DC II: Yoshino Sakura

And here we end our DC II character introductions.


To fans of the first Da Capo game, Yoshino Sakura should be a very familiar sight.  Sakura is both Sakurai Yoshiyuki’s guardian and principal of Kazami Academy.  She is a long-time resident of Hatsune Island and while she tends to run off to America on a whim, she always comes back and greets everyone with a smile.  Often enigmatic in her speech and even more eccentric in her mannerisms, Sakura carries an aura of warmth and compassion around her, making her a favorite and a curiosity among Kazami Academy’s student populace.

At a whopping 140cm (~4′ 7″), Sakura wins the gold for being the shortest member of the DC II cast, and just to add insult to injury, she’s also the flattest (68-51-72).  But don’t let her diminutive size fool you!  She is a woman of wonder, capable of magical things; her smile can light up a room, and brighten even the most downtrodden of spirits.  If you loved her in Da Capo, you’ll love her here.  If you hated her in Da Capo, you’ll still love her here!

Yoshino Sakura is voiced by none other than the eroge queen herself, Hokuto Minami.  Credited in over 500 titles (and that’s a conservative estimate), she is another favorite here at Manga Gamer.  Not only did she voice Sakura in the original Da Capo, but she also voices Saeki Kanako from D.C.I.F., Primula from Shuffle!, and Sonshoukou from Koihime Musou.  With an almost absurd vocal range, she is the ‘God-tier’ voice actress capable of any and all roles, and Manga Gamer is delighted and honored to put her work on center stage, once more.

Thirty brownie points to whoever can name the third voice role she has done in the Da Capo franchise.

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  1. something i dont quite understand….isnt sakura supposed to be over 50years old in this game? Does noone in the game cast know that?

    is it because she cant age or something else?

    • Yes, Da Capo 2 takes place about 50 years after Da Capo, and if you played the first you’d know a bit more. 😉

      I’m assuming she’ll also show up in Da Capo 3, how many years later that’s set. So in that sense, you could say that the TRUE main-character of the Da Capo series is Sakura, but I won’t say more lest I spew spoilers =3

  2. I’ll admit Sakura seemed a bit underused as a character in the first game, that and her route could have been better. Still I liked her as a character since her interactions with Junichi were very amusing. Hopefully her role in this game is better than in the first game.
    2 more days…2 more days…

  3. Absolutely lovely character in all aspects. New outfit and more mature thinking patterns are only adding to her charms ^_^

  4. Hurray! Hokuto Minami as Sakura, it’s all we need!
    Didn’t she also play Jun’ichi and Sakura’s Grandma?

  5. Almost finished her route in Da Capo. I wasn’t a big fan of hers at first, but I’m really liking her more and more as the route concludes.

  6. Hmmm…She also voiced Nanoha…

  7. I prefer Sakura in D.C. II than I, but maybe that’s because Nemu isn’t around to avert my interest. >_>

  8. Sakura can never age as long tht cherry blossom is there if i remember correctly

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