Anime Expo 2011-Goodies

So, with Anime Expo drawing near, I’m sure you’re all wondering how much your wallets will be hurting, so we’d like to help you plan for financial ruin in advance by showing you some of the goods we’ll have to offer in addition to our new hard copies.

First up, from OVERDRIVE, we’ll have a variety of Kira Kira, DEARDROPS, and Dengeki Stryker  illustration boards:

They’ll also have a set of DEARDROPS posters available!

Next up, is Nexton, bringing us a lot of Koihime Musou goods this year!
First of all, since you’ll want something to carry all this stuff in, they’ll be bringing Shuri cotton tote-bags:

Next, they’ll be offering two different CDs, A Nexton Best Hits CD compiled of various game Opening themes, as well as the Koihime Musou OST.

And let’s not forget a towel to help fight off the summer heat:

They’ll also be offering a set of Koihime Postcards: And last but not least, after you’re wallet’s worn out from getting all this stuff, they’ll even offer you a new one, with Shuri on the front to help manage your stores.

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  1. I hate you guys. You just want to make it as unbearable as possible that I can’t be there.

    Excuse me while I… *sniff* go over to that corner and… *sniff* cry…

    • Can I join you? I am so sad that I have the military during that time… I hope they will offer some of this stuff online for those of us who can’t make it. So much good stuff. *Sniff* See Nurio *sniff* you are spreading it *sniff*…

  2. My budget is already maxed out from shikishi planning (despite the fact that I don’t know which artists will be there) and a lot of goods + MG guests haven’t been fully revealed yet.

    I did want to ask, why are these posts on AX split instead of massively updated like last year? Or is it because the topic content was different, and the guest list will be updated?

  3. Because of a currently tight budget (If I want to get Kara no Shoujo and Catherine) I couldn’t get these even if I could magically teleport to LA and play hooky from my internship. I can only hope the KM goodies entice more sales for the game itself. Now please excuse me while I drown my sorrows in the KnS demo…

    • Catherine: Love is Over edtion FTW!!!!

      *CRIES* I really want those Koihime goodies!

      If there’s any extra would you guys mind putting it up on hendane! or any online retailer and let those who can’t attend get a chance to get them?

      If not, I hope there’s a good soul who will sell some of their loot on ebay……*cries*

  4. Wait, no Izumiko pencil toppers? Fuck…

  5. *looks at the Nexton towel*

    By the way, am I the only one who might feel uncomfortable rubbing that towel all over his body?

  6. I know this is kinda early but will any of the goods that do not sell out be avaiable at otakon if mangagamers is there this yr?

  7. Crying…
    So enviable…

  8. Any bonus items for spending $$$ at the MG booths this year? Those Da Capo mousepads that were given away last year are quite comfortable ^_^

  9. Nothing from Navel Debo or AKB2..?

    • This is only some of the stuff they’ll be selling at their booth. Regardless of whether they show it off on the blog or not beforehand, I’m sure there will be plenty of loot from the other companies that we’ll be able to throw our money at come the Expo.

  10. so we’d like to help you plan for financial ruin in advance by showing you some of the goods we’ll have to offer in addition to our new hard copies.

    Have a little patience..?

  11. I am sooooo buying those OVERDRIVE illustration boards, no ifs, buts or maybe’s about it! The Deardrops posters look pretty too *looks at bank account* *sighs*. I’m gonna be broke after this week 🙁

    • You know… I have the same offer for you that you can’t refuse.


      • Lol. Watch me!

        However, I’m sure something might be arranged…?

        • Are you offering to buy them for me in advance and that I’ll pay you for them? (Or I pay you in advance and you buy them for me) Now that’s an interesting offer I might not be able to refuse!

          Hmm… Honestly, I don’t even know how much this stuff costs. It’s all really dependent on that.
          It’s strange, really. I’ve always really hated spending money (which is why I have quite a lot of it lying around, collecting dust). Even if I really want something, I sometimes abstain from buying it only because it costs money. Something inside me just screams “NO! You need to keep all that money in case you want something that costs thousands!”…
          This is always the reason why I am on the fence of buying certain games. Not because I don’t think they will be worth the money. But just because I have to spend money… It’s a strange psychological defect.

          Ahem, let’s not turn this into a strange post…
          Anyway, does anyone even know how much the OVERDRIVE stuff might cost and how much they have of it? A guesstimate based on the previous year is fine.

          • I would guess the OVERDRIVE illustration boards would cost between $10-$20 each. I don’t remember seeing them last year (either they didn’t have them, sold out, or I just missed them completely). But also considering the current dollar/yen exchange rate means goods may be more expensive than in the past.

  12. Lol is the wallet free? I noticed it says “not for sale”

  13. im glad i worked the past few months…im gona spend all my expense money here!

  14. Is there anyone who is looking to make some money?

    I’ll pay 60% more of the price if someone can nab me the “koihime CDs,” and double the price for the “postcards.” Heck, I’ll even pay an extra amount as a thank you for the postcards if someone can nab me a postcard with the image used here, if its an actual image taken from the product. Shipping will be covered by me too.

    Dammit I want those goodies!

  15. I’ll want all *o*
    In Brazil never have these u.u

  16. i just hope some is left over for otakon

  17. @_@ I need an emissary to help me out, between the artists and all the Koihime goodness at the con… Darn my impending re-exile to Australia. :/

  18. Wow, pretty fantastic!

    I dream of the day when we might be able to see some guests from Innocent Grey and a lineup of similar goodies by them…

  19. can you tell what stuff will be sold at otakon besides the hard copy, I will have dealer buddy of mines pick me up some thing if anything left over from AX

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