Anime Expo 2011 – Guests

Now it’s time to reveal what you’ve all been waiting to hear about: the guests who will be joining us!

Returning to join us once again this year from OVERDRIVE will be Bamboo! We’ll also have the artist Katakura Shinji coming back as well!

From Circus, we’ll have Tororo Dancho joining us once again!

For those who don’t already know who these great guests are, you can view information on them in our post on AX 2010.


Joining us this year at Anime Expo will be Kazue Yamamoto, president and artist of Debonosu Works!

This will actually be Ms. Yamamoto’s second appearance at Anime Expo, after she visited as their Guest of Honor in 2005 as a part of Studio e.go. She’s worked on all of Debonosu’s games, as well as many studio e.go games such as Farland Saga, Castle Fantasia, and Izumo. She was also responsible for the artwork in Angel Feather.

Because of her fast pace, she’s also known as “the most prolific game illustrator” in Japan, and is very active in her doujin circle, Akai Shougeki, as well.

If you’re a fan of eroge with extensive gameplay, then be sure to stop by and let her know you’d love to see them in the West!

We’ll have more news on further guests as information comes in.

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  1. OVERDRIVE and their main artist… I so wish I could go.

  2. Good, I was checking all day and now I just got back and clicked on this. Great news, reading now.

  3. You are getting twinkle star crusaders? Awesome.

  4. I’m so happy that Katakura will be returning!

  5. Katakura-san, yay! I might be able to complete my Kira Kira character collection this year, and maybe get a bit further in my Edelweiss collection too >_>

  6. MG coming to Anime Friends in the next mouth please x.x

    • Lol, you pirate, you cry incoherently, you try to start a boycott as everyone makes fun of you for it, and you want Manga Gamer to give half a fuck about you?

  7. Kouryuu – is it ok if we bring the artists some snackies, and if so, could you give us an idea as to what they’d like? I’d hate to bring Katakura some chocolate only to find out that if he’s anywhere near the stuff, he’ll have an allergic reaction.

    (…And if that happened, I can imagine the evil glare of the MG fans as they run me out of the exhibit hall. Eeep!)

    And yes, I promise the snacks will be sealed and legal. No special brownies here….though…that might make things interesting. ^_^

  8. I hope Ms. Yamamoto would be up to/be able to draw characters from Izumo. Would really love a shikishi with an Izumo character on it.

  9. *cry* Ms Yamamoto would totally be the reason I’d drop everything and go there. ><; Unfortunately I really can't… darn it!!!

  10. Thanks for bringing Yamamoto to AX, Kouryuu!

  11. Kazue Yamamoto sure seems to be fond of beast rape. 😮

    • true…wonder how that would sell though. So many creatures and creepy crawlies all wanting to procreate with humans. Or just have sex. PETA would be happy about this though. Animals are people too after all.

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