MangaGamer Spring Sale!

Well everyone, our Spring Sale is now in effect and will continue until April 7th, so be sure to stop by our website, pick up any of the games you’ve been holding off on, and let us know what you think!

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  1. Games are still listed for full price, and if it is taken off at check out, it is not obvious as clicking shopping cart also shows full price. (as of 7:15pm Eastern US time)

    • Yeah, my goof actually. This was the time the sales switched on for EEF and other games, so I pre-programmed this post to go up at that time. Apparently I was mistaken. The sale will most certainly be taking place though, and is most certainly scheduled for 4/1-4/7.

  2. cool to see any word on when koihime muso or kira kira curtain call

  3. Not related to the sale, but just bought the Edelweiss bundle. Any chance of getting Suika in on this sale? I already own all three titles on sale.

  4. I’m still waiting for Koihime Musou… self-imposed restraint is incredibly difficult.

  5. i have the cg set and can’t wait either
    how many endings/routes are there in koihime muso

  6. Eagerly awaiting news on Koihime Musou. BTW, I hope this sale turns out well.

  7. Sale is actually on now.

  8. About time I get around to picking up Shuffle! I suppose.

  9. Awww. No April Fools Day?

    MangaGamer could have done an epic one!

  10. Did my first MG purchase yesterday and grabbed Da Capo. Thanks for the offer!

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