What The?!

I just had a shocking revelation about Koihime Musou……

So, I just realized exactly how epic Koihime actually is…

Our release of Koihime Musou will mark the release of the largest Visual Novel ever to be officially released in English! It’s almost three times as long as Edelweiss, and it doesn’t even stop there! The game has as much story as Kira Kira, as much game-play as Princess Waltz, and more characters than any game has ever provided before! With its lengthy story, game-play, and sex combined, it’s like getting three games all in one!

There isn’t another Visual Novel out, upcoming, or announced that can compete with the vast amount of story, game, and sex Koihime is going to provide!

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  1. When will Koihime Musou be released? 😛

  2. hence my half-paranoid and rabid fanboyism on the MG forums…

  3. Sometimes I think there can be too much. I’m interested in experiencing Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but I’ve heard there’s content in KoiHime I’m not comfortable with, like futanari, rape, and tentacles. Ah well. Maybe there’s a minuscule chance an all ages version will come out some day.

    • There are absolutely no tentacles nor any rape in Koihime Musou! (Those are in Zaishuu)

    • There is no such things as rape, tentacle or any other weird stuff; well exept for the futanari content with Ensho but that’s the only “non-regular” stuff in the whole game.

    • Futa accounts for like 2-3 out of… a lot of h-scenes. As long as you don’t have a gross aversion to loli, you’ll be fine. If you do… maybe you should avoid Koihime, as the ero consists of nearly 30% “developmentally stunted 18 year olds.”

  4. Oh man, if the game is that big, I better finish up the other VNs I have in my backlog. A game like this is going to need my undivided attention. ^_^;

    • If the game is indeed that big, I wonder if it cost more to work on/pay royalties for this game than the other games in the MangaGamer catalog; it seems like they took a lot of time to get this game out. Too bad it’s past April 1st now, but it would have been funny if they jokingly announced that since this game was worth three games and that they would charge the price of three games for Koihime Musou, with a final price of 47.73 (Kira Kira) + 32.23 (Edelweiss) + 39.95 (Princess Waltz) = 119.91 USD XD (maybe one or two people would buy it and the rest of MangaGamer’s original customers would end up driving MG out of town) Although, I do wonder if people would be willing to pay more for a game that takes more time to complete because of either text length or combat.

  5. Princess Waltz had jack all game-play…

    Not that the comparison will stop me buying Koihime.

  6. “There isn’t another Visual Novel out, upcoming, or announced that can compete with the vast amount of story, game, and SEX Koihime is going to provide!”

    I like! 😀

  7. Umineko no Naku Koro ni. As Ryukishi has given his official approval, the translation is official.

    • Not really. The Umineko fan-translation is still nothing more than a fan-translation. Ryukishi saying “I’m okay with this =)” doesn’t really change the fact.
      Though we should certainly be grateful for all of their hard work, they are dedicated fans putting together a very dedicated fan-translation.

      • Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I’m leaning towards “this is a fan translation condoned by the original creators, but this is _a_ translation of the game, not _the_ translation of the game.”

        • But when is something official? When it’s made by a company?

          Isn’t everything with official permission, official? Last I checked, we all call the Narcissu/N2 translation official, so why not the Umineko translation?

          • When the group that’s translating it is an organization that is recognized by the government of a sovereign nation.

          • I guess it depends on whether the creators want to say it is *the* translation instead of *a* translation.

    • Umineko is actually six (soon to be eight) games. It’s not an good comparison.

    • I’ll be waiting for the Mangagamer version,translation versions is big shits -.-

      • It looks to me like you’re just trolling. Have you actually read even a bit of the Umineko fan translation? It’s at least on the same level as current Mangagamer translations, if not better.

  8. DO WANT IT NOW !!! >.<

    So when is it going to be released … hopefully this month XD lol can´t wait to get it ^~^

  9. yeah i want it as well

  10. been waiting for this for ages *HAPPY* 🙂

  11. Can’t wait for this

  12. Can’t wait for this

  13. release? make it happen next week! make it happen next week! I need a good VN to play. There’s so few good VN’s that has some gameplay in them…

  14. I do not care when it is released my only worry is if I will be able to afford it and if the quality will be the best it can be. If costs more than suika then I will have to pass on koihime euntil it becomes cheaperA quality product is better than a quick product.

    I am curious if you have plans to do any of the sequels/spin-off/alternatives if the sales on this are satisfactory.

  15. What is the ratio of story to sex in this game? I’m not interested in the sex, and from previous comments, it doesn’t seem like there’s too much weird stuff in this, which is good, but it does sound like there’s a lot of sex full-stop. Does the story sustain itself, or is it an excuse plot? Would the amount of H-scenes put off someone not interested in it, or is the story good enough that I can overlook the (hopefully brief) interruptions?

    • The game basically goes like this:

      You have three phases in the game. Story mode (where there’s very little sex), battle mode (where there’s no sex), and base camp mode. It’s base camp mode where you pursue your girl(s) of choice, and the number of sex scenes you have with each girl varies from a couple to almost every scene.

      As for the story, it’s a condensed version of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms with a few twists thrown in. It’s really fun. The thing to remember, though, is that the game is NOT like the anime versions. At all.

      • OK, thanks for the information – is pursuing a girl needed for good endings, or is it possible to avoid this? And are they tasteful, or gratuitous? I haven’t seen the anime, though what I’ve heard of Koihime sounds interesting regardless.

        • Yes/No. If you don’t want to pursue any girl, the game defaults to Kan’u’s ending. So yes, you can technically go through the game avoiding all of the base camp scripts if you actually want to.

          I will say that I enjoyed a lot of the scenes myself though. And again, not all of the base camp scenes are sexual either so I’d say it’s definitely worth giving a try and seeing if you like. Every character tends to have a different style anyways.

          • Well, I’ll think about it further when it comes out. So far everyone’s positive about it, and the setting does intrigue me, so I’m sure I could deal with a few scenes.

          • I’m a bit on the fence myself. Would love an all-ages version, but I guess there is no hope for that with a sex heavy game like this… ^^;

            Will see when it comes out.

          • Koihime was released as non-ero on the PS2, but unless it was backported to PC, there’s no chance of seeing it localized.

  16. Zomfg want want want want

    Release already pleaaaaase!

  17. how many endings there total

  18. So what’s the gameplay for this game most like? Rance, Eien no Aselia, FF Tactics, Advance Wars, or Utawarerumono? I’m basically asking so I’ll know what to expect

    • None of them. In koihime Musou, you and your ennemy have control over an army, so the battles are more like you choose a général to command your troops (the général is the character that will uses spécial moves during the battle), then you choose a tactitian (it will determine the effectiveness of the formations you’ll be choosing). Once you’ve done this the battle will start, at the beginning of your turn you’ll have to choose a military formation (among several attack or defensive formations, but I’don’t know the details about how the formation system affect the gameplay. I suppose that each formation gives bonus to your troops depending of the action you’re going to have them execute _ ex: Charge, Defense,…) then you have to choose among four possible actions (something like charge, defend, to use archers or to use your général spécial move). Once your turn is finished, you’ll have to choose your formation again, then your action,…

  19. Can’t wait to play with Bachou.

  20. I suppose Koihime Musou will be Download only. Won’t you consider releasing it on physical support with nice looking DVD, a nice looking manual and everything inside a nice looking box? Because a DL version of the game is nice and all but still I’m more of the old school, I still prefer having a DVD in a bow rather than downloading it. I’m still buying it ^^, it’s just that buying a DL version doesn’t offers the satisfaction level of a physical version (plus physical version holds more collection value than the DL one ^^)

    • I agree, personally. However, Mangagamer is able to make a stable profit precisely because it doesn’t take on the production costs associated with making a print run of a DVD version. For small companies like this one, that kind of expense can cripple them if they don’t sell enough to cover what they put in to making it.

      • Clephas follows Mangagamer now? Intriguing.

        I hadn’t realized that Koihime Musou was that big a game in terms of size / amount of text, though.

        • I’ve always ‘followed’ Mangagamer… but I only end up buying the serious VNs… sex romps are a waste of good money for guys like me, who are addicted to the unique plots that have a tendency to rear their heads in the genre.

      • Yeah, sadly that’s the main problem with physical version. Too bad they won’t do something like a pre-order for physical copy and depending of how many pre-order they have to decide whether do it or not.

  21. Seeing that this has a non-ero version on the PS2, I wonder if MG will release that as well…

    If so, I wonder if they could attempt Steam again, seeing that this actually has typical gameplay elements (unlike most VNs).

    • They’ll have to talk to Yeti about the PS2 version and somehow backport it to PC… Frankly, I think they’ll be better off getting Shin Koihime Musou out over getting an all-ages verison of Koihime Musou out.

  22. Can I ask if you are going to release soon some new all ages new games (not all ages versions of 18+ section)

    Also can I ask if you are interested in Neko neko soft titles, even they are 18+ some of their games like aka or Scarlett seems interesting.


  23. so any idea when it will release

  24. will shin koihime musou be translated as well?

    • Considering Shin Koihime is twice as long as Koihime and twice as much work to do, I’d say it’s really going to depend on how well Koihime does. So, go tell your friends to grab a copy too!

      • And with the release of the third (and supposedly last) Koihime game, we have yet another thing to hope for in the distant (somewhat) future. Though I’ll probably have learned enough Japanese to make my way through it by that time 😀

  25. Yep, Koihime Musouw as pretty epic. Just wait until you start to go through SHIN Koihime Musou.
    That was really epic.

  26. I want to buy it ! 🙂
    The problem is I have a wife now so I hope a download version will be available because it’s easier to hide :p

  27. Hn. Won’t Jast USA have released Demonbane by the time Koihime ships? I’m pretty sure that’s got a larger script under its belt. They’re vastly different games, so comparing them seems odd, but it still seemed worth mentioning. Regardless, thanks for all your hard work!

  28. You mean the longest official translation, or really the longest English VN? Fate/Stay Night and Umineko (if you consider it all as one VN) are pretty damn long, and so is YU-NO which will be finished soonish. Big Bang Age is pretty long too, I think. All of those are just fan translations, though.

    • official localizations are held to a higher standard and mangagamer was working on other stuff in between
      fan translators work on one project at a time

  29. i know this a stupid question but in anime it was mosty chickx wondering if you play a dude

    • Exactly. Every season of the Koihime Anime has always missed one crucial factor: The male protagonist who you play as in the game, and who drives the entire plot-line.

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