Kara no Shoujo Demo Now Available

Hey everybody, this is just a quick one to let you all know that a free demo is now available for Kara no Shoujo. (EDIT: There are two sexytime scenes in the demo with a certain character), as well as some corpses. Give it a try and whet your appetites for the full thing, streeting in just 12 days.

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  1. (Insulting snark not appreciated. -sr)

  2. Only 12 days, eh? That’s quicker than I thought.
    Will certainly try out this demo.

  3. i will be checking this out for sure.

  4. I enjoyed it and i’ll buy it for sure!
    Now, the “no voice problem” isn’t one for me.
    And i don’t think it will make the experience being less enoyable.

  5. I’ve only just started but so far I’m enjoying it. The lack of voices doesn’t bother me much. The music is quite nice. Thanks for the trial.

  6. Really wonderful. Great atmosphere!

    Just fell for the barmaid… 🙂

  7. “There’s no sexytime in the demo”
    There is though.

  8. Wow Awesome,I gotta try this

  9. Looks pretty good so far. Is there any chance of seeing the original pseudo-prequel trial version translated at all?

    • If I remember correctly initial translation for Cartagra was completed right before Innocent Grey sent out a C&D. So it Kara no Shoujo sells well enough we should probably get Cartagra and other Innocent Grey titles.

      • I’m talking about the original Japanese trial version of Kara no Shoujo, which is supposed to be an original story rather than the one made for the English release, which is just a segment from the game.

        • Oh sorry, I totally missed the words “trial version” of your post. My bad. I’m also curious if we’ll get that trial as well.

  10. Yes, Bob is correct about the Japanese trial, but no, that trial won’t be released with translation.

  11. The game is more enjoyable than I thought. And I fell in love with the “conclusion” background music (the track is called “Reasoning” on the soundtrack).

    Also, can I switch my little sister with Yukari? ;D

  12. Excellent trial; I’ll definitely pick it up when a hard copy version is avaliable. Though there were two things that bothered me during my playthrough: since the thickness of the current font bothers me, it would be great if MangaGamer could include a font-switching option in the full version. And the other issue is that the game screen looks very narrow and condensed when fullscreen, though there aren’t any noticable jagged edges for paper dolls or CG. Is there a way of fixing that?

  13. Enjoying this demo so far, expect a favorable writeup on whenever I finish it.

    BTW, am I the only one who imagines Christopher Sabat as the voice for Uozumi?

  14. I Liked this very much but the females especially the girls look too much like well liveless china dolls Tsuzuriko of course is diferent seems to be part of some other world she is a lot more active(and funny) than the other girls .
    The music is of course very good .
    Still it is not as glommy and completly full of despair as I espected and that is a good thing .

    • i think they made them look like dolls on purpouse all the girls at the school (except Tsuzuriko) are supposed to look lifeless (at school at least)

  15. Can anyone tell me which of the numbered endings from this walkthrough is the true one? I’m asking so I can save that for last.


  16. I finished the trial yesterday and I have to say that I really want to buy this. I have a question though. Do you guys accept prepaid credit cards? That’s the only way I’ll be able to purchase Kara no Shoujo.

  17. “There’s no sexytime in the demo” but i got a scene witch reiji has anal sex with natsume-san unless you dont count anal sex as “sexytime”

  18. I don’t download these demo,I will don’t support KNS until it have voices ¬¬

  19. >no sexytime

    that’s a lie!

  20. Good job, MG. Although if I might suggest changing the font …? It just doesn’t fit in well, IMO.

  21. D’oh. I only ctrl-keyed through the demo and didn’t get those. Should fix that…

  22. Unrequired name

    Is it just me or calling the save/load screen takes too much time?


    I don’t have an otaku-level free time T.T oh well, so much for playing Remember 11, Sharin’s fandisk, any Nitro+ games, Katahane, Osadai, Demonbane, or School Days. I’ll buy KnS and then buy ef and call it the end. I’d rather spend time being productive anyway.

  24. Hey guys, just finished playing the demo. Great game and great job on the engine and translation. Will definitely get the game upon release.

    I’d like to ask a question though. Do you intend on making hard copies of the game though? I’m kind of a fag for hard copies of games, and would totally love to own a copy of this.


  25. Oh yeah, I forgot to ask something else. Is it possible to port the save from the trial to the full game? It would kinda be a pain in the arse to do this over again, especially since I don’t remember some of the choices I made.

    Thanks again.

  26. I’m also curious about a possible hard copy for this… and I’d like to know sooner rather than later, because I’m hesitant to buy the digital version if there’s going to be a physical release down the road.

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