Nemu or Kotori?

So, with Da Capo Innocent Finale now well into testing, I thought I’d start by asking the question which seems to consistently divide Da Capo fans everywhere: Nemu or Kotori?

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  1. 5th option: BOTH AT THE SAME TIME!

  2. I prefer Mako. 😐

    Maybe Moe too. 😐

  3. At the moment both, but I need to finish KOtori’s scenario so things may change.

    Though I have to admit I do wish more delving was done into Moe’s scenario. (ducks to avoid randomly thrown objects from Nemu and Kotori fans)

  4. For the first Da Capo it’s got to be Mako.

    I was going to select Kotori but since there’s a neither option, that’s more accurate of an answer. Wouldn’t people pick both?

    I wasn’t aware Nemu was in D.C. I.F.

    • Oh, hey Amoirsp.

      Nemu in D.C.I.F… That’s kind of a spoiler… But yes, she is in, one way or another. Just that she doesn’t have any romantic interactions over Kotori or anything.

      • Sup Eab.

        Yeah I should have rephrased that I don’t recall Nemu appearing on promotional images for the clear fact that only Kotori is on the cover. Then spoiler commentary on spoiler context thus spoiler occurs.

        Though really I don’t know what’s in DC IF other than Kotori.

  5. Both. Kotori slightly more, but still both.

  6. So does this mean we’re going to see Da Capo IF before Da Capo 2?

  7. Sakura!
    I always feel so sorry for Sakura.

  8. Got to be Mako. Also it was annoying how she got the least scripts of all heroines.

    • My biggest problem with Mako is just how underdeveloped her chest story is…There was so much potential for a traditional school romance in that and it was completely squandered…Moe’s story was nicer and feels more in-line with the fantasy themes in the Da Capo franchise.

  9. i wish we would have got da capo pc and the other 5 girls

  10. Kotori!! and Nanaka!! yummy.

  11. Kotori!

    Though I’m with the people who said Mako’s scenario could have been awesome and wished for a little more out of Moe’s scenario, I liked them both too.

  12. Holy crap I think I’m the only one here who prefers Yoriko/Misaki! I’m special xD

  13. Kotori for sure!!

  14. The Nemu fans will be щ(゚Д゚щ) ‘if’ they play this one ;p

  15. Nemu > Kotori

  16. Kotori. Nemu was just plain imo

  17. Where’s the Mako option?

  18. i don’t really get what DCIF is about e.e but i’ll pick both 😀

  19. Kotori of course and in the anime we kotori fans got our just revenge it took 6 years but finally they did a ova with her as the portagonist and even better Nemu is dead in that one.

    • Otome > Kotori
      Your argument is invalid.

    • “Otome > Kotori”

      Quoted for truth!
      And I’m going to double down on that, without Nemu you wouldn’t have Otome or Yume.

      • Regarding offspring wasn’t there one of Kotori on what was it, winter season (too many fandisk to recall the exact one)? Since it was basically alternate, the possibility existed. Forgot the name of the kid though. Wasn’t too relevant either.

  20. Nemu. I’m a siscon, besides she’s just the sweetest one out there.

  21. Nemu, she got me into the whole imouto fetish. I also like Alice, Izumiko, and Aisia. Kotori, Miharu, and Yoriko are fine too.

    And in D.C. II, I like Yume, Koko, Nanaka, and Mahiru. I like Sakura in D.C. II more than I.

  22. IMHO, I liked Nemu in the anime more, because she’s awesome and her tsundere characteristics.. and a little “nii-san” in a romance is always cute(at least in my book).

    In the game, I liked Kotori’s route more than the others, because it was adorably adorable and .. well, adorable. Did I mention that it was adorable?

  23. I will always go for the Harem ending. That way everyone is happy.

  24. Why should I pick when I could have them all (not happening).

  25. Where is the Mako/Moe choice’s at? damn they must have forgot to put them in….

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