Tester's Corner: We Love Master Ed. Vol. 1

This week’s Tester’s Corner is brought to you by Kaitsu!

Hello, I’m Kaitsu! First and foremost, I’m going to be honest in saying that prior to testing We Love Master, I have never before played a nukige. Being a girl, I made it a point to only read PRETTY and SHINY VN’s with gorgeous CG and a story that made me want to bawl my eyes out at the end of each arc/chapter.

That being said, I initially had no high hopes of having any emotional attachment to this game. However, once testing began and I was a handful of scripts in, I really began to see that I had many misconceptions of the nukige genre consisting of nothing but raunchy tentacle-rape and poor artwork (although, if that’s your thing, I’m sure quite a few of those exist~). It has a very cute, fun, and interesting story to back up its hot ero, which makes for a good read in my opinion! After completing the game, I have found a new genre of VN’s to play that will not only satisfy my need for a good story, but I don’t think my boyfriend will mind me learning a few new tricks either. Hehe…

Moving right along…

The artwork is something that really caught my attention from the start. Due to my inexperience with nukige’s, I automatically assumed the artwork would be border-line Higurashi/Umineko style (not my cup of tea, sorry!) but woah! Look how pretty it is! The uniforms are cute, the scenery is nice, the attention to detail is astounding, and they all have huge boobs!

Kuu & Sakura are a little above average in the boob department, Hime is an undeveloped Loli, but Ema has some SUPAH-tits. You know you want to get your hands on those. If you’re a fan of big-breasted women performing a variety of sexual acts on you and on your other recently adopted maids, then yeah, you should get this.

We Love Master is pretty basic as far as the game play goes, but it has PLENTY of decision points, with plenty of story for you to read. You play as Toshiya Yuuki, a young and stupidly wealthy CEO with a sex drive that would make a dominatrix blush. Early on in the game, you bump into three of your female classmates and decide shortly thereafter to recruit them as your brides-to-be/maid sex-slaves. The girls’ are initially against it… but you of course find many ways to get them to change their minds.

Although the game doesn’t have individual character routes, it does give you copious amounts of orgy-goodness for you to enjoy, with four possible endings! Hurray! The first girl you meet is Sakura, a tsundere that more often than not, reminds me of a Kyou Fujibayashi from CLANNAD. She’s got a bit of an attitude when provoked, but doesn’t fail to please when she’s sucking off your… Well, ya know.

Second is Hime. She’s the feistiest one of the group, and she’s going to make sure that you know it. Although she might be my least favorite out of Toshiya’s Maid Brigade, she really did leave an impression regardless. Third is Kuu. Quiet, meek, and a bit on the moe-side, Kuu really goes above and beyond what is expected of her when pleasing her master. She’s not afraid to really put herself out there, and I mean that literally. Lastly is Ema, Toshiya’s personal and long-term sex maid. She’s his half-sister, but that isn’t going to stop Toshiya from lavishing her very large breasts. She’s graceful, sexy, alluring, and above all awesome. Going out on a limb here, if she was real, she’d be my first pick.

All-in-all, I recommend this game to anyone who likes haughty and naughty girls with big knockers pleasuring every nook and cranny of your body. Be sure to check it out! : D

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  1. was waiting for this, i think il buy this now X3

  2. Good to know I made a good purchase

  3. Finally. I’ve been waiting for this VN

  4. The comment about their boobs remind me of sakura from Edelweiss, seriously a girl talking about boobs lol

  5. The look on their faces as the collars explode is priceless!

  6. Are there any plans concerning the trial of WLM?
    Japanese edition had one (DL is still on SCORE’s site).

  7. “The artwork is something that really caught my attention from the start. Due to my inexperience with nukige’s, I automatically assumed the artwork would be border-line Higurashi/Umineko style”

    I’m assuming you only played english released ones,no?

    • I have actually played quite a few Japanese only VN’s prior to working on WLM, but I typically only played VN’s that were at least 30+ hours long, had an enormous amount of CG and had a worth-while story to back it up (i.e. works from PALETTE, minori, & OVERDRIVE). Since WLM, I have changed my views on Nukige’s, and VN’s in general and I’m not so picky as I was when I first started. xD

      • Also, if you have any suggestions for any VN’s you would recommend to me, I would really appreciate it, Fuji! : D

        • If you don’t mind I’d reccomend games from Atelier Kaguya as they produce what’s widely considered good quality nukige. I highly reccomend Magical Witch Academy

  8. Yuri *o*
    I’ll be waiting for Sono Hanabira series so now ^^

  9. Uhh, I didn’t know it had yurishit in it. Won’t play it then. What a shame.

  10. ..for me i went through the trouble of buying the game frm mangagamer, but there is this error in one of the data files, i redownloaded it with the same results, can someone do something about this? 30 bucks aint cheap you know…. T-T

    • Have you tried posting this in the support forums? I severely doubt Kouryuu knows the tech behind the games…

    • 1) Check the FAQ section of our forums, make sure the solution isn’t one already listed there.
      2) Make sure your antivirus software isn’t being retarded and “cleaning” a file it shouldn’t in the download/extraction process
      3) If none of those answer your question, e-mail our support staff. E-mail is listed on the website.

      • my problem lies when im extracting the files, datacab11 seems to be missing, ive checked the support, but my problem isnt in there… i’ve already sent an email to mangagamers, 48 hours ago with no reply.

        • Did you make sure your Antivirus isn’t altering when you download the files? If it’s missing prior to extraction, it’s likely your AV soft is eating the file during download. If it’s in the .zip but not extracting, then it’s likely your AV soft is eating the file during extraction.

          Have you tried downloading and extracting the files with your AV soft turned off?

          • hmm thats an interesting notion, ill try it right away, but just so you know my av software (AVG) never did that before..

  11. problem solved, thank you everyone, i really appreciate the help, even when i went against manners and posted it here, Sorry!

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