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Finally got around to transferring my photos, so here’s some AX 2010 photos for you all to enjoy! ……I apologize now for not being a very good cameraman. (Now supplemented by pictures from my friend who joined me.)

A picture from our plane.

Another picture from the plane.

AKB48's rears-probably the best picture I have of 'em.

OVERDRIVE's side of the booth before their setup

CIRCUS and Bushiroad's side.

Overflow and HobiBox's section.

Bushiroad's setup for introducing people to the bishoujo TCGs

One of Uran during a concert

So many people were carrying our bags around...

Aina Kase during one of the concerts

More Aina

rino and Aina singing together

UR@N when she was talking to the audience

One point when UR@N, Minami, and rino were signing CDs.

Minami Kuribayashi–She was looking down at her script

More of UR@N

Another while she sang.

More of rino
Another of rino and Aina together

Part of the Glowstickers and more concert crowd.

Bamboo was trying to Live Stream through his iPhone

Then he decided to grab a stand and mount it.

Our setup involved a lot more...

Including a makeshift Backback Barrier

By the end of the weekend, even Tororo joined in with the Glowstickers

After the last concert, all the vocalists, Tororo, and Bamboo got up to say farewell.

Oh the raffle...

Yes, they really did demand that we raffle away the box...

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  1. Aw, no photos of Minami in her KGNE uniform? πŸ™

  2. Cuuuuuuute singers (although 3D). Wish I was there.

  3. Mangagamer,comes to Anime Friends onegai x.x

  4. Aww, I missed seeing bamboo perform. :/

  5. @KoiNoDensetsu:
    She is in KGNE’s waitress uniform. Even her name tag reads Suzumiya.

  6. Cool things can happen

    I am not sure if it can happen. But I would like to see Manga Gamer make games for the PSP, PS3 & Xbox 360.

    I would prefer the game to come out on a disc over just a download. But if it is download or nothing I would take the download game.

    I am not sure if you can or can’t get the license to PS3, PSP or 360 games. But if you can I would like to see White Album or Tears to Tiara. Other games I would like to see are Far East of Eden & Princess Maker.

    I am not sure what the chances are that Manga Gamer will bring their stuff to consoles. I just had to throw it out they & hope that I could see games like those or other ones come out on consoles.

    Best of luck to Manga Gamer & I can’t wait to see what MG does next.

  7. Raffling away a drawbox must be a standard convention gag. I was at a scifi/fantasy convention over the same weekend, and the anime room also had a raffle, where the box was the final prize.

  8. well, it’s free, it’s signed, and it’s filled with AX attendees who want stuff. Especially free stuff.

    which reminds me, I remember in one AX where they auctioned off the auctioneer’s AX-labeled water bottle. I think for like, $20 or something. haha

    It was all for charity, so it’s all good.

  9. Went to AX this year, and I was very impressed with the Manga Gamer Booth. My husband has been playing Higurashi non stop, and he is currently going through the 8th and final answer arc as I type this. We were so happy to not only be able get Higurashi 1-4 in English hard copy form, but also the JP version of Kai and all the 6 episodes of Umineko. As video game collectors, we were ecstatic.

    We we also surprised to see slips of paper handed out linking to the Witch Hunt fan translation for Umineko. I assumed that Ryukishi07 himself requested it, since he approved and is happy with the fan translation himself.

    The performers and merchandise were awesome. I never thought I will get a drawing and autograph from the artist who did Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien aka Rumbling Hearts. Overall, we were really happy with the booth, and we hope the next one will be even better.

    Also, will any hard copies of the games ever be available for purchase online? Seems a shame if only Con goers can get their hands on them, theres alot of anime fans who just can’t make the trip.

    • Oh, I second this. Mangagamer had the best price for Umineko so I’m anticipating on buying more from them in the future.

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