Tester's Corner: DCIF Ed. Vol. 1

As testing is starting to come to a close, I thought I’d give our testers a chance to share a few words about the game with all of you!

This first issue of Tester’s Corner is brought to you by Danger.

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In testing this game and scouring it for errors and bugs, I’ve come to understand the difficulties of getting this sort of product ready for the masses to enjoy. It’s not something as simple as just translating the text and pasting it into the game, but the efforts of careful eyes and careful thoughts in producing an accurate yet smooth transition from Japanese to English.

History aside, the efforts of the staff in producing the game can be observed just by reading the text. You easily sympathize with the character, molding your thoughts to the main character’s as he struggles with his feelings of love for Nemu and Kotori. You recognize the joy and sorrow, the anguish that haunts him as he tries to make sense of what he wants. There is passion and regret; smiles and laughter; you will chuckle and you will rage. It’s a roller-coaster of emotions. You’ll just have to go through it a few times to get the full story. Fortunately, it seems that most parts you’ve visited before are summarized rather than fully fleshed out. That way, you won’t burn too many minutes rereading what has already been said.

One thing I was not a fan of was an actual aspect of the game itself: Nemu. Or rather, (Spoiler removed by Kouryuu) results in growth for all the characters in addition to Jun’ichi, I felt it unnecessary to (spoiler) just so Kotori could have a chance. I mean, other games get around it, why not Da Capo?

Well, no use complaining. At least there were parts I did like.

My favorite part of this entire game was not the dynamic between Jun’ichi and his confused love, but the part where you choose your location. Depending on your choices, you will either encounter Kotori, your bro-squad comrades Kudou and Suginami, or even cameos from the original Da Capo game (damn that pink bear…!). These serve to remind us that, while the story does revolve around Jun’ichi and Kotori, the rest of the cast should not be forgotten. They too have their roles to play, no matter how small or great. The extra scenarios made me chuckle too.

Overall, other than the repeated downers, I enjoyed the story. I’m sure you will too.

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  1. I’m all super hyped up about this now.

  2. For what it’s worth, the (spoiler) bit is really the point of this fandisk’s story. Da Capo did in fact get around it in the original game, but this is an alternate retelling. This is why people who play this game should really play the original D.C. game first in order to put this game into context. Unfortunately, the game also expects people to have played D.C.P.C. for some parts (mostly the extra mini-scenarios), but you won’t miss out on too much there.

  3. Tester corner for all games please

  4. Perfect conversion from PS2 version,I’ll be waiting for nowadays ^^

  5. Just a shame it would help to have played D.C.P.C. especially if Kudō and Murasaki, and no doubt the other D.C.P.C. characters, make appearances.

  6. Moderator: Yagami, if you continue to post links to pirating sites on this blog, you will be banned.

  7. I din’t know that ther was a novel visual of the visual novel Da capo if with Kotori. But it sounds interesting, even when i prefere (a lot) to Nemi and Mako. Thanks for bringh this. Maybe i’nm going to downlad it when after i get Koihime when it arrive.

  8. Saying download sounds like pirating o,o….

  9. any word on if D.C.P.C will ever be translated? i know before (or after) mangagamer did the first D.C a fan translation was like 75% done with D.C.P.C but stopped for some reason D: was waiting too >_>

  10. No more Da Capo for the love of god!
    Da capo was the only good thing circus managed to make along with Suika.All the spinoffs side stories can rot in hell.

  11. Yeah, I agree with your sentiments on (spoiler). But…

    >(damn that pink bear…!)

    Wtf, Izumiko is awesome. She’s up there with Alice and Aisia in my book. And Nemu, of course.

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