Announcing: We Love Master!

We know most of you like us for our story games, but every so often, you’ve just got an urge. An urge for something a bit…meaner. For something…steamier. And to bang the heck out of some maids. For those lonely nights with a cold bottle of…er…beer (yeah, beer….), we’re proud to announce We Love Master!

Released in Japan by SCORE, We Love Master puts you in charge of a massive Zaibatsu style corporation with a specific family mandate: in order to keep your inheritance and continue ruling the company and the family, you need to marry or take a formal mistress and get her pregnant within two years. Well, time’s been ticking and you’ve been procrastinating a little bit longer than you should. But hey, it’s not your fault – getting girls (besides your head maid) willing to put up with your kinks and twists is a bit difficult when you’re rich and trying to keep an image. What’s a spoiled rich bastard to do?

The answer? Buy three of your classmates from their families and turn them into your personal attendants, teaching them to fulfill your every desire if they ever want to repay their debts and become free again. We’ll talk about the girls in another post, but all you need to know for now is that like it or not, it’s time for them to serve.

As far as the sex itself goes (since that IS why you’re still reading, isn’t it?), most of it falls within fairly sane bounds between vanilla and the lighter side of kink. Oh, and the masses of orgies. Can’t forget the orgies. It’s definitely not as rough as our upcoming release from Liquid, but for those who like their eroge heroines with their mouths full, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this comedic romp.

We Love Master will be available for purchase this spring, and we hope you’re looking forward to it!

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  1. Excellent news. Although it’s not my typical cup of tea, so to speak, I could use a good comedy, and this sounds like it could do the trick. Looking forward to it.

  2. Picture 2 looks promising.

  3. Hmm, so this one has comedy? Alright, then it’s worth following this title! I’ll see what this game is all about.

  4. if it has comedy im all for it…otherwise il probably pass. we shall see

  5. It looks like to me all the girls have the same collar on and in that animated gif he is showing them he has a remote to blow their heads off.
    I have been a bit disappointed with score games so far but I like the look of this.

  6. This certainly looks and sounds funny enough to warrant a look

  7. Perfect,nukiges from SCORE is very best ^^

  8. Boo, where’s my Deardrops?

    Ah well, hope this brings in some revenue for MG. Romps sell better right?

    • Deardrops is still being translated. While we all want it as soon as possible, I’ll be the first person to vouch that a Kouryuu who’s been able to get some sleep and his weekly D&D session is a far better translator than a Kouryuu who’s been translating at 5AM after starting at 9 the previous morning.

      • Great to hear Kouryuu’s working hard, not that I doubted such. But ya don’t really need take my ‘snide’ comments seriously. Although I was being sincere. ‘Sincere’, ‘internet’ wah?! :3

  9. “As far as the sex itself goes (since that IS why you’re still reading, isn’t it?)”
    No, it isnt.

  10. Nice, great news! This one looks very promising, thanks 🙂

  11. Looks great ^^ I don’t mind a good nukige, especially if there’s comedy. The art looks nice and there’s moe maids. Will be buying this for sure. =D

  12. Looks terrible for me. Art is ok but i read story summary and its not interesting. Not game for me, I like good story, romance and drama in VN. If you just go for ero scenes why just not watch some japan porn instead?:)

  13. You know this talk about this game being similar to He is My Master gets me to remember back at my college anime club where I came across fansubs for that series and Hanaukyo Maid Tai. I ended up choosing the latter and subsequqently ended up seeing the more superior La Verite version. I must admit I’d kinda prefer seeing a maid eroge similar to that, but I’ll gladly take a look at this since it looks like the comedy will be funny and the artwork looks nice that I’m going to end up getting it.
    I do confess to also having a few reservations upon reading the third paragraph, since it seems our protagonist isn’t going to be the likable kind. Still maybe the comedy factor will make him an exception like Rance.

    • The MC here is very much the loveable bastard sort – he’s so blatant about what he wants that it’s a facepalm when he wants something and the girls don’t see it rather than an “ew….”

      • Well, that’s a relief to hear. Since I haven’t seen He Is My Master, I’ll have to make a guess…Is our MC like Kazuharu Fukuyama from Girls Bravo?

        • I’ve seen both He Is My Master and Girls Bravo… I have to say that Fukuyama is more explicit and more obvious while what’s-his-name from HIMM is a bit meaner.
          But yeah, there clearly are similarities between the two.

  14. I loved He Is My Master and the fact that the protagonist is likeable makes it all the more interesting for me. Now I’m definitely keeping my eye on this one!

  15. I’ll be honest, I’m torn.
    Part of me says “wayyyy too much sex” (I know, but I’m a story kind of guy, ecchi is just an occasional added bonus). The other part of me says, “lots of humour? Ooooh”.
    Decisions, decisions…

    • I’m sorta the same… But even though this is a sex romp, I haven’t yet seen evidence that there will be an abundance of sex.
      That’s sorta what I am looking out for now. Will there be too much sex? If so, then I might not get it. If not, then I might get it.
      Another deciding factor for me is whether the characters are interesting or not. But apparently Kouryuu is gonna post character profiles in the coming days — So I am waiting for that.

  16. Most definitely interested. Been wanting a maid myself recently so its great news to me that I’ll be getting four maids. (^_^)

  17. yes i tought i’d never get to play a comedy eroge again. T_T. i’m moved to tears. no more rape and drama just good old fashion sex and comedy thank you God….. i mean manga gamer

  18. i just thanking god their no rape or netorare in this
    on a side note im as hot blooded as the next guy but one of the maids looks like she flat as the dessert guess some guys get off on that but ew that like screwing my niece

    • Hmmm, I’d love some desserts! Strawberry please! =P
      That’s an expression I’ve never heard of before, “as flat as a desert”. Sort of strange, since deserts are far from flat…

      In any case, good eyes you have there. I hadn’t even noticed the flatness of that girl. I guess there always has to be a loli if you have a nukige. =O

    • Funny how you see a flat-chested girl and immediately link it to a young family member. Very Freudian. You wouldn’t see a woman with tits in hentai and say “it’s like I’m screwing my mom!” would you?

  19. Great , seemingly “usable” artwork.
    The story’s a bit.. well.. something that one would expect from a nukige.

  20. I’m actually playing this right now. I didn’t know you guys were going to TL it. Had I known, I would have held off. ahaha

    Anyways, I will vouch for this. This is a great nuki-ge for all you maid fanatics out there.

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