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Hey everyone,

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately, so this is as good a time as any to just give everyone an idea about a standard (or semi-standard) week at MangaGamer as well as to post reminders of a couple things going on…This week has been relatively quiet for a couple of reasons. For one, our next release (DC IF) is in beta testing. We have eight testers, all of whom are currently compiling their reports. Once those come in, I get to spend a day or so putting them together, firing off a list of corrections to be made, and wait for the final OK. We can also confirm that while DC2 may be released in Circus’s engine, DC IF will be using BGI.

Translation and editing work has also finished on another upcoming release, though it’s one we haven’t announced by name yet, but we think it’ll make some of you happy.

Speaking of upcoming releases, I’ve also been working with EvoSpace on a couple of upcoming catalogue entries. With luck, we’ll be getting those up earlier to whet your appetites for new games. DC IF’s is done, as is Guilty’s.

We can also say that BaseSon’s Harukoi is with its assigned translator (though this one will take a while), as is a rather comedic nukige from Score. Kouryuu is also continuing to work on retranslating Edelweiss while our coders are working on Edelweiss, (Unannounced title), Koihime, and Guilty.


Oh, and for those of you who just can’t wait, Kouryuu is also translating Ore Imo for Aniplex and AnimeNewsNetwork, with editing and subtitle timing being done by yours truly. We’re currently working on episode two, and the series is absolutely hilarious and a must-see for VN fans (or for the VN curious amongst your friends). The series is streaming in SD for free with ad support, and subscriptions to the ad-free HD streams are a mere $5 and last as long as ANN have the streaming license or $8 when purchased when a subscription to togainu no chi ~bloody curs~, based on the Nitro+ game of the same name. Both series are also being edited and timed by yours truly, so help support your MangaGamer staff so that we can pay our bills while bringing you games!

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  1. what title will be next to release

    • I believe it’s DC IF. Guilty got knocked back due to coding delays at Nexton (yay Koihime.)

    • It may be Guilty, it may be DCIF. The former depends on Nexton’s coding progress, while the latter is moving along smoothly.

      They might actually end up being released very close together.

      Either way, our next release will be one of those two.

  2. Is this comedic nukige from Score the unannounced release that’ll “make some of us happy”?

  3. Nintendo Maniac 64

    Did I miss a memo or something about not using BGI on DC2? Because I thought you guys had some kind of love interest with BGI. 😛

    • Nintendo Maniac 64

      um…I was hoping for some more technical details on the non-BGI reasoning for DC2, but apparently I didn’t make that obvious enough…

    • I would really love it if it were released using BGI; it’s one of the interpreters I know works very well through Wine on Linux, whereas other interpreters are less certain.

  4. I’m kinda worried that DC IF will be without voices, someone might of asked it, but can you guys put my worries to rest.

    Although if the ‘game’ is in ADV format (text at the bottom), I won’t mind, it’s more a worry about not being able to figure out who is speaking (which happened in Kira*Kira).

  5. Was going to say that I hope the Score game was Zettai Maou but then I noticed that it has a low sexual content tag on VNDB and the psoter said its a nukige.

    Well if it isn’t that I hope its Goshujin-sama daisuki, its the only thing from score that seems remotely interesting.

  6. Too bad Ore Imo is available only to US & Canada, or I would’ve given it a go :/

  7. I’ll be waiting on a retranslating patch for HinataBokko ^^

  8. Harukoi Otome VN uses the same voices as the OVAs, right? Because I will be very disappointed if I don’t have my Yui Sakakibara-voiced imouto. Umi <3. Riru-Riru is good too.


    • Yui Sakakibara is nice. She does voice Umi in the game.

      And I’m a fan of Riru’s VA, Aoyama Yukari, too. =3

      • Riru-Riru does have a good voice too, but her only other role I know well enough is her role as Rika in Jiburiru/Djibril. I don’t really recall much of her role in Koihime Musou as Kaku.

        • She’s a BIG eroge Seiyuu actually, who previously worked closely with AXL. The first role I encountered her in was Seinarukana’s Nozomi. Probably doesn’t help much in Japanese, but here’s a list of her games and characters. I’ve found most English sources are severely lacking in detail.

          • Yup, I only recognize a few more roles there (the ones I can barely read the names of, anyway)… I vaguely remember seeing her name in se-kirara, though I’d have to check again who she actually voiced.

  9. Are you able to provide any info on the unannounced title? Even just the company it comes from so we can get a rough idea would be great.

    Also, since the titles are near release have the prices been finalised yet?

  10. Makura please.

  11. What’s the estimated release date for DC IF? If Koihime was stated on the site as Jan 31, 2011, then I gather DC IF would come beforehand. December perhaps? That’s actually not too far.

  12. Announcing an unannounced title. Ingenious, I want it even though I don’t even have the slightest idea of what it is. Then depending on what it actually is I might have no interest at all xD

  13. Please be it, Eternal Fantasy.

  14. So are going to have voices for DCII?

  15. Could this unannounced game that would make some of us happy be one of the Shuffle! fan discs?

    • Seeing as to how Navel wasn’t exactly pleased with Manga Gamer’s performance as of AX, I really don’t think so…

  16. @gaudy: Sorry for asking, but what exactly weren’t they happy about?
    I’d really like to see a release of Tick Tack.

    • I’m assuming that it’s because Soul Link sold like crap, but then again the anime for that show was terrible too, so I don’t know why they would have high expectations for that title.

      The irony being that Shuffle is probably Manga Gamer’s best selling title right now as it’s STILL at the top of the weekly rankings. Even if this is just one or two sales a week, it’s still money coming in. You’d think they’d get over one flop and take a look at how much money they’re getting from the Shuffle franchise, and maybe expand on it, but that would only be the smart thing to do…

      • Keep in mind it’s a matter of scale: MG’s best game sales are probably still a drop in the bucket compared to their usual Japanese sales. For many companies, I’m sure 1-2k extra sales isn’t even worth the effort of localization–that’s time and money that could be spent making more releases for Japan.

        From that perspective, perhaps the Mangagamer project is less about bringing in more money (at least in the short-term) and more about reaching out to fans, and possibly cultivating a market that could be tapped in earnest in the future.

  17. Just curious, but do we need to worry about whether we’ll have voice acting in Harukoi or not?

  18. I’m still hoping Mangagamer will release Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei someday.

  19. Nice to hear Edelweiss is seeing some attention, thanks! ^_^

  20. Glad to see Harukoi getting translated, between that and Koihime Musou, Baseson definitely has some solid titles.

    I asked this in the post about accents, but how is MangaGamer planning to translate Chouryou’s Kansai dialect in Koihime Musou?

    • I didn’t really bother with making her speech ‘accented’ this time around, instead focusing more on the personality she conveyed through it.

      • You totally should have gone with the Bang Zoom approach and gave her a southern accent because that totally makes sense!

      • That makes sense. I’ve always thought that Chouryou’s Blood Knight personality, and her Boisterous Bruiser tendencies are what defined her character.

        Though I’ll have to wait until Koihime comes out at the end of January to see how her character compares to that of the anime.

        • … … lol, and here I thought it was her lesbian love for Kan’u…

          But that’s only outside of battle.

          • I like where this is going…

          • I’ve only ever heard about Chouryou’s love for Kan’u on the internet, and from what I’ve heard, it seems more like an obsession.

            Though Chouryou did seem to have fallen for Kan’u at the end of the third anime season.

            And starting with the Shin Koihime game, wasn’t Chouryou’s love for Kan’u dropped?

            Though if some screen shots I’ve seen are any indication Kan’u’s spot in her heart may have been filled by Gakushin.

  21. Ah.. Harukoi another average school love slice of life..
    With big noses.

  22. So Edelweiss is being re-translated? It’s really cool that MangaGamer’s taking the time and redoing the game so that it’s improved.

    On that note, I’ve heard of some issues with Tasty Shafts. The two guys in that game, Kyouichi and Reiji are almost impossible to tell apart. At first I thought that Reiji was the one with the orangish hair, while Kyouichi had brown hair. But during some of the H-scenes when Reiji is talking sometimes, the screen is showing the guy with the brown hair, and vice versa. I’m still not sure who’s who. Though if the ending is any indication then Kyouichi is probably the brown-haired one.

  23. Hey there mangagamer staff, i have a question.

    Do you guys have a rough tentative date for the english release of Base Kon’s Harukoi Otome? I cant wait to play the game in english.
    Please do reply, thank you!

    • No release date is ironed out for Harukoi Otome yet. It’s actually just about as long as Koihime (though with far less voiced characters) so the translation phase alone will probably take another 6 months.

  24. So can anyone tell me if the Harukoi Otome OVA has anything in common with the game storywise?

  25. Please don’t tell me Harukoi is the announced title it looks horrible.
    Give us Tsubasa Navel! :C

  26. I only finished Mei’s route on Edelweiss before I found out that you guys were doing a patch to correct the translation, after that I began to wait. This is so good news to hear! I am definitely gonna buy the bundle pack to make up for the DL and finally go after the other girls

  27. good to see edelweiss is getting some attention, i did all the routes but i may have to check it out to see how the translation differs. il admit some parts made no sense so this is welcome.

    and off topic but any word on a deardrops translation before the end of 2011? the wait is killing me D:

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