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With the new translation set to be out soon, I thought it would be worth introducing some of the characters in Edelweiss for those who haven’t already played the game. Especially considering the voice talent behind them.

Three of the biggest male characters in Edelweiss would be the three stooges: Appo, Pierre, and Daigo. All of which are the protagonist, Kazushi’s, best friends.


Appo gets his name from “Apple” because his looks remind people of a poisoned apple. At heart, he’s an impulsive yet nice guy, but he’s the crudest of the three, and his mind thinks about things other than sex about as often as an alcoholic is sober. Fruedian slips aren’t uncommon if he’s not already coming out and saying it. He styles himself as the ‘boss’ or leader of the group, but being a pervert through and through, it’s clear he’s on the island to try and get laid. One can also imagine the kind of tight spots these tendencies get him and his friends stuck in.Appo is voiced by “Johnny Ogura”, as the alias goes. In eroge you can find his voice in Oretachi ni Tsubasa ha Nai, ApRicot’s Maple Colors, and in Higurashi as the pitcher Kameda Kouichi. In addition to these roles, he’s played Sodom in Trigun, Shinichirō Tamaki in Code Geass, as well as a countless myriad of other side-characters in numerous anime ranging from Bleach to Gundam SEED to Sailor Moon and even Transformers.


Then there’s Pierre. Obviously this Japanese man doesn’t have such a French name, but as he fashions himself a handsome playboy he styles himself Pierre because he thinks it’ll impress the ladies more. Sadly for him, this is pretty much all in his head-he is neither handsome, nor a smooth player. Though he insists he’s not a virgin like the other three, remembering how he lost it brings back traumatic memories and also causes him to swear he still is a virgin too. Still, his claims of knowing what women want and not being a virgin give his words extra weight with the guys in their group. He often ends up being one to console his friends, but since he’s not very bright, he rarely does a good job of it.Pierre is voiced by Haramaki Kouji, who’s also featured in BL games like HEARTNET HEARTS. However, he’s most often known by the nickname of “Bachou” for consistently voicing the role of Ma Chao in the Dynasty Warriors series. He’s also well known for his role as Soiree Meira in the King of Fighters series, and he’s even played Maxwell in Tales of Symphonia and Mori Ranmaru in Nobunaga’s Ambition, amongst a multitude of side-characters in anime as well as the Narrator for ESPN’s Sports Center in Japan.


The last of the three stooges is Daigo. Rather big in build, he likes wearing jerseys, despite being no good at sports. Out of the three, he’s probably the one with the most reason and common sense, but he’s also the more sensitive and timid of the three, so he often gets dragged along at their pace. Because of his size and looks he’s often called an old man, and he holds a bit of a complex about it. He’s also surprisingly good at handicrafts.Daigo is voiced by Takatsuka Masaya, who’s also featured in the BL game, 24ji, Kimi no Haato ha Nusumareru, and as various extras in Comic Party. Outside of visual novels he’s also known as the voice for Naoe Kanetsugu in the Samurai Warriors series, the Blue Dragon in Blue Dragon, Johnny in One Piece, as well as several side-characters in various series from Yugioh to Gakuen Alice, and even Full Metal Panic.


Next in importance would be Yagami-sensei, the teacher who was in charge of the four at their old school before transferring into Eiden Academy. Although he used to be a bit of a delinquent in his younger years, after encouragement from his old teacher and two years as a ronin, he gained acceptance into college, and eventually became a teacher. His good looks earn him a lot of attention from the girls at Eiden Academy, but he’s already married. As a teacher, he’s friendly, but strict and while he’ll stand up for the guys when he believes they’re right, he also won’t hesitate to punch them when they’ve committed something terrible.

Yagami is voiced by a man who uses several different aliases. Under Iguchi Denemon he’s voiced two roles in Nitro+’s Muramasa and Asai Gonzou in Devil on a G-String; under Banna Banto he’s voiced Genjousai Tamase of Muvluv; and he’s also done work on several games for Navel under Big Ben Heita. Outside of his work on visual novels, he’s renowned as the voice of Lu Bu in the Dynasty Warrior series, Kurogane in Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles, and Captain Komamura in Bleach. He’s also featured as Harry Ord in ∀Gundam, Gorobei in Samurai 7, as well as “The Unmovable” Zin Vatheck in Trails in the Sky, and the Efreet in many of the Tales games.


Last of the guys is Panchu-sempai. Since his family runs a bakery, he’s often baked bread growing up and almost always has some manner of bread on him, typically anpan. At their old school he was known as the strongest of all the tough guys, and fierce to boot. He looks after the younger guys like a kingpin would his underlings, stepping in to help them out on occasion. It’s for this reason that all four guys hold deep respect for him, despite their fear of him. His love of baking bread earns him a bit of attention from the girls though, leaving the others jealous.Panchu is voiced by Momoyama Goryou, or so he goes by in Flyable Heart. This man has also voiced Gondou Gen in the Baldr Force series, as well as Miles Edgeworth during the Tokyo Game Show promotion of Pheonix Wright. However, he’s most renowned for his roles such as Ramon in King of Fighters, Ishida Mitsunari and Shibata Katsuie in the Samurai Warriors series, Renji in Prince of Tennis, as well as the Young Captain Harlock. And of course the list of side characters he’s done while not cast in Sentai shows like Majiranger vs Dekaranger is quite extensive as well.And remember, Edelweiss‘s re-Translation patch is going to be out in two weeks! (9/2)


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  1. I love the guys. Especially the three friends. They really make Edelweiss for what it is.

    I think I like Yagami the least, but that’s not saying much. He fits in perfectly with the rest of the cast.

    • I’m glad it’s finally here. I’ve been waiting since buying the bundle. I have high expectations of this VN because Kira Kira was really awesome..

  2. out of any VN iv read where the protag is in a group of friends, edelweiss is by far the best one, I mean its hard not to love the ragtag group of friends and enjoy all of these antics xD even appo…although some of the things involving him are rather……..terrifying.

    Reading this has made me want to reread edelweiss, cant wait for the retranslation. its such a fantastic VN.

  3. Some amazing art and shading right thar.

    Congratulations on finishing the translation.

  4. I’ll definitely be replaying this

  5. And I’ll finally be playing this. 😀

  6. And I’ll finally be playing this.

  7. just another small trivia about these voice-talents:

    Pierre’s VA is also Yukari Tamura’s cousin

  8. Perfect retranslation,I’d hope for a retranslation patch for Hinata Bokko,Da Capo I,Suika and SHUFFLE!(because of the unreading font u.u) too *o*

  9. Just a quick question regarding the retranslation: those who have already purchased the game will receive this patch how?

    • The patch will be available for download under your account, most likely under “Edelweiss” as well. Once you download and unzip the archive, the Readme will tell you how to patch the game.

      And yes, anoyone who downloads the patch is permitted to upload and share the patch with other users, so long as the archive contents are NOT altered.

  10. Quick question in your game downloading page it says without mosiacs…but all the screenshots are censored?

  11. Ok cool ty for quick answer there man :D.
    But I’m more curious as to why you guys don’t update your games that are not censored with the proper in game screenshots?
    If people wouldn’t know better they would think that it would be censored and might decide not to purchase the game…costing you guys money so I don’t see why you leave it like that.

  12. And It’s not like you can’t show uncensored pictures for your games right?
    I mean we love master for instance…you used the uncensored pictures there, so that’s why I’m asking really.

    • For the website we’re usually given the artwork by Japan or asked to use the same images that they have on their website, and since they have it censored there…

      • Huh ok I did not know that lol.
        Well ty for explaining to me…I just didn’t understand why some games you put censored pictures and uncensored for others…so ty for clearing that up :).

  13. After reading this post on Edelweiss, I tried out the demo and this is an awesome game. So I just bought the bundle!!
    Can’t wait to download the retranslation!

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