Panchu's Lines Up

Alrighty, it’s been about a week since Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia was up for sale, so now that you’ve had a chance to play through the game, here’s the PDF of Panchu’s lines for those who wanted it.

To those who have played through with his lines as they were: what did you think of how they were handled? Did it prove enjoyable?

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  1. I’d say Panchu’s lines were handled well, the fact that they are understandable if you take time to look at the dialogue helped, but really it helped make the scenes with him more humorous in how Kazushi and co. are able to understand him.
    It sort of reminds me of some scenes in Frasier (it’s a sitcom from the 90s) where one of Daphne’s brothers has a British accent so thick only his brothers can understand him.

  2. I was able to “translate” 5 lines. None of those 5 lines contained more than 3 words.

    So I basically didn’t understand anything at all.

  3. Panchu’s lines didn’t bother me too much because they were supposed to be difficult to understand, in this way it just helped the game to be more true to the original (that and I got them about right when I checked, so woohoo!).
    I actually found Poko’s lines to be almost as difficult because the use of D’s in a lot of places didn’t seem to make much sense, whereas T’s would probably have worked better. I had to stop the auto-scroll to re-read a lot of those lines…

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