Help Support Japan-Buy Eroge!

In light of the recent tragedy that struck Japan, we at MangaGamer as well as our partners in Japan would like to help contribute to the relief efforts and offer our fans and supporters a way to contribute as well.

From now until March 31st, we will be donating all proceeds earned from the sale of all OVERDRIVE and CIRCUS brand titles to the Japanese Red Cross Association.

The titles this applies to are as follows:
Kira Kira
Kira Kira All Ages
Kira Kira Bundle
Kira Kira Curtain Call
Edelweiss Bundle
Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia

Da Capo
Da Capo 2
Da Capo I.F.

This is your chance to help support Japan’s recovery by buying the games you love!

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  1. Very cool, but the only games I haven’t already bought are Da Capo 2 and Da Capo I.F. I guess I will buy Da Capo 2 then. ^_^

  2. damn iv already bought all them D:

  3. I might buy Suika now. I’ve heard it’s a great game, and it’s been on my radar for a while now.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    • I laughed. Hard. Thank you.

    • Really? All of these are story-driven visual novels, not mindless rex romps.

      • Don’t ruin the joke now. It’s just a joke where you take a statement or claim to the absurd. We all know these are story-driven visual novels (Eiden Fantasia questionable).

        It says: “Help support Japan – Buy Eroge!”
        which can be reduced to the absurd exclamation “Fap for Japan”.

        • Point taken. But I think there definitely are people out there who see this offer but they don’t know these VNs are enjoyed primarily for the story.. oh well, I still haven’t played Eiden Fantasia, I’m waiting for the re-translation of Edelweiss.. ^_^

          • Maybe… But I think the majority of the people who visit this blog actually know more about VNs than just “lol porn”. Everyone here knows that there are actual good stories in these VNs. =)

    • Like the saying goes, “Killing three birds with one stone…” Buy eroge, helps Japan, and we get to FAP!

      On a more serious note, there’s 3 on the list I want but I’ve all ready spent quite a lot these past two months. So I’ll see which I can afford of the three after I get paid coming friday.

    • And years from now you can tell your children “Son, this hand helped support Japan in it’s time of crisis”, lol

  5. Wow, that’s awesome, too bad I already have most of those games, but it looks like now is the time to buy DC IF.

  6. Awesome initiative!

    Except… the reason why I normally buy games is to get the money into the hands of the creators. Otherwise we might as well pirate them. (I mean, I don’t, but I could.) Just like fansubs vs DVDs, the whole point in buying the official game isn’t to get the bytes – the net makes that easy – but to get money to the creators and translators.

    MangaGamer is a company I already want to see succeed; each game I buy goes to support MangaGamer in licensing and translating more games. Except during these two weeks. >.> So… I can’t see the point in buying a game in the duration of this promotion…

    (Not that I’d be likely to anyway, as KoiHime will keep me going for some time. I’d like to get DCII and DC-IF at some point, but there’s no way I’d be playing them this month anyway.)

    But… nonetheless, it’s a good way to show goodwill.

    • I don’t know. I’m pretty sure that Circus and Overdrive already get their side of the profits and that these donations are purely what MG makes on it. Donating to these relief funds does, in a way, raise MG’s image among those companies that might have been on the edge about working with them. So it could, theoretically speaking, lead to new relations and continued business.

      Not that I’m trying to convince you that you should buy a game. I’m just saying that it’s nowhere like pirating it.

      • Actually, this campaign mirrors similar programmes being run by by Circus and Overdrive on their own sites in Japan.

  7. Was gonna wait for the re-translation patch on edelweiss before I bought it… now I’ve bought it a bit early for a good cause (along with suika, that has been on my radar for a while) ^_^

    • Coincidentally I made the same purchases. I was waiting for Edelweiss’ retranslation but for a good cause I’ll hurry it up. Suika was the only Circus title I didn’t have already so I thought I might as well.

      It’s a win win – get VNs, help earthquake victims.

    • Exactly the same goes for me. Originally I was waiting for the re-translation but bought the Edelweiss pack now to do something good.

  8. Wow, reading the comments here, I wonder how much the sales of Suika and Edelweiss have risen suddenly.

  9. Does it apply to the hardcopy of Da Capo?

  10. Well just my luck,I donated too early… And that’s the last of my disposable income this month (after ordering Da Capo).

    I hope Japan is able to recover soon. Natural disasters on top of human-made disasters make for a truly horrible mix.

  11. How ironic.
    These “genetically defective” otakus Ishihara hates so much now basically donate by playing their “perverted” games..

    I love it xD

  12. I said I would buy some of these games when the Edelweiss re-translation was released… but, guess now’s a good time!

  13. I’ve never bought a VN at mangagamer, I’ve thought about it a lot but honestly a physical copy makes it so much more worth it for me.

    Not that I have pirated it though, just played other fantranslated games and the ones I bought were from JAST with a physical release.

    This campaign bought be over, I got Kira bundle as a donation and “Which girl should I choose” simply to support Mangagamer. This is a company I will definitely support in the future, for this campaign you have my respect and hopefully you will earn enough fans by this to make it worth it.

  14. Would any of the CIRCUS or OVERDRIVE artists be willing to draw stuff for charity?

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who wouldn’t mind purchasing Fujimaru’s spiffy sketch of Riho in the earthquake.

    (I always knew Riho was his fave…)

    • I wonder if it would be appropriate or possible for some of Circus or OVERDRIVE’s artists to submit entires into art auctions at cons if the proceeds go to charity.

    • I so would buy Overdrive art!

      • God knows why anyone would like Overdrives art…

        • Because there certainly cannot be a difference in opinion?

        • Overdrives art is fantastic (so says the guy who owns Kira Kira Visual Tracks Art Book and, probably far too many, signed pics from both Shinji Katakura and Fujimaru), so I for one would definately try and get hold of some, even more so if the money went to a good cause!

          • Heh…Glad to see I wasn’t the only one making repeat trips to Katakura & Fujimaru booth.

            Come on, Kouryuu… please let us know if these artists would be willing to donate some artwork for charity purposes. It looks like you already have quite the clientele for these items.

  15. (Is patiently waiting to hear if MG will bring any artists over for AX 2011…)

  16. Perfect help for the hopeless families in Nippon ^^

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