Affiliates Program Now Open!

We have finally opened the doors on our new affiliates program! If you have a website, then this is your chance to help spread the word about Visual Novels and earn a few for yourself or maybe a little cash while you’re at it!

For more details and to sign up, come visit our new affiliates page!

To answer a few questions we’ve gotten a lot of already:

Q: Is there a page with info about the program you can access without signing up to it first?
A: The exact details are written in the Agreement, which is displayed after you log in and click on “Affiliate Program”. Here it will automatically fill in your e-mail address with the address you provided for your MangaGamer ID, and automatically suggests an affiliate tag based on your ID. You are free to change your affiliate tag to whatever you wish to use instead before you select “Join” and sign up for the program. (Note: You may be requested to change your affiliate tag if someone else is already using the tag you select when trying to sign up.)

To summarize the program in short though, it’s basically similar to Amazon’s or similar affiliates programs. Once you sign up, you place your affiliate links on your website. Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link, it creates a cookie identifying them as your affiliate, and you earn 10% on whatever purchases they make before the cookie expires, or they click on someone else’s affiliate link. The money earned is credited to your account, and you can view your earnings by clicking on “Affiliate Program” or by clicking “Affiliate Report” under “My Account”.

Credit can be used toward purchases of products on our website, or it can be redeemed for cash, though the transfer fees will be deducted from your earnings if you request a cash transfer.

Q: Where do I find my affiliate links?
A: Once you sign up, your affiliate links will be displayed on each respective product page, below the sample CG section and before the detailed description of the product.

Q: Where can I find the banners to host on my website?
A: They should be e-mailed to you after joining the program, and every time new banners are created, but they will also be archived on on our forums here. The thread already contains several banners you can use: Kira Kira, Shuffle, Da Capo, Higurashi, and Koihime Musou.

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  1. This is a really cool idea. At a glance though, I wasn’t able to find out how to use it. More specifically, I couldn’t find out how to link to the site in a way that would be compatible with the affiliate system, and I couldn’t find any banners or similar resources to use.

    • I know banners are on the forums. Not the most convenient place, but there they are.

    • Once you’re signed up, your affiliate links will be displayed on each product page. So for example, if you want to specifically link to Koihime Musou, go to the Koihime Musou product page after signing up, and your affiliate link will appear below the event CG. From there, simply copy the URL and use it on your website. You can use the links with or without banners, and they’ll work just fine, though obviously we would appreciate it if you could display our banners. As for the banners themselves, they’re supposed to be e-mailed out after you sign up. Give it 24-hours since our technical staff works on JST?

      Newly created banners should also be sent out to those who signed up, but if you ever lose them, yes, the banners are also stored on our forums here.

      Also, once you’re signed up, you can view your affiliates earnings report at any time through your “My Account” page.

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