Interview with Innocent Grey

So, while some of you may have missed the news due to everything going on with Anime Expo 2011, our friends at Siliconera, actually arranged for an interview with Innocent Grey. You can find the interview over here, but feel free to leave comments here on the blog too.

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  1. that was interesting to read, is it wrong im happy that there market in japan is shrinking….maybe we will get more love xD


    • There are just too much competition in Japan, every year has new eroge companies joining the competition. Anyhow, it’s great that MangaGamer is exploring new markets outside of Japan πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I read that also as something positive. That means more opportunities for titles in the west!

      It’s a bit selfish, but what the hey! That the market is shrinking in Japan might be something good for Japan too. It’s completely oversaturated now and if only the greater titles sell, that means that only the greater companies will survive.

  2. This is nice to hear:

    “The two existing opinions of fans are that they agree and that they agree but still want to save her. In response to their requests, we created Caucasus in 2009 where you can choose to save the heroine based on your choices.

    In later works, we believe that there will be both characters that you can save and those that must inevitably die.”

    That was my only gripe with Kara no Shoujo. Even if you are able to figure stuff out before it happens and then failing no matter what is incredibly irritating. Especially when the only branches lead to dead ends. The random wandering around without real leads was a pain too hoping to bump into something/someone useful.

  3. “There isn’t much information on the Internet about Innocent Grey, so can you introduce the company for us?”

    I don’t think he can google.

    • “Why can’t we have Chaos; Head and Steins; Gate in English? If I’m going to have nightmare, might as well be from a popular high-quality title.”
      And the comments are even worse..

    • I think the question was more of an introductory.

      Also it’s not a wrong question to ask, it’s also the first question you usually ask when interviewing a spokesperson from any company. Like who are they and what are their products even if you do all ready know who they are.

      It’s also a fact that there is usually very little information on those companies because “they are from Japan.” And most of the info about Japanese visual novel companies are usually “the creators of…”

  4. Are you guys considering releasing an “all-ages” version of Kara no Shoujo? I realize the game is quite bloody, but I would DEFIANTLY buy a version of the game that lacked all the sex scenes, (similar to what you did with Kira*Kira).

    It couldn’t be that hard right? Most of the work is already done, and I’m sure I’m not the only Mangagamer customer who bought Higurashi and was intrigued by this game, but passed on it due to the sex scenes. Throw us “all-ages” readers a bone!

    • Try the ctrl button.

    • The problem with manufacturing an all-ages version is that it needs to sell similar numbers as a normal version before it makes money. Assuming that Manga Gamer, as they say, are barely breaking even with each title, then the chances of an all-ages release suddenly selling more than the original is slim to none. Likewise, like Fuji said, if you somehow find sex to be objectionable, then you can skip it with the ‘ctrl’ button; it’s just a little T&A, nothing to cry over… Honestly, if you’re not of age and this is why you want an all-ages version, then Kara no Shoujo is in no way an appropriate title for you.

      The concept of an all-ages release is not really meant to be sold to younger audiences, but rather an excuse for people to double-dip for the exclusives that come with it. Since Manga Gamer isn’t pulling out all the stops for special editions and exclusives, all-age releases WON’T SELL. The paltry fraction of the original sales that an all-ages release would get, wouldn’t justify the time spent and the price reduction in the game.

    • Innocent Grey kind of tried that with Cartagra as there does exist a PS2 version, and since no other IG game has recieved a non-ero console port since I’m guessing the PS2 version didn’t sell very well.

    • One thing to keep in mind: an “All-Ages version” isn’t always a simple matter of ripping out the sex scenes. More often than not, it counts as another “Port”, which means that while TL and Editing fees may not be an issue, there’s still paying scripters to remove the scenes, and paying many of the various little licensing fees yet again. In the case of Kira Kira, we were able to do this because OVERDRIVE made an iOS port of the game that created an all-ages edition. So in that regards, Go Go Nippon and Edelweiss are likely to be the next “All-Ages” releases on our website. The first because it as created as an All-Ages game, the later because OVERDRIVE’s already made efforts to port the Japanese version to the iOS, and are thus likely (though not guaranteed) to do the same for the English.

      Furthermore, in Kara no Shoujo‘s case, many of the murders, and the depiction of graphic violence conducted by a deranged killer, would cause it to be rated 18+ or AO anyways, so Kara no Shoujo in specific is especially difficult to create an all-ages game of without ruining part of what makes it such a great, emotionally impacting game.

      • I doubt this game could become all ages. The death scenes are pretty brutal, and well, the dead bodies are naked. On a side note, a little disappointed in this game. Killed my favorite character and there was nothing I could do about it.

      • Oh well, It was worth asking at least, thanks for the reply kouryuu9, I’ll be keeping my eye out for future all-ages Mangagamer releases.

        On a side note, thanks Managamer, for the physical copies of Kira*Kira and both of the Higurashi games, you guys are awesome!

  5. Only lacks a question about the Kara No Shoujo voices in MG’s version u.u

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