Koihime Musou Opening Movie Lyrics

With the Koihime Musou Trial Demo soon to be out, I thought I’d upload the Opening Movie and post the lyrics.

Opening Song
Howling Soul

冷たい現実嘆き 孤独に身体震わす
Tsumetai genjitsu nageki   kodoku ni karada furuwasu
I lament this cold reality; my body shakes in solitude.

ここから逃げ出したいけど 少しも動けずにいた
Koko kara nigedashitai kedo   sukoshi mo ugokezu ni ita
I want to leave this place, but I can’t move an inch.

渦巻く寂しさ感じ 唇 強く噛みしめる
Uzumaku sabishisa kanji  kuchiburu  tsuyoku kamishimeru
I bite down hard on my lip as I feel the whirlpool of sadness.

悔し涙流す前に 勇気振り絞り己 貫け
Kuyashi namida nagasu mae ni   yuuki furishibori onore  tsuranuke
Before I break down crying, I must muster up my courage.

熱く滾る魂 雄叫びと共に解き放て
Atsuku tagiru tamashii   eitakebi to tomo ni toki hanate
Break through, shout and unleash your howling soul

kimerareta ruuru wo uchikowashite
Tear down the rules that have been set in stone

駆け抜けろ 自由へと
kakenukero   jiyuu he to
Race through and reach freedom

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  1. cool so when will be the demo

  2. and how much will be in the demo?

    Are you gonna be an arse and stop it right before a battle likeoh so many other game demos?

  3. Nice, OP even has English subtitles this time.

  4. Oh come on, just upload the dam’ demo. :-/

  5. I love the Opening. Thanks kouryuu and whoever timed the translation.

  6. So whats the games translation percentage right now?

    • ^ If u’d read kouryuu’s twitter u’d know he’s almost done translating the scripts, but even after the scripts are translated it’d still take some time to prepare it for the full release of the game.
      Currently looking forward to the trial demo, which should be out very soon. Hopefully it can quench my ero-thirst until the full release is out. ^^

  7. Wow,I’ll be very snoozed for reading Koihime Musou *o*

  8. Wow this is epic 😡

  9. Any date of the demo yet? Would like to know when I can try the game out ^^.

  10. I’m impressed! The song is catchy too… (subtitles were a nice touch)
    *interest increases +1*

  11. I do like the OP. I do not really care about the demo. I will be buying it regardless. Hope no glaring flaws or problems arise as it is released. Hoping to see the game released by end of september or at latest october but that may be wishful thinking. However I’d prefer to have a wonderful translation as opposed to a quick release (quality over quickness or quantity). I do wonder if this mean zaishuu will be released soon?

    impressive and can’t wait for the game. whoever subtitled it also has my thanks.

  12. I hope there is an H-scene in the demo. ^^

    • Sadly, our editor (who also wrote the posts on Guilty) tells me there isn’t. I will say that I found them to be quite enjoyable though, so it’s something to look forward to. ^_^

  13. Hrm, shouldn’t a demo for a rather sex-heavy title have at least one H-scene? Seems like it’d be a better marketing tool that way–unless there’s a compelling a reason not to include H-scenes (fetters distribution perhaps?).

    I see Koihime Musou as having 3 main draws: the setting (including characters and story), the gameplay, and the sex. An effective demo should showcase all 3.

    In any case, just a suggestion from someone for whom the demo will have no effect on the purchasing decision.

  14. Quick question about the demo. Will the save file from the demo be transferable to the full game when it comes out? While not a problem in most visual novel’s, Koihime wouldn’t just be a simple matter of skipping text and anyone who plays the demo would be forced to re-play any battles in the demo once they get the full game.

  15. oh cant wait, hopefully the demo wont be very long, because you cant save

  16. will the demo show how the battles work

    • Yes, the demo will show how the battles work to some extent. The enemies you face in the demo are basically rabble, so unlike the enemies that come after them, they don’t really use any of the tactics available to you and them. To put it in RPG terms, they’re the small fries you can kill by just hitting ‘attack’ over and over.

      As for whether or not the save file will carry over, I can’t say. Though you can save in the demo.

  17. Is seems that all base camp script is finish translated already. While the demo will be out by the end of August. I hope the game will be out in middle or end of September.. Can’t wait any longer… >_<

  18. The mangagamer titles I’ve played have been KiraKira and Curtain Call. The translation quality from the former to the latter improved DRAMATICALLY. If we see another spike in translation quality (hell, even just being *at the same level as KKCC*) alongside turn-based strategy RPG elements and liberal H-scenes… I smell a winner.

    I guess my only question would be over how on Earth the game might flow. Surely not every heroine has a route, so I’d wager something ala Sharin no Kuni… scenes with heroines whom you’ve sufficiently impressed are triggered at certain points in a main, relatively stable plot.

    • Haha, That would be because our older translators worked on Kira Kira, while I worked on Curtain Call. I also did some massive touch-ups for Koihime Musou, reworking a majority of the script, so now you can expect the same level as KKCC out of Koihime Musou.

      The game flows pretty simple… each girl has a ‘route’ of scenes that you follow through by sticking with the girl throughout the game. You can basically follow three of these per play-through. Then there are the Three main heroines, who actually have different endings. These, you can follow only one of per play-through.

      BTW, I also worked on Soul Link if you haven’t tried that yet–it’s got a lot of nice action in it, and might serve as a something nice to tide you over while you wait for Koihime.

  19. i already play soul link. and it’s good to try . i recommend it.BTW is this september release?
    just asking

  20. There is one thing I’ve wondered, you mentioned that there are three “main characters” to choose from (that change the ending) Are they the three leaders of the main factions? (Shu/Ryuubi, Wei/Sousou, Wu/whatever the fem-Sun Ce’s name is) and does that choice limit which of the ancillary characters you can interact with? Or are you more or less stuck in the Shu camp for the game?

    • The three “Main characters” which have different endings are Kan’u/Aisha, Shokatsuryou/Shuri, and Chouhi/Rinrin. You can choose to react with any of the other characters, once you’ve reached the point in the story were they join your camp.

      • Aaah, thanks for that. Definitely going to have to do separate runthroughs for Aisha and Shuri, though probably not Rinrin, no loli for me thanks. and Three of the side characters huh? Deffo gonna try Bachou and Ryofu… but who to go to for a third…

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