Tester's Corner: Koihime Ed. Vol 2

It’s time for another round of Tester’s Corner for Koihime Musou! This one’s from Pixymisa!

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Some are born with wits.
Some are born with guts.
Some are born with stamina.

The main character of Koihime certainly has the last one in spades.

Koihime is, as the full name suggests, a romp through the Romance of the Three Kingdoms with all of the butch, manly men replaced with an assortment of well-endowed women and lolis while the beautiful women are replaced with futanari lolis and CHOUSEN *shudder*.

Things I noticed as I went along were that, barring the occasional Nexton text insertion error, the quality of the editing got better as I went along meaning that it mainly came down to personal preference in the end when beta-ing.  Alas, this didn’t shorten the time taken to complete the game by a significant amount as this game is LONG.  I’d have to estimate at least 60-80 hours playtime if you’re a completionist and want to explore the stories of the all of the cast members and to gain the elusive ‘harem ending’! It took far longer during beta due to having to check everything for accuracy though….

Every so often you’ll be thrust into a battle, which works on the standard Rock-Paper-Scissors principle of one formation being better than the other.  You get to choose who fights on the front lines and who stays back to organise the army and your choices will affect how effectual your army will be.  This offers a nice break from exercising the wrist muscles and actually requires some thought as enemy tactics become more varied in later battles.  It’s a shame that  enemy tactics are hard-coded so, if you’ve seen them once, you’ve seen them all.

To summarise, if you’re looking for a historically inaccurate romp through the Romance of the Three Kingdoms with an oversexed protagonist, this is the game for you.

<Insert obligatory paragraph about voices and the need for 2000 copies to sell>

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From Kouryuu:
The game will launch at midnight*, so don’t forget to pick up your copy!
*February 28th, 00:00 AM EST

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  1. Three more days…

  2. So it’ll be released midday on Tuesday March 1st here. So much stuff in march.

  3. i hope game will reach Czech Republic before March 11 because it would distarct me from playing Shogun2 and Dragon Age 2

  4. There’s also the in between of the size of the “girls”. Not just either lolis or big-breasted girls either, it’s something that need to be mentioned.

  5. 3 days…3 days.

    i need to finish up so much within the next 3 days im so backlogged gamewise..

  6. Thanks. Now i know that there is a Harem route. Kukuku. Tre days more, and probably two or three weeks more for me. (Sorry, Da capo limited edition is far more important to me than this.)

  7. at LEAST 60 least hours minimum?? o_O wow. The main character and us players probably get an A+ in stamina. /kekekeke

  8. So is this harem ending even harder to find than two particular Soul Link bad ends? lol

  9. &0 or 80 hours… I think that it’s short. I excpected that time only for the first route. Most of the RPG took abouth 100 or 120 hours. I thoght this game was going to be longer. Now I gess that when you manage to pass some route there are few different option in the next one so and it won’t take so much time to see thate event.

    • Visual novels are a completely different medium which you can’t compare to normal games, especially RPGs which tend to be story and gameplay heavy.

      Visual novel wise anything above 50 hours is an insane length especially if most/all lines are voiced, oh right… Just kidding I know we’ll get them (voices) eventually.

  10. it’s almost here, i cant wait

  11. My body. Is ready.

  12. hmm just wondering est is how many hours different than the uk?

  13. 1 more day YAY to celebrate i have made my random background all koihime muso pics that change every 30 min 😀

    • Don’t tell me you’re using that Chouun Wallpaper from Mangagamer. If so, then you have way more guts than me.
      I wouldn’t dare use that wallpaper when I’m near anyone I know.

      • HAHAHHA yeah i am, funny enough i didn’t realize it was like that until it popped up on my screen, but meh its good when u live by yourself.

  14. Finish work 1hour after release. Gah, it’s gonna be a long day tomorrow.

  15. One more day!!!! i hope there will not be another delay

    • I doubt they would wait till the last day to post about there being any delays. I think it’s safe to assume that it will be released tomorrow.

  16. Finaly Koihime will get out 🙂 I didn t thought I ll be alive to see this day.

  17. Only a few more hours…Can’t wait…

  18. YaY Feb 28 00:03 🙂 in europe 🙁

  19. 6 more hours…

  20. Everyone, remember to spam F5 so we can take the server down like we did the Hendane server!

  21. Don’t worry… Even without that, the server will be down not much time after 0h00…

    4 hours left…


  23. 2 hours for me and counting koihime FTW!!!!!!

  24. I have waited since October… these last 2 hours are harder than the several months.

  25. I have to go to work 7 hours after this releases. I’m pulling an all nighter for Koihime, something that I’m not even doing for DA2…obviously my priorities are completely normal.

  26. =D Only one more hour guys!

  27. 1 hour!! My body is ready!

  28. god waiting is driving me crazy

  29. God damn it. I thought it would be released 15 mins ago. It’s 5:00 AM here! >_< Well, I guess one more hour won't kill me.

  30. 17 minutes!

  31. Sleep is for the weak, bring it on Koihime!!

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