Tester's Corner: Guilty Ed. Vol 1

With Guilty ~The SiN~ set to release soon, it’s time for our Tester’s Corner again! This first one comes from RF!

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When I was asked if I wanted to write a Tester’s Corner for this game, I had mixed feelings.

This is an eroge, a genuine one. It’s by no means on the level of story or setting complexity of, say, Tsukihime or Higurashi. Still, the characters are enjoyable, the art style is unique (some may love it, some may hate it) and the sex scenes are naughty as hell. Oh, and there are lots of tentacles. I usually don’t like them, personally, but the ‘normal’ eroscenes were pretty good to me.

So what can one write about an eroge with the usual elements between some other things that make it unique amongst others? I wasn’t sure at first since writing about my impressions of how the story is developed would be spoilerrific, but then I said, ‘aaaah, feck it’ and decided to go with talking about the characters I liked the most… without falling into spoiler terrain much, that is.

My #1 female character is no doubt Okitsu. She’s serious, trustworthy, cold at first yet sweet as candy later on and a total tease in certain scenes. Her past is decently interesting and her character progression only makes her more lovely. She has the best romantic eroscenes in my opinion too.

The runner up would be Cassaca. Even though her sprites look a bit… awkward (she’s always in that ‘I’m holding my head because it’s too heavy’ pose) she’s lively and makes a good support character, without being a nuisance, something that happens with more frequence than we would like. Her voice actress helps a lot.

There are a bunch of other characters, but I’d prefer to move on.

Like I said before, there are a lot of tentacles in this game and rough eroscenes (rape, corruption, blackmail, etc.), so not counting the scenes implying the main character and the girls, you’re getting mostly that. The aim of this game is kinda clear, but without forgetting about the relationships between characters and the unfolding of their stories.

Among the things I didn’t like, let’s see, the main character smokes too much. I got tired of reading text regarding how much smoking soothed his mind or how the smoke of the cigarette clouded the air or blah blah tobacco. Maybe a perk of mine, but I think they could cut it a bit, in my opinion. That’s what habits are, I guess.

With all that cleared up, I think there’s not much more I can say. I hope I at least gave a general idea of what to expect from this game.

See you in another Tester’s Corner (maybe).

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  1. Not my cup of tea sadly. Looking forward to other releases though.

  2. Well, it looks like I’ve finally got a dark eroge with a decent story to look forward to. While I doubt this is on the level of Black Cyc’s good games (MG if you do make a deal with Cyc, please I beg you don’t license Cthulhu’s fandisc, it’s that terrible), I’m pretty sure this will be more entertaining than a Black Lillith game. Hope this sells well enough to warrant more dark eroge with good stories.

  3. dark VN’s are a turn off for me, i wish you luck in ur sales however. looking forward to future releases X3

  4. I’ll pick it up depending on the price. ;_;

  5. Interesting,it’s grew much my witness for reading this VN XD

  6. I like dark stories a lot (Nitro+ fan), but I guess I was a little foolish in not realizing this is as H focused as it is… I’ll have to think about it.

  7. I’m not protecting them, Yagami, I’m just removing one troll.

  8. Sure this seems a above average black themed eroge a lot better than something made by Black Lillith(they had something good with the Asagi name but they turned the whole series into trash with the 3rt game)Glad that somebody also likes Okitsu in my view the best character in the game .

  9. Since Guilty comes out tomorrow, are we able to get some info on the next few releases?

    Or at least what’s next? XD

  10. Not really into rape and blackmail so i’m gonna have to turn this one down. I played the classmate sexslave game and it kinda made me want to choose a charater commits suicide button. but i hope you come out with with a new project soon

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