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Ever since the Three Stooges, idiocy has always come in threes.  If Yoshiyuki is the lazy one and Suginami is the crazy one, then Itabashi Wataru is without a doubt the stupid one.  As Yoshiyuki’s best friend and classmate, it is Wataru’s solemn duty to be the moral advisor, comedy relief, and should the moment be right, the obligatory bro-mance target. When not discussing the horrors of still being a virgin, he’s cursing his own bad luck for still not having made it to ‘first base’, but this isn’t to say that Wataru has no luck with women.  As a member of the light music club, Wataru regularly hangs out with the school idol–as a friend, and in his own class, the Setsugekka girls are always happy to include him in their clique activities.

I mean, if all it takes is a casual flirt or sexy taunt to get a quick laugh at his expense, then who wouldn’t appreciate the village idiot?
Outside of the class president, of course…

In case the opening line didn’t give it away, Itabashi Wataru is voiced by none other than the prestigious Fukuyama Jun. Perhaps most widely known for his role as Lelouch in Code Geass, Fukuyama Jun can often be heard voicing the regal or royalty in his roles as Hanabusa Aidou in Vampire Knight (opposite to Kishio Daisuke, no less) and Maximilian Gaius Von Reginrave in the Valkyria Chronicles game and anime. This doesn’t mean he hasn’t played the occasional pleabian role or epic harem lead, and while voicing Wataru is hardly a stretch for his talents, it is most definitely an enjoyable ride.

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  1. I…I like it a lot more when the idiot characters get some love too! Otherwise it feels almost like the game is just trying to prove how awesome “I” am through comparison, which seems kinda mean spirited. Sunohara’s path in Clannad was almost physically painful to get through, they just kept setting him up for one stupid manzai joke after another almost up until the end. Is Wataru like that too? ;_;

    • If memory serves, he’s the kind of guy that is all around funny but when you get knee deep into the stories, he’s also the “shoulder-to-lean-on” type of character.

      • Unless Koko’s involved… If Koko’s involved his shoulder is no where near you–you insensitive traitor.

        • Which nets him his well-deserved spotlight during the Koko-Nanaka twin story arcs. In one, he’s leery of Yoshiyuki for denying Koko’s feelings, while in the other, he’s a bit… jealous(?) or angry(?) at him for having Koko’s affection.

          But either way, he’s an awesome foil and indispensible “bro” to have for Yoshiyuki.

  2. Talking about Fukuyama Jun’s different types of roles, you missed the delicious trap from Princess Princess, Tooru Kouno, which further proves his talent: http://myanimelist.net/character/512/Tooru_Kouno

  3. He’s so funny,much laughs among him XD

  4. oh this looks promising, idiotic characters are usually the main parts of VN’s i remember xD

  5. Man reading all the Char presentiation i can hardly wait to Play dc II will it Be realeased before Christmas so i can get an gift for myself XD

  6. Oh Fukuama Jun is wonderful. He was the perfect Lelouch. I also love him as Grell from Kuroshitsuji, and Searchman from Rockman EXE

  7. Aww he’s adorable. definatly getting this game either when it comes out or soon after (just need to play Da capo first thanks for the price drop for that one.)

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