Interview with UK Anime

Did another interview for the folks at UK anime. You can find the interview here at their website. Feel free to leave your comments and discussion here.

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  1. Anyone knows what those hinted games are? ^_^

  2. pic #2 remind me D.C.II the Minatsu cave (well, i see DC everywhere anyway ^_^).
    + “a bit more of a gaming element to them, so we’ll be working on one from Circus in the near future” => can we dream of VC ?

  3. If you guys do school days I can almost assure you that you’ll get tons of buyers but the sekai project group who is translating the game (VERY SLOWLY) might get mad lol.

  4. I am now 500% sure : 2nd pic IS Da Capo II, it shows the cave where Minatsu is “sleeping”….. tssk tssk i cant be wrong when it comes to DC xD

  5. Great,I’ll be waiting who Mangagamer’s had still continues as a greal visual novel employee,and coming up with big surpreses like Key and Type-Moon visual novels ^^

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