Feeling Guilty

I generally believe that if I have fun working on a game, it’s going to be fun to play.  And as anyone who follows my twitter knows, I’ve enjoyed the hell out of editing the subject of this post.  We’ve mentioned this game a couple times before in passing, but I thought it was about time to give you all a proper introduction to Zaishuu (aka Guilty) ~The Sin~.A 2003 release from Tactics (part of the Nexton family), Guilty’s the game for everybody who says that we only release cutesy school-based moe games.  Instead, what we have here is a dark, supernatural horror title with some of the most graphic CG’s we’ve ever had in one of our games.  The main character’s a sarcastic delinquent, and nothing is sacred in this tale of sin and redemption.

The story (in short) is this: There’s a bunch of demons invading your town, and they all want your sister – and not just sexually. You’re her protector, but of course, that doesn’t mean much when her best friend puts a proverbial gun to your head and orders you two to do the deed or die.  As the impact of this action settles in, further demons attack, alliances are made, friendships betrayed, and it’s up to you to save humanity.

Despite boasting no less than 22 sex sequences with CG’s (approximately 20% of the total number of scenes), Guilty is by no means just a sex romp. In addition to the story, prime fare for 2AM timeslot anime, Guilty also boasts some of the best characters on offer between the games I’ve worked for in the MG catalogue so far.  Every character has a personality, a human side, and doesn’t just register as the Tsundere, the moeblob, etc.  Even your uncle is awesome, and let’s not get started on the hot teacher.

There’s plenty more to rave about, but we’ll go into some of that in future posts, including how we decided on a couple of key English terms like the title. For now, all you need to know is this: If you like anime like Wicked City, High School of the Dead, or Berserk, and if you like your sexytime on the rougher side, you’re gonna LOVE Guilty ~The Sin~.

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  1. sounds interesting

  2. While I’m not a fan of the overly large breasts they seem to have, the art style looks nice, and it sounds somewhat interesting. I’m willing to give it a go.

  3. This sounds awesome, I might actually get this, with Higurashi being the only other game I’ve got from you guys before.

  4. Hrm… well since I loved Cross Channel and Saya no Uta, there is a chance I might like this. Depends on the depth of the plot… brutality is fine but if it turns out to be just an excuse to see girls being tied up naked… well, I hate wasting my time.

  5. …20% sex scenes? As in, every five scenes? That’s a bit much for me. @_@

    • The sex scenes are often a few pages out of a longer script in the main story, though the character path stories may be almost entirely the sex scene.

      There’s a LOT of getting it on in this one, and it’s none of this cutesy awkward first time jazz. This one’s all about the hardcore.

  6. Soo, how much raep, tentacles, tentacle raep and other turn-off stuffs are there?

  7. I assume this will be the Otakon release? Even if not I still plan on getting it whenever it comes out. Dark eroge in english are rare and must be supported, who’s with me?

  8. Oh yours may attendant my prays,I’ll be very waiting for this *o*

  9. I have to say I’m not all that interested. I’m not a fan of sex-romps in general and prefer story to sex. I’ve also read reviews on this game and it has been lackluster to say the least…but considering it is one of the first…

    This is one of the few games of this genre actually to have been released in English or any other foreign language. This game that may have done poorly in Japan since better titles had been released at the time may actually sell better elsewhere. It is one of the first and as such will be what the followups base must strive to pass. Many english readers have never before played a game quite like it before and they have nothing to judge it on.

    The genre will appeal to a certain fanbase and I’m not a fan of this type of genre. I think that when this comes out if I have the money I will probably pick up Higurashi 1-4 instead.

    Or maybe I’ll pick it up simply to support the industry…I suppose it will all depend on the price. I suppose it also depends on when it is released.

    Speaking of which is koihime or zaishu going to be released first?

    If anyone wishes to read the review of zaishu or a number of other games you can find it by searching for erogereview. I’ll refrain from getting a link because I’m not sure what the policy on that is. Just be aware that the review is giving the review after having experiences a multitude of similar games that were either better or worse. They had a lot more to choose between so the reviewer is probably a bit more critical.

    • If you’re don’t like just shut up and only watch,your words don’t necessary here ¬¬

    • you can link to other sites and reviews, so long as they’re not spam sites or so on, which common sense would probably dictate shouldn’t be posted.

      Zaishuu, or “Guilty ~The SiN” will be released before Koihime, and while the price isn’t set in stone yet, I would imagine that the other titles of similar nature on our catalog will serve as an indicator for the likely price.

  10. it is one of the first Gothic h-games in the english market that isn’t yaoi

    • yeah that’s true. screw it if this is cheaper than higurashi I’ll just buy this. I’m not going to pay 50 dollars for Higurashi no matter how good it may be…

      It will probably be interesting in the end. At least it has some sort of story.

      By the way what is the predicted price for this game?

    • Had too much yaoi in overseas market u.u
      Needs much more yuri like Sono Hanabira *o*

  11. “If you like anime like Wicked City, High School of the Dead, or Berserk, and if you like your sexytime on the rougher side, you’re gonna LOVE Guilty ~The Sin~.”

    I am sold, I’ve been waiting for such a title (although, I haven’t watched High School of the Dead yet). This title should be refreshing.

    although, from the image posted in the article, it looks like a S&M and abuse title, not just a dark* story title. Should I be worried about that?

    (*) ok, both are dark stories, but they are *different* type of dark.

    • sorry forgot to ask 2 questions,

      1) what is the download size we are looking at for this title? (if it is large, will MG split the file for easier download?)

      2) it seem like this title will have a loli, would this be the first title where the user can choose to download the unedited version or the edited version? Or would there only be one version? (in which case, which version?)

  12. “it seem like this title will have a loli”

    Right. That’s it now. You said the magic word. (braces for censorship debate)

  13. From Narg’s review, I assumed this would be about the same quality as one of Black Lillith’s games. While I like some of their games like the Asagi series, does this game have more, and hopefully better story than one of BL’s games?

    • I haven’t played them so I can’t say. I don’t think the story’s as bad as Narg makes it out to be. YMMV I guess…

  14. Honestly I would never buy this game based on this cover alone. I really wish mangagamer would translate games with a story rather than games where sex is prioritized. So far the onlt upcoming title I’m interested in is Da Capo II. Any idea when that is coming out? And will there be more games by Circus, besides Da Capo sequels coming out?

    • No offense, but only sexromp game MG released after the initial startup titles is Cosplay Alien (versus a half a dozen story driven games), so your complaint is invalid. And relatively high amount of sex scenes don’t necessarily mean story is bad or anything.

  15. i wish they would do da capo pc first

  16. So can we expect to see a release of this by otakon? If koihime is not quite ready yet and the forum hints to there being something then can we assume that this game will be available by then?

    I’ve already mentioned that Narg’s review is based on a different standard. In the long run I’d say that if Narg gives a game over there a 50 and he has seen a lot. I can expect with this being the first, that it will probably average a 70 at the least.

    I did manage to get an extra week with my job before my contract ended so I do have a small amount of left over extra money. I suppose it will all come down to price for this one. If the price is what I suspect it will be then I may have to pass for the moment…but I’ll probably get it eventually.

    Not a huge fan of loli characters but I can tolerate them, hell sometimes they are even more characterized than the other characters and sometimes more interesting. It really varies with loli characters…sometimes you get good ones and sometimes you get horrible ones.

    So I assume we can expect koihime to be released sometime in september? and zaishu sometime in august?

    By the way will you be announcing any new pickups by the end of the summer? Or shall we expect zaishu, koihime, da capo II, da capo if, deardrops, and the queen game to be the only games announced this year…not that it would be a bad thing (not sure how much you can do all at once).

    also a bit off topic but what do you think is the chance of ever releasing D.C.P.K. (Da Capo Poker)? That game looks surprisingly fun.

    And I went off topic. I’ll probably pick this game up by September…unless it hasn’t been released yet.

    friendships betrayed…forced to “do the deed” with your own sister. Incest, Hardcore (rape, tentacles, gang-bang), loli-ish, violence/torture, with some characterization and a really odd story. The fact that it is made by tactics which spawned Key makes this all the more curious.

    How long is this game? If someone could give an example of another game to compare it, or tell me how many hours to complete it takes it would be appreciated. (not much info is listed on vndb, so anything would be fine). thanks.

    • I honestly can’t tell you how long it is because I haven’t played it through (I get everything in big piles of MS Word files)…it was 100 scripts, though.

  17. Well, Narg said in his review that he wouldn’t recommend this game because there are better choices for the same price. Well, there are for those who can speak japanese, not for the rest of us though. 😉 Unfortunately breast sizes place this waaay down in my wishlist. 😛

  18. What about Kara No Shoujo? It is dark type game too ) When it will be released?

    • It won’t. At the moment, no one currently has licensing rights and a C&D was sent to stop the fan translation…which may or may not appear.

      There might be news in the future but considering the type of games that Innocent Grey releases I kind of doubt we will be seeing them anytime soon (especially with the C&D notice and the rapelay incident (which is still too recent for some companies)).

      So at this moment in time no kara no shoujo…if you want a dark type game zaishu will probably be the best choice for quite some time.

  19. Haven’t seen an answer to a question that’s been asked several times already, so this post is to stir the soup: which game should be released first? Koihime or zaishu?

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