Cosplay Alien is pleased to announce the upcoming digital release of “Cosplay Alien”, an Adult PC title released by game developer SCORE. The slated release date of “Cosplay Alien” is February 20, 2010.  The original Japanese version of this game was titled, “Cosutte Alien -Yuuwaku no Cosplay H-” and was released in 2005.

The main character and his friends are attending their class in a quiet academy like normal students when a UFO suddenly passes overhead. The whole academy begins to panic and a beautiful, female alien appears from the UFO. She claims she traversed vast reaches of space in order to tie the knot with Yuusaku. Meanwhile, Yuusaku is utterly confused. As she tries to press him into marriage, she uncovers his secret stash of porn and begins using knowledge of cosplay from that in order to seduce him.

The other heroine, his childhood friend, joins in the fuss over Yuusaku caused by the alien’s mother, friend, rival, and even space pirates. On top of all this, secret agents from another country begin targeting the Aliens’ advanced technology…

Price: 19.95 Euros

In short, this is a fun little game along the lines of “Let’s Meow Meow” and “Cosplay Fetish Academy”. Between all the aliens and space pirates, you’ll have a cat-eared girl, a bunny-eared girl, a girl with antenna-hair, her mother, and a childhood friend that you can go after. Furthermore, each and every one of these characters has plenty of sex scenes. Also, with the power of the aliens’ bracelet, you’ll be able to have sex with them in all kinds of different costumes including: a school uniform, a nurse outfit, a swimsuit, a maid outfit, a miko outfit, a bunny girl outfit, a school teacher outfit, a naked apron, a goth-loli outfit, a china dress, and more. There’s also plenty of 3P scenes, including one with both mother and daughter.

I’m sure everyone can have some good fun with this game, so I hope you all look forward to it! (And yes, the main heroine, Larfa is the girl featured in the top image.)

In other note, we also have the rights to Koihime Musou and translation is already underway.

Update: The Catalog page for Cosplay Alien is now available on the main site, and you can also download the Opening movie from our main site via this link: Download

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  1. Well, I’ll probably end up getting this to kill time while waiting for Higurashi Kai, I’m at the very least interested in the space pirate gal and the main heroine’s mother.

  2. Well this looks like a fun game to pass the time with. I’ll definitely consider it.

  3. Any chance you can give us an idea of when Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia is planned to be released.

    • Not at the moment. But I will say that the Translation phase and the Translation checking phase are complete, so it probably won’t be too much longer. Probably sometime during this Quarter.

  4. tsundereaficionado

    just how many stations can she receive with those?

  5. Aye thanks a lot guys 😀

  6. We already knew Manga Gamer had the rights to Koihime Musou, got the t-shirt at Otakon last year…

  7. The girls look nice, should be interesting. Something a little different which is always good.

    Good news about Koihime Musou aswell can’t wait for that one.

  8. Honestly I’m more interested by Koihime Musou and Higurashi than this game but having a bigger list of products is always a good thing.

  9. I wouldn’t mind picking this up. It certainly seems interesting anyways

  10. As much as I can appreciate (quality) sexromps, I’d like to hear what’s going on with Eiden Fantasia.
    January is more than half over, and yet there’s been no official word about its release.

  11. Looks good. By the way, is it true that you guys are gonna realase “Koihime Musou”?

  12. To answer some of your questions, yes we will be releasing Koihime Musou. We are already underway with the Trasnaltion phase.

    As for those of you asking about Edelweiss, if you scroll up, you’ll see I mentioned that it’s already finished Translation and Translation checking. All that remains is editing/proofreading and script insertion. You can probably expect to see it available this quarter (Q1).

    Lastly, I updated this post with a link to the catalog page and the Opening Movie.

  13. A very good surprise,I’ll be happily waiting for their version of Shuffle! Essence ^^

  14. Just how many routes are in Koihime musou?
    and is it a long game?

  15. the length for koihime muso say 30-50 hours here
    for koihime muso i think it has like 10
    6 single girl route and 4 multi-girl or faction routes

    • Huhu thanks mike its a relief to know its that long O_O multi-girl or faction routes…awsome…well now i got more to look forward to. Anyone know how the strategy/battle system is like or what it it looks like. I wouldnt mind if yall tell me a video link.

      • In battle, you pick a formation at the beginning of each turn/day.
        After that, you can pick to have a Light Infantry Rush, Heavy Infantry Advance, or Archer Arrow Shower.
        Ougis charge depending on the length of time needed and such. Click the Ougi to activate it before choosing an attack.(note: if you click ougi multiple times, keep track of how many times you click as the 2nd click toggles it off)

        Basically, it’s a elaborate game of rock-paper-scissors.

        • woah interesting…i’ll enjoy the battle part when it comes.One thing im wondering though i was checking around although the first game file is “Kinda 3-4gb when compressed or full idk..” how much is the second game shin koihime musou size since it has so many more characters/routes and such added.7-10gb maybe ? just foreshadowing so when the time comes Koihime Musou and Shin Koihime Musou when release i can free some space up from my computer xd.

  16. Hm so in short basically Shin Koihime Musou its based more on rpg now then before [which is good] and its longer plus even though there are extra girls there are no single route basically meaning you go for whichever your’ll end up with a multigirl=harem or faction and no single girl o.o…

    • i know the rpg system is better in shin koihime muso that does mean it is more rpg just a better system this is just 2nd hand knowledge

  17. For those who wants to know the main differences between Koihime Musou an Shin Koihime Musou.

    In Koihime Musou there is :

    – Main Character Hongo Kazuto is the Leader of the Faction which should have been Ryūbi’s Faction in the real story.
    – Only one story.
    – Multiple endings.
    – Some strategy fights (More or less Rock Paper Scissors).
    – 6 “main heroines” + 4 groups with various others heroines.

    In Shin Koihime Musou there is :

    – Hongo Kazuto’s role differ according to the faction you choose to go for.
    – Three different stories (One for the Gi Faction (Sōsō), one for the Go Faction (Sonsaku and Sonken) and one for the Shoku Faction (Ryūbi).
    – Three Different endings (one for each faction).
    – A better system for the strategy fights (but still more or less Rock Paper Scissors).
    – Each faction has a different number of heroines each of those heroines have their own side story developed and ending.

  18. which game has a better story

    • The story Koihime Musou is different from Shin Koihime Musou, many things differs between the 2 games. But still I would say that Shin Koihime Musou’s Stories are better than Koihime Musou’s. Plus in Shin Koihime Musou, the Shoku Faction’s story share many similarities with Koihime Musou, while Go and Gi’s stories are completely different from Koihime Musou (and for me, those two stories are far better than Shoku’s story, but it may just be me ^^).

  19. Hey,it’s true that Mangagamer’s coming up with the all ages’s PS2 version of Da Capo 2nd Season and at the same time with the PC version for release the two at the same time??????

    • *for release the two versions simultansly??????

      • Well from before news/post its only Da Capo II for the pc and i “think” it wasnt DCPC= Da Capo Plus Communication = 2nd season with the extra chars and original chars if you ment by 2nd season…And i havent seen mangagamer came out yet with ps2 or so games so its just the pc versions.

        • yeah i want da capo pc as well

          • Haha yea same here DCPC there is a traslation patch out there but when it was licensed only several routes were translated that was hm… Kotori/Tamaki/Alice and i think maybe Izumiko? those were the only few to be translated but stopped. They maybe can get DCPC but idk so just wait and see o.o.

  20. To my Top Reply I was wrong not Izumiko its [SPOILER]Kanae you see in truth hes actually a girl had to pretend as one to be able to stay in school if anyone finds out = transfer. Anyhow just like the first game you can get the [Spoiler] Extra chars such as Miharu and Yoriko/Misaki.

  21. Wow, just looking at the picture alone makes me wanna get it. 😀

    This one gets my money.

  22. I take it from the translation that Managagamer has done a back flip with their quality. The grammar is atrocious, what in the hell were they thinking?

    Maybe MG should start placing who the translator(s) and editor(s) are on the shopping page! Might give some of us a better idea whether the title is worth picking up or not.

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