Koihime Promotional Movie Lyrics

Just uploaded the Promotional Movie for Koihime Musou. Here’s the lyrics translation.

Souten no mukou he
Beyond the Azure Skies

果てしないこの世界 どこまでもゆこう
Hateshinai kono sekai doko made mo yukou
Let’s go wherever we want in this endless world.

ギュッと手を繋いで 未来見つめて ずっと
Gyutto te wo tsunaide mirai mitsumete zutto
Hold my hand tight and look to the future, forever.

me ga sameru to
When I opened my eyes

隣にいたはずのキミ どこにいるの?
tonari ni ita hazu no kimi doko ni iru no?
you should have been by my side, but where had you gone?

kimi no katachi
My fleeting memories

淡い記憶切なくて ボクは叫ぶ
awai kioku setsu nakute boku ha sakebu
of your presence are so precious I cry out.

kono sekai de kimi no koto
I am the one

shiawase ni suru no ha boku
who will make you happy in this world!

想い、全て籠めて この手伸ばしてく
omoi subete matomete kono te nobashiteku
All my feelings come together and I reach out my hand,

半身 求めて
kimi wo motomete
Searching for you, my other half.

果てしないこの世界 どこまでもいこう
hateshinai kono sekai doko made me yukou
Let’s go wherever we want in this endless sky

太陽に向かい両手を掲げて 輝く光を掴もう
taiyou ni mukai ryoute wo kakaete kagayaku hikaru tsukamou
Let’s reach our hands out to the sun and catch its golden rays.

キ ミが伸ばした 手を引いて走ろう
kimi ga nobashita te wo hiite hashirou
Let’s run as I pull the hand you reached out to me.

伝わる温もり 大切な存在
tsutawaru nukumori taisetsu na katachi
Let’s engrave your warmth and

永遠に心へ 刻 もう
eien ni koro he kizamou
precious existence into my heart forever.

同じ大地踏みし め 微笑み交わして いこうよ
onaji daichi fumishime hohoemi kawashite yukou yo
Let’s tread the same earth, and smile at each other.

固く誓うよ 愛していると――――
kataku chikau yo ai shiteiru to
We will vow our love for one another.

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  1. Looks great! Hope it comes out soon!

  2. Youtube banhammer in 5…4…3…

  3. Can’t wait for this game

  4. Looks excellent. Haven’t been following the progress, but I hope this one comes out sooner rather than later.

  5. Be careful with the video, Youtube generally doesn’t like nudity being uploaded, and there are a few nipple shots in there.

    • Actually, upon looking farther, this video was uploaded elsewhere on youtube with a lot of views, so it should be fine (although they could technically remove it if they wanted to for nudity).

  6. I kind of wish they stuck with this song instead of the actual song they used for the opening movie; it’s so much nicer, in my opinion.

  7. When you’re upload these opening and the opening of KIRA*KIRA Curtain Call in the website for download??????

  8. After this game, does Mangagamer plan to continue to get the license for sequal Shin Koihime Musō: Otome Ryōran Sangokushi Engi? I hope you will do your bestbecause i am fans of this game and it’s animation.

  9. @zalas
    http://www.toranoana.jp/mailorder/article/21/0006/03/30/210006033020.html This should be the OST where it is in.
    蒼天の向こうへ by ☆396☆?

  10. Yeah, that song. For some reason I thought they only ended up using the song for the promotion (*cough*like Kiddy Grade*cough*). If they used it in the game then that’s great! I’ll look into ordering this OST… Thanks.

  11. When Koihime Promotional Movie is uploaded, i thought is the game is gonna come out at the end of april..But now is MAY already!! Is gonna to delay or what?

  12. Ahh waiting for this game so much!

  13. I hope this gets released soon and I’m also hoping for the sequel to also be released ^_^

  14. Ryofu likes doggies 😀

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