Nitta Aki

Next up, is Nitta Aki.

For those who are interested, here are her measurements:
Height=158cm (5ft 2in.)
Bust/Waist/Hips 77cm/55cm/79cm (30in/22in/31in)
Birthday=June 15th

Aki is voiced by Ono Marina, and is what some might call a firecracker. She is quick to learn new things, and is highly skilled in computers and several other areas, but this talent has gone to her head. She believes that those with appropriate talent and skill are the ones who should be given responsibility and only respects those who have proven themselves capable. The idea of rule by seniority absolutely disgusts her.

Although she’s not afraid to speak her mind against any incapable superiors, she does realize it isn’t good to make everyone in the hierarchy an enemy so she will brown-nose those with actual ability. She also has a low tolerance for idiocy and is quick to point out the flaws with someone’s idea or to make a sassy remark in reply to someone’s joke.

She is a very strong willed girl and can be quite stubborn at times. She is also impatient, which is ironic since she can end up making others wait when she gets frustrated by hard to crack security programs. Still, Aki can also be a playful girl or even a tease.

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