DC II: Sawai Maya

Seeing as how DC II is a month away from release (barring any egregious errors…) I’d thought I’d take the time to do some character introductions.  In an effort to avoid spoilers for the main characters, I’ll be focusing on the supporting cast who are in no way small, secondary characters.  To those with keen ears and have watched a whole lot of anime, some of their voices might be a little familiar.


First up, we have Sawai Maya.

Maya is the unfortunate class president of Kazami Academy affiliated campus, class 3-3.  After years of being the constant target of Akane and Anzu‘s teasing, Wataru and Yoshiyuki’s idiocy, and Suginami’s ploys for rampant campus-wide mayhem have taken a grievous toll on her psyche.  Formerly a typical bookworm honor student, she now barely maintains control over class 3-3 through a daily ritual of yelling and veiled threats demanding compliance from her fellow classmates.  While this certainly seems overly oppressive, all she ever wants is a productive academic life for everyone, even if she has to bear the burden of accomplishing this with an iron fist.

Mizuhashi Kaori provides Maya’s voice, and like much of the DC II cast, she is in no way a small-time voice actress.  Being credited in almost a hundred anime titles spanning over fifty different anime franchises, some of her more notable characters include Yuuno from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Ogiue Chika from Genshiken, and Akane from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.  Outside of anime she has become one of the staple voice actress for Nippon Ichi Software’s SRPG lineup, where she provides the voices for Laharl (Disgaea), Marona (Phantom Brave), and Pram (Phantom Kingdom).

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  1. hmm, interesting

  2. Maya is like much as Mako Mizukoshi ^^

  3. Can’t believe you guys forgot to mention Kaori Mizuhashi’s role in Shin Koihime Musou (I’ll believe we can get this game in the future, someone has to keep the hope alive!!!).
    Ahem, anyway, certainly looks like an interesting heroine. My megane fetish approves ^_^

  4. The Suginami that Yoshiyuki is familiar with *might* be the exact same person that his Gramps knew in his youth.

    Scary thought. Then again, he’s not the only thing that’s unusual so far…

  5. Kaori Mizuhashi is one of my favorite seiyuu (she also does a lot of eroge and has upwards of 40-something aliases).

    Mizuhashi is much better when typecast for the genki roles, some of my favorites being Fel in Prism Ark, Yumina in Tayutama, and Agnes in Shukufuku no Campanella.

    But Maya… not one of my favorite roles for her. Doesn’t help that Minatsu’s story in the first season of D.C. II was pretty… badly done, to put it politely, but Maya’s role certainly didn’t help that case.

  6. 麻耶たん~ はぁはぁ

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