8.9 Grade Earthquake Hits Japan

Last night an 8.9 earthquake, the largest in Japan’s history, struck the east coast, together with tsunamis which caused particularly heavy damage in Sendai (200-300 casualties reported so far). We have received confirmation through twitter that all the members of OVERDRIVE, Circus, Navel, Nexton, and several other eroge companies are safe. However, many of them are suffering property damage to computers and other such objects which have fallen as a result of the quake.

Many are without water and power as the nuclear reactors in Tokyo have been shut down to prevent disaster.

The trains are also down, so many who can not get home are taking shelter with each other in their corporate offices, or the homes of staff who live nearby.

For the most up-to-date information on the staff, please check our twitter feed. You can view a live feed of NHK reporting the disaster here on ustream. For those who want an english feed, you can find NHK World and others here at livestation.

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  1. Glad to know everyone is safe! Thank you for the update!

  2. It’s a relief to hear they’re alright. Thanks for the info.

  3. Yeah, I saw this and was completely shocked. It’s good to know that all eroge is safe, I guess. But it’s just sad to hear about all the casualties.

  4. glad they are safe any word on if guilty will stiff be out one time

  5. Glad to hear the staff are sound and safe.
    I’ve seen Bamboo’s and Ur@n’s Tweets, so I knew at least they were safe. Shinji Katakura is okay, too?

  6. my prayers go out to the Japanese people

    • Likewise… so many families have lost loved ones. I can only hope that not all of them are lost for good, but are reunited with those they cherish.

  7. im watching 3 dif jap news stations right now

  8. happy to know they are safe and sound (for the most part)

  9. It’s a shocking thing. Good to know they’re safe, but so much devastation…
    Still waiting to hear from my Japanese teacher about how her family is… eeep!

  10. My sincerest condolences for all japanese people that right now are suffering from this tragedy.
    I am happy to know that the eroges and all are safe, but i’m very sad about what happened with Japan. Of course I know that things like this happens but it does really get us all by surprise… I hope that Japan can recover what have been lost.(Though the lives that were lost on this aren’t going to be able to come back.. sadly)

    Thanks for informing us, MangaGamer, aside from a eroge translator, you guys are really something else, showing that you’re not here only for money, that you actualy cares for what is happening, either on Japan or somewhere else.

    Sorry for my bad english ^^’

  11. Jeeze…I don’t even know what to say to all this! Except I suppose that this whole event is really a tragedy and I hope as many people make it out of everything okay as possible.

  12. Haven’t said anything yet, but ever since I woke up to the news on the 11th, been worried about our friends on the other side of the world…

  13. I’m very sad about it even passed more than one week x.x

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