Tester's Corner: Guilty Ed. Vol 2

With Guilty ~The SiN~ nearly upon us, it’s time for another Tester’s Corner! This time from Tim, and even the image captions come from him!

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Guilty ~the SiN~, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tentacle

Tetsuya Nomura made a pact with the devil and ascended to his true form - a terrible beast made entirely of belts.

Hello, this is Tim.  Since Kouryuu asked nicely, I’ll share my thoughts from testing Guilty (I was too busy/lazy to do this for DCII).  My trip to Japan took two weeks out of my schedule, but with many long, sleepless nights of staring at computer screens until my eyes bled I managed to get through it.

First up, the artwork.  Miwa Yoshikazu (also known by his doujin circle name Synthetic Garden) falls into the category of, “I love his artwork, but I hate what he draws.”  I’m a fan of his character designs.  His combination of big boobs and childbearing hips with loli faces pushes all the right buttons for me.  But then he insists on violating this lovely girl he created with no less than 73 tentacles … per orifice.  As a general rule, I don’t like tentacles.  That being said, if I am ever exposed to toxic waste, tentacles WOULD be my preferred mutation.  But with the help of the voice cast moaning profusely, I was able to get over my prejudices and thoroughly enjoy seeing the heroines become the victims of things that would make Larry Flynt blush.

Cassaca is shocked and appalled that you're not ripping anyone's clothes off. Aya is wearing those easy access shorts for a reason, you know.

Aya’s route: I never had a little sister, but I’m pretty sure this is indeed an accurate depiction of sibling relationships.  Which is to say, all little sisters adore their older brothers, and their ultimate fantasy is to be deflowered by him while her best friend watches.  Right? Also, “onii-chan” is the single sexiest word any girl can say, especially while pushing a guy down and raping him.  The scene in the bath with Aya and Cassaca was exceptionally delectable.  Definitely my favorite part of the game. After all, incest is wincest; if you can’t keep it in your pants, at least keep it in the family.

In the spider world, it is normal for the female to tear off the male's sex organ after mating. It continues to function independently while she devours him. It is considered proper etiquette for the male to impale himself on the female's fangs to make the process simpler for the female and allow her to focus on Oprah.

Nagi’s route: As they say on those intarwebs, little brown girls are best.  She fills the Delicious Flat Chest quota quite nicely.  Nagi also has a nice exotic feel to her, so it is appropriate that she gets all of the most exotic demons to violate her.  The other girls’ bad ends are pretty bad, but Nagi’s are, in the immortal words of Keanu Reeves, “woah.”  Some of her scenes are extreme enough that even a die hard tentacle enthusiast will feel bad for making the wrong choices and condemning this girl to such a fate.  On the other hand, she has the nicest good ending with the lowest body count.

Like all rich girls with daddy issues, Mayuki has developed a Darth Vader fetish. She loves a man with a large midichlorian count, if you know what I mean.

Mayuki’s route: With NTR like this, who needs tentacles?  I fully endorse the idea of a busty, sex-crazed meganeko.  And I can deal with sloppy seconds.  But nasty ninety-thirds is where I draw the line.  Sorry, Mayuki, but now that you have officially Done Dallas, I don’t think we can ever be together.  You’ll have to make do with the hordes of faceless men crowding around you in the filthy basements of back alley mahjong parlors.  Good day, madam. I said good day.

Yukari-sensei is upset that despite dressing like a Hong Kong hooker for you, you can't even have the common goddamn courtesy to stick it in her pooper.

Yukari’s route: Why does this not exist? I wanted to hook up with the teacher, dammit!  That China dress is so yummy.  The world needs more MILF!  I demand a fan disc!  Tactics, make it happen.

In soviet Akatsuki City, giant enemy crab flips YOU over and strikes YOUR weak point for massive damage.

So, overall, I enjoyed the game, despite going into it with the expectation that I would be horrified.  Turns out I’m a much more twisted person than I thought.  Or maybe the artwork is just so damn pretty that I was able to look past the Lovecraftian hellspawn and appreciate the down-to-earth story of an innocent girl who just wants what every other girl her age wants – to get drilled hard and fast by her brother at least twice a day.  And that’s something everyone can enjoy.  For tentacle enthusiasts, it’s a must-have.  Ditto for fans of Synthetic Garden (or his partner in crime BLADE, a.k.a. Galaxist, who also worked on the game).  For everyone else, the imouto/dog girl bath scene alone is worth the price of admission, and if a cute girl calling you onii-chan while she has her way with you doesn’t do something for you, you’re probably a communist.

Tetsuya Nomura made a pact with the devil and ascended to his true form – a terrible beast made entirely of belts.
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  1. Whoa, that’s a longer report than usual. I sadly do not agree. I just don’t like the art style at all. That, combined with tentacles, is the reason I am not very interested in this title.

    But everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion.

  2. Nice report and it’s surprisingly in line with my own impressions of the game. I think Nagi had the best route because quite frankly she and Akira had the best chemistry, though I did enjoy Aya’s route too.
    I also wish there was a route for Yukari or at least that they gave her one ero scene of her own (and no that one in Nagi’s route doesn’t count), also wish that they’d given Nurumi at least one scene if not a route.
    As for Mayuki’s route, well, this sums it up:

  3. good to see long tester corners, but i cant agree…dark VN’s topped with tenta is just overkill, i shall pass.

  4. Nintendo Maniac 64

    This was one of the funniest posts on the blog yet! Oh the memes, the memes…

  5. These female spider is trolled XD

  6. I loved this tester’s corner, it really made me laugh!

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