DC II: Suginami

There is no first name, there is no last name, there is only SUGINAMI

To those who played the original Da Capo, Suginami should be a pretty familiar name.  Much like his former self in the original, Suginami is once again the school miscreant and resident sage.  As the head of the unofficial (and unauthorized) newspaper club, Suginami is often seen being chased around the school by Kousaka Mayuki, the vice-president of the student council.  With his naturally inquisitive nature, Suginami seeks to unravel the mysteries of the universe, the everlasting cherry blossoms, and the person in the pink bear suit–or at least hijack the PA system long enough to bring some added excitement to the Christmas Party, whichever is easier.  Missing your lunch?  Don’t worry, because Suginami is on the case!  And oh, by the way, he found it to be delicious…

But isn’t DC II supposed to be two generations after the first Da Capo, you ask?  Isn’t Suginami supposed to be an old man by now?

We don’t ask those kinds of questions around here…

Kishio Daisuke whips out the finest and sexiest voice he can muster as he reprises his role as Sugnami.*  From Bleach to Vampire Knight, from Star Ocean 4 to Ratatouille; when looking at this man’s repertoire, it’s more of a question of what hasn’t he done…?  From loser harem protagonists to bishi playboys, this man will shy away from nothing!  Did I mention he provided the Japanese dub voice for Carlton Banks in the Fresh Prince of Bell Air? (showing my age here…)

Yeah, he’s just that good.

*In the original Da Capo (the one being sold by MangaGamer), Suginami was voiced by Azuma Shin, but in the anime and subsequent renditions of Da Capo (D.C.P.C./P.S., D.C.S.S., etc.) Suginami is voiced by Kishio Daisuke.

And an extra screen shot because Suginami is amazing:

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  1. Suginami would know about Izu– Wait, this is D.C. II. There’s someone in a pink bear suit in D.C. II too?

  2. Can anyone find clips of Kishio-san as Carlton from the Fresh Prince? I’d especially like to see if he does his own version of the Carlton scream.

    Also, like the Ilpalazzo sunglasses Sugima,i’s sporting ^_^

  3. Suginami is a eternal stupid and bogus man u.u

  4. suginami needs his own side story.

  5. Mystery of Suginami existing 2 generations past Junichi = Mystery of Sakura existing as the current Principal.

    ’nuff said.

  6. Kishio Daisuke?! He did Shinobu in Junjou Romantica <3
    I'd buy the game just to hear his voice.

  7. Suginami is the freaking definition of BADASS!!

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