Today could possibly be a better day than yesterday.

Tomorrow could possibly be an even better day than today.


Day 1-I’m here now.
“My pleasure…”

A man once told me this hand held the potential to bring whatever I wanted to life.
He had nothing more to say and told me to do as I wished.
I didn’t know what the right thing to do was at the time.


Day 2-The flower blooms in the night sky.
“I did not do anything for them…”

Now that I thought about it, that silly conversation might’ve been the turning point of my life.
It might sound stupid, but I couldn’t help it.
Because that was…


Day 3-Terminal in the world.
“Let’s not talk about me for now.”

She was smiling.
Normally, we could reconcile at this point, but… this smile was entirely different from what I was used to.
It was the way a doll smiles.
It was the mask she wore when I first saw her.


Day 4-Dream of an Angel
“Let’s believe. We have to.”

I groaned as I tasted stomach acid on my tongue.
This wasn’t a joke.
I wanted to ask a favor of ‘that guy’ above the clouds.
I’m begging you.
Please let me die as a human…


Day 5-Singing voice in the evening sky.
“Then what was it you wished for?”
<<I… wanted to die together… with my bestest brother.>>

“Master is very frightening, so I shall be on my way to class. Thank you for your patronage.”

“To apologize for being late, I will allow you to lick me wherever you want for a short while…”

“The fact that your hands were soiled…you were not digging one up, were you? That would most certainly be called necrophilia, or something of the sort.”

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  1. O_____________________O

  2. Now what could this mean?

  3. I think Kouryuu finally went off the deep end. I’d imagine living on a tree farm would do that to you…

  4. I’ll make my guess:

  5. Maybe he has solar hands so it should be yakitate Japan !


    No seriously, isn’t it Fate Stay Night ?

  6. it’s some shit, seriously.

  7. Not Clannad, 1) would never happen 2) no “man” ever told Tomoya anything, the whole point was he had no father figure.

    Not F/SN, 1) “I’m here now” and “my pleasure” would make no sense there, 2) MangaGamer isn’t about to waste time competing with a fan TL over a game everyone’s already played, 3) Kouryuu is a good TL and “this hand” is very different from “these hands”.

    Wild guess: upcoming release of “fortissimo//Akkord:Bsusvier” by Circus. Alternatively, it’s a quote about wanking. Think about it.

    • Well, alternatively to the “magic” guesses, I’d say it has something to do with an artist. “To bring anything I wanted to life”. Gotta add that last bit.

      • Well, if the ‘something with an artist’ is correct, perhaps Innocent Grey’s PP -Pianissimo-? It plays in winter, and the OP also has the text, ‘Dream or reality?’. Other than that, I don’t know anything about the game, so I have no idea if it fits the other hints.

    • Judging by Kouryuu’s latest tweet, I would say the wanking argument is gaining ground, and if that is the case, “this hand” makes much more sense.

  8. Necrophilia. Never been better.

  9. (Wishful thinking ON)
    Maybe it could be Mai-Hime: Unmei no keitôju Shura.
    (Wishful thinking OFF)
    Anyway, I going to take a look at Nexton, Circus, Overdrive and Tarte’s line up and try to see what it could be other than Mai-Hime ^^.

  10. Winter dreams? what?

  11. Reminds me of the episode of Mushi-shi with the boy who could bring anything he drew with his “special hand” to life.

  12. Could this be ef – a fairy tale of the two? Might be wishful thinking, but there are multiple things that would fit. I read that there was a Twitter message about keeping the minority spirit some time ago. Winter does also fit the game. The anime had an ending theme called I’m Here. Also, there are a few characters who ‘create’ things with their hands – Hiro is an artist turned mangaka, Chihiro writes a novel and Kyosuke makes movies. I don’t think a collaboration between Mangagamer, Minori and NNL would be impossible.

    • Also NNL’s site links to a wallpaper from the newly released ef Pleasurable Box (they said they were going to translate iy before the minori stuff), which fits in with “My pleasure…”

  13. Okay taking into account the twitter part, the only thing I can discern from this is that this new game has an anime version.
    Here’s another possibility:
    Harukoi Otome
    If the first hint had something to do with art, then one of the heroines is an artist so that’s a possibility.
    This next hint has a mention of flowers, and there seemed to be some kind of flower/spring theme from what little the anime showed.
    Kouryu did mention he hadn’t seen the anime yet and since he’s mentioning watching it.
    Of course one thing working against this is that Kouryu mentioned in passing in one of the comments that work had begun on Harukoi Otome translationwise, so the hints would be kinda pointless with loss of surprise.

  14. I presume it’s that Air from Key ^^

  15. Uhm…
    NNL is not with mangagamer

    Lets hope its not a plotless moege!
    And if its Ef everyone has already played it.

    • I haven’t played ef. And I want to. And what little I did play before stalling it for another game, I felt like I wanted to pay money for. The art and music are way, way, way too good to pirate.

      But in any case, this is a countdown of sorts. We’ll see what’s going on soon enough… and I wouldn’t be surprised if this countdown has something to do with “See you tomorrow!” on

      • What stops you from buying it from eroge shop.

        • Ummm… perhaps the fact that by the time I had the realization that ef is awesome, I saw hope in the NNL/minori talks and thought, “maybe I won’t have to pay $200-$250 for both games combined and shipping just to play the version released by NNL”?

          • I guess that is true..

            Even with both games the nnl is different.

            I bought that latter tale just to support miniori.

  16. “Now that I thought about it, that silly conversation might’ve been the turning point of my life.
    It might sound stupid, but I couldn’t help it.
    Because that was…
    The last time I ever spoke to her. ”

    Ef~ I just read that passage yesterday. Time to hold off on reading more for now. ^-^

  17. …..If the Minori is with manga gamer it could be H2O~Foot prints on sand~ /uhm

  18. Here’s something. Kouryu mentioned in an interview that there were 4 unannounced games in the works. Now the only question is whether this hint is for one of the four or more.

  19. $100 says that this isn’t a new announcement, but rather Kouryuu finally lost it…

  20. Couldn’t it be Eden? /uhm

  21. OKay, the latest post now mentions fantasy novels. Could this have something to do with the unnamed Circus RPG?

    • They have 4 games and they have yet 2 tell us the name of them.
      So its possible
      I’m not a circus fan so I hope for something else

      • Just found this circus is making a eroge called fortissimo looks like fantasy

        “Reiji is a typical student on the remote southwest island of Tsukuyomi-jima. However, due to an unexpected event where his life was in danger, he awakened as the 13th magical summoner. After summoning the spirit and magical superweapon Sakura, she gifts him with the special ability ‘Da Capo,’ which allows him to summon anyone who he met in the past 24 hours or reverts items back to its previous state (up to 24 hours ago). Now they must participate in a battle they cannot avoid.”

        Loool Da capo.

  22. The line is from Chihiro’s chapter in Ef.

    Damn, is this really what MG is gonna release?

  23. Okay, this new post has me curious if a deal with Frontwing was made back then. Despite all the hints, we got very few detailsabout what happened between MG and them. The reason I’m suspecting this is the angel part and Frontwing has made quite a few angel themed games. Jiburiru aside there’s:

    Megamisama Chuuihou (okay I know what megami meansm but look wise…)

  24. This is the 3rd hint
    1 more 2 go.

  25. Please be a makura tittle T^T

  26. Questionable TL today. You don’t have to say ‘that guy’ in single quotes when talking about God to get the subtle disrespect out of the Japanese term. (ヤツ, presumably?) Just “the guy up in the sky” or the like without quotes would be sufficient and less “omg I’m reading a translation that’s highlighting the fact that it’s using stock translations for common terms by putting quotes around it.”

    Otherwise, nice hint. It’s certainly got me intrigued when combined with the other hints. We’ve seen quite a few varying themes, from the heavily romantic to the fantasy-oriented now to a desperate battle of some sort, likely to retain the narrator’s humanity. If this is a single game, then it’s a killer one in all likelihood.

  27. Sorry about the mistake I made, the twitter stuff was lines from ef. But not this.

  28. Whatever it is, I hope it’s got great story and not just a sex romp.

  29. I bet it’s something from minori, look at their website. Yesterday they had Canada, today they have Netherlands. If it’s not NNL and MangaGamer respectively, I’ll eat my hat. And judging by the outcome of NNL poll, it’s either ef or eden* (both got the highest percentage on the poll) or, judging by the previously linked image on the NNL site, the new minori’s project.

  30. Minori’s website now show Yuuko heading for the Netherlands (aka where MangaGamer is based).

  31. Heh, minori and Mangagamer eh? A few months ago I would’ve just laughed in your face. A rather intriguing turn of events, this is. I know pretty much nothing about minori games, but I have a feeling they’ll appeal to me.

  32. “To apologize for being late, I will allow you to lick me wherever you want for a short while…”

    This is from ef.

  33. I shall be very pleased if this is true. Although I already finished ef, I’d be happy to buy it from MG if it became available. I did enjoy it 🙂

  34. “The fact that your hands were soiled…you were not digging one up, were you? That would most certainly be called necrophilia, or something of the sort.”

    Innocent gray?

  35. Definitely Ef.
    I remember the
    “Then what was it you wished for?”

    part from the Chapter 5 demo NNL put out last year or whenever that was.

  36. agreed, this is from ef…

  37. Minori’s website (for overseas) is saying “See you tomorrow!!!”!

  38. this definitely EF, 7 chapters

    Miyamura Miyako – I’am here now

    this text show up at the beginning of every chapter, anybody whom played the game or have the CG can confirm this.

    The following would be Shindou Kei-Shindou Chihiro-Hayama Mizuki- Amamiya Yuko- Final chapter, Himura yuu.

  39. Yup, this is ef. No doubt. Minori saying tomorrow, MG saying tomorrow, NNL making deals with minori, lines from ef, gifs in minori website going to Canada AND Netherlands… What else could it be?

  40. I’m psyched. Open up the purchase site already, I want to throw my money at you~~~

    Day 5’s quotes all definitely sound like the way NNL edited Yuuko’s language. Formal to the point of awkward.

  41. If Minori can be talked into allowing an official english release, then there’s hope for us seeing Akabesoft2’s (and subsequently Akatsuki Works’) stuff released someday.

  42. I wonder how long the sneeky ef screenshot has been here? I noticed it yesterday when I accidentally hit FFwd instead of refresh.

  43. minori approved ef official release @ mangagamer based on nnl1’s script.

    Surprise over.

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