Tester’s Corner: We Love Master Ed. Extra


So, while I didn’t actually translate We Love Master myself, I did take the chance to play through our Beta Version. So here’s what my thoughts on it were.

First of all, I wasn’t intending to spend what little free time I have away from translating DearDrops on this game, but our editor, sloanereinja, couldn’t stop going on about how much he found it amusing, so I caved in and gave it a look to see what the big deal was. I ended up staying for much more than just a look.

Onee-chan knows best!

Onee-chan knows best!

Now, I expected this to be a nukige and that there would be lots of sex waiting to get things pumping. But I did not expect to have hawt secks in my ears the moment I clicked “Start Game”. For fans of the sexy ‘onee-san’ type of character, Iida Kuu certainly plays it well as Ema, and her hot voice sucking hard is the first thing you get to hear in this game. Did I mention they actually had specific BJ voice samples separate from the regular ones? Here: Ema  Hime Kuu Sakura

Speaking of BJ’s, this game definitely has them in ample abundance. While K. Baggio may have also been the writer for Riru’s scenario in Harukoi Otome and parts of the various Koihime series as well, his passion for them comes through as clear as glass and as thick as the loads filling the screen in this game’s text. But then again is there any man who doesn’t enjoy them? I certainly do.

Think of it as a heart-shaped bulls-eye.

Think of it as a heart-shaped bulls-eye.

The plot or story behind the game may be fairly simple and straight-forward, but it really doesn’t need anymore than that. This isn’t meant to amaze with its wonderful story, it’s meant to get your pole standing erect and consuming tissues. If you want a visual novel with an exciting plot then Kara no Shoujo‘s right here, but I know that my flag never flew at half-mast around these four maids. The characters are cute, sweet, and everyone enjoys themselves in this game. The protagonist may be an open pervert to the girls, but he still cares for them nonetheless, and what man isn’t a little perverted?

Read: relevant to my interests.

Read: relevant to my interests.

I won’t ask anyone to tell all your friends you’re getting this, but if you like getting good head and maids, you won’t regret the 25 Euro. To quote K. Baggio:

Fellatio is righteousness!
Multiple fellatio is justice!
4-point stimulation of the shaft, head, glans, and anus is glory!
Our daily fantasies are our paradise!
Viva, fellatio!

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  1. I knew there was something behind why half of Shion’s h scenes in KM were BJs or HJs (not that I’m complaining)

  2. “I wasn’t intending to spend what little free time I have away from translating DearDrops on this game”

    good man!

  3. “But then again is there any man who doesn’t enjoy them?”

    Actually there is. I consider BJ the most boring of all sexual activities. In fact that’s one of the main reasons why I haven’t bought this game yet…

    • I… feel so sorry for you?

      For what it’s worth, Toshiya isn’t exactly the kind of MC to just sit back and get blown either (aside from the early morning wake-up call).

      • Well, I guess that could be considered a welcome change. Usually people feel sorry for the fetishes I do have rather than for the ones I don’t have. xP

        And I was only talking about my porn, not about RL.

    • Sounds like the words of a man that’s never had a BJ before…

      • Naah. I’m with Torugu. I certainly love it when my wife gives me a BJ, but it’s really not interesting to me to see BJ scenes in porn. I want the focus to be on the sexy ladies, not on some random character’s cock. I find the girl’s smile and outfit and body to be much sexier than what they do with their tongue.

  4. Pic #3 really shows off how bad the artwork is.

  5. I cannot believe this GAME!!! This is the first time I’ve ever really liked………a loli character……ToT I….I think I’ve just reached a new level of fetishism in the otaku subculture……..*looks past the sky*

    I thought nothing of them from koihime, nothing but obstacles to get past to get the endings and CGs (sorry loli fans!) but Shishiouin Hime is just too cute!

    Thought Sakura would be my favorite out of the bunch when I first started reading it since I usually like the cute and more developed characters.

  6. Nintendo Maniac 64

    Umm… WAV files, on the internet? Really guys?

    Ya know there’s this thing called FLAC…

  7. AVG won’t let me run this game because it thinks it’s a virus… Anybody else getting that?

  8. These girls must be horny looking at their faces XD

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