AX 2011 Album Up!

For those who missed out on AX 2011, we now have an album up on our Facebook page with all of the photos we took! Come take a look, and add your own! See if you can find yourself in the massive Ahegao Double Peace photo!

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  1. Yes, I see myself in there!

    Wait, I didn’t even go… =(

  2. MG really needs a merchandise shop. D:

  3. I think I do see myself in one of those pics (what only one, with the amount of time I was there! lol), luckily I’m in the distance and slightly blurry so no one can tell it’s me…

  4. i saw a shin koihime musou banner…could that be foreshadowing…….please D:

  5. So, is there any chance that you will be offering goods like those offered at AX through the online site, or even J-List? I really really really want to get my hands on some of those.

  6. I actually see myself, but it’s kind of blurry so it’s not easy to recognize me.

  7. Holy crap a pepsi can!
    They’re obviously trying to market Pepsi to eroge fans!
    I can’t say I support this.

  8. Nintendo Maniac 64

    *sigh* Another company assumes we all live on Facebook…

    Protip: Facebook is closer to an intranet, not a part of the internet.

  9. Event infinite better than Anime Friends XD

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