operate all manner of vehicles. She loves driving cars and bikes, steering boats, piloting planes, and more. If it’s a vehicle of any kind, Sayaka probably has every manner of license available for it. As a military cadet, she is excited about the opportunity to pilot spacecraft, drive tanks, and operate all other kinds of vehicles which civilians are prohibited from operating. She realizes that she will eventually have to limit herself to one military vehicle in the future, and she already has her eye on becoming a fighter pilot, since that seems to be the fastest vehicle they offer.

She is very impressed by Shuuhei and his actions. Perhaps she even admires him some. However, she has had a soft spot for Ryouta ever since they first met. She tends to wear her emotions on her sleeve and show a wide range of expressions. When she wants some time alone to think, she often visits the hallway along the outer bulkhead so she can gaze out upon the stars.

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  1. Nice pantsu. Wonder what’s under.

  2. I could see myself going for this girl’s route in my first playthrough.

  3. A nice introduction, the character seems interesting and a lot more my type than Nao. I spotted a couple of what look like typos though, if you want to correct them:
    “has severed as a leader” -> has served as a leader?
    “so she can gave out” -> so she can gaze out?

    Also, I want to send my thanks to MangaGamer for not censoring this game. Freedom of speech is very important and we should defend our right to it like MangaGamer in its decision. As a visual novel writer and artist myself, I find it inspiring and encouraging that a big company is brave enough to stand up for this cause!
    Looking forward to the next character! 🙂

  4. Sorry bout that. They’re fixed now.

    But see why editors are needed? ^_^;; Even Word misses typos here and there.

    In the Soul Link anime, Ryouta is paired with Sayaka, so you could say that she is the “canonical” route for Ryouta. Shuuhei is obviously with Nao, so Ryouta is the only one whose story diverges based on the girl you pursue.

    I would say that Shuuhei’s part of the story is about perseverance and fighting for survival, while Ryouta’s is more about trying to keep everyone from cracking under the pressure of their situation.

    My first play through was Sayaka > Aki > Yuu. I enjoyed it a lot that way, but of course everyone is free to play as they wish. I found Shuuhei’s chapter to be a bit of a struggle to survive (in terms of making the right choices), but in Ryouta’s the choices are fairly clear.

  5. Hmm the first two pictures remind me of Nerine from the Shuffle! VN. 🙂

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