Otakon 2010-Prelude

Alright! So it’s finally time to reveal some of the great stuff we’ll be offering all of you visiting us at Otakon! (Forgive my unprofessional photography)

First up of course, we’ll have all the same bonus goods from Anime Expo: The bags, our shirts, and the mousepads. We’ll also have more of the Kira Kira and Higurashi Hard Copies, so if you want a shirt or an Otome mousepad, come pick one up!

Next: We have a few copies of Love+ that made it here to the east coast, but there’s only just under two dozen copies, so if you want one, don’t be last!
It has all the songs featured on the original “Love” CD, Keep on Going!!, the Sorrowful Rugger (悲しきラガー) CD, as well as new additions. See milktub’s site for full track listings of those CDs.

We’ll also have three other CDs on sale as well:

1) Project Cerberus Phase 0.01 SSH
This album contains a bunch of nice Heavy Metal Tracks based on the music from Project Cerberus, an arcade fighting game based on Lost Child.

As some of you may have guessed from the cover there already, this CD contains a lot of music from August Soft’s games. It features vocals by Lia, Sakakibara Yui, and more.

3) Shin Ryoujoku Hardcore (真・陵辱HARDCORE)
It’s probably better if I don’t translate that title here, but this album has a lot of great dance/techno/hardcore tracks on it. If you like the songs on DDR, this probably has some good songs for you, though it also has songs like “Oniichan, Rame!!” (Sample Available Here) which I won’t be able to have playing at our booth. You can see more information on this album at it’s official site and even download a movie with samples of the tracks! (Just be careful where you open this link). Some of the artists include DJ Sharpnel, DJ Shimamura, JAKAZiD, and more.

Next, we have a few odd goods to share from Triangle Hearts.
One is a plush doll of Nonomura Kotori from Triangle Hearts 1:

The other is a Bedsheet of Kanzaki Kaoru of Traingle Hearts 2:

We also managed to snag a few items from Frontwing before they left! We’ll be offering the following Frontwing set!
The set contains one Hoshi Uta wall scroll, three Sora Uta pencil boards, a Hoshi Uta sticker set for making itaPSP, along with several pins and keychains!

Finally, onto the Koihime goods! First up, we’ll be offering a Sticker/Decal set.
We have 5 copies for each of the three factions. The sets contain three stickers/decals each: One designed for Laptops, one designed for portables like the DS or PSP, and another designed for phones like the Blackberry or iPhone.

We also have about a dozen copies of the Sousou Body Pillow Cover!

But even better, we autographed images (色紙) of Sousou and Kan’u for sale!
Each one has been autographed by the character’s respective Artist: Sousou by Kantaka (かんたか), and Kan’u by Katagiri Hinata (片桐 雛太).  However… We only have a handful of each. ……
Literally. Those are ALL the copies we have of Sousou, and the amount we have of Kan’u is the exact same.

Lastly, our microfiber towels from last year will be making a reappearance as well.

So there you have it! All the goods that have made it to the Eastern Shore. Our booth is #916, located in the back of the Dealer’s Room near the exit. I can’t wait to see everyone who decides to stop by!

Update: Otakon just informed us they changed our booth number. We’ll now be located at booth #214, directly behind Hen Da Ne! (so about the corner between Media Blasters’ column and the Otakon Merchandise row.)
Update2: We just got word that the panel will be held on Friday night at 12:30AM (Visual Novels: Drama, Moe and Everything In Between!! Panel 4 (Hilton Key Ballroom 11-12). Come on by, we’ll have some good news and some free stuff!

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  1. But no D.C. goods. 🙁

  2. None of the bookmarks? So I have to settle for the one Yume bookmark that I got?

    Fail con is fail…

  3. Does this mean Frontwing and August Soft’s games!?

  4. I’m suddenly wondering why I didn’t buy a Sousou shikishi other than the artist not being able to be present there or that it’s drawn beforehand (though looking quite good and not rushed).

    Wait, there was a Yume bookmark? I guess I either missed that or it was gone by the third day.

    Well, looks like the booth will be more merchandise correlated, and not so much guest correlated. The variety of items is always nice to look at, with enough familiarity to notice it, but not enough familiarity to know what it is ahead of time.

    Good luck. Otakon time marks Kouryuu’s uh, anniversary?

    • I don’t know when they were giving out the bookmarks, but either on day two or three, when I went and bought the 10th Anniversary Circus Artbook (IT’S LIKE $50 WORTH OF EPIC!), they stuck one in the bag or something like that…I know there was Yume and Otome, because you can’t have one without the other, and I want to say there was more…

      I was kinda hoping they would at least bring bookmarks to Otakon since they’re light and small and easily serve as give-away loot, but I guess not…

    • Yup. Otakon marks the end of my first full year with MangaGamer.

  5. There was also a Nemu coaster, a D.C. II P.C. boomkark, and a D.C. P.C. folder that they had on day one; I think they were out by day three.

  6. I notice that you no longer have any Rin Rin autographs

    Guess we know who is the most popular out of those 3

    • Yeah, what can I say… our fans like their lolis.

    • Wait there were Rin Rin ones? If I recall correctly, on day 3 I did not see any there.

      … I guess that matches the statement fully.

      Who was the artist for Rin Rin? Or rather, what’s a good source to find who drew what character in Koihime Musou?

      It’s not too difficult to find who were the artists in what game, but knowing who originally drew what character I tend to struggle finding that information.

  7. curious how much is the Love+ cd having a friend who is working in dealer room pick it up for me since I have to work the weekend of Otakon

  8. i think love+ part of the overdrive 2010 collection, i mean mu friend has got it already. anyway see you all at otakon.

  9. plz release dc girl’s symphony too someday

  10. ah… reading love+ made me think you meant the ds game… then I relized you meant the cd >.> from the pictures in the previeus topic of otakon… you had school days, summer days, and cross days posters… does that mean you plan on releasing them I highly recommended them before but that game is highly anime scenes relyent at least from what I’ve seen playing the dvd version… if that is the case then it would more or less as simple as tling the scenes… although the way the game was made up, it might be difficult coverting it to you normal player… as well can you please consider releasing more games outside of pc platform, like mac compadibilty as well… if you used the nscripter type platform it would make playing it alot easier but I can understand why you would be more restrictive from using it since nscripter lacks any need of activation… but I digress what I really wanted to ask was if you can think of tling vns for psp as well since releasing through psn only would cost less then umd and there are many vn’s ported to psp that is sure to do well like Second Novel: Kanojo no Natsu, 15-Bun no Kioku, or clannad, the pluses of games like these are that it will offer more people getting into mangagamer games, it has portability, and it allows people who played it on the pc to play it again…

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