Kara no Shoujo Translation Notes

Hey everybody,

For some reason, the translation notes for Kara no Shoujo weren’t included in the game’s release. There’s quite a few of them this time, so we wanted to make sure you could get hold of them. They should be packed in the next time the team in Japan do an update to the site, but for now, you can download them here.

Apologies again for the mixup, and enjoy – but do be warned, there are spoilers within.

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  1. …..mmmm i’m really digging the sister which is only okay with the 2D world.

  2. Uhh, current version of Kara no Shoujo definitely includes translation notes, but they are dated Jan 6 and are missing few notes that present in the download from this post. Looks like team in Japan has updated the site but put an old version into package? (package date is Jul 13)

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