The-O Network's AX 2011 Interviews

For those not following our Twitter account, our friends at The-O Network interviewed several of our guests at AX 2011 this year. Since the final interview went up today, here’s a post listing them all for those who haven’t yet read them.

Interview #1: OVERDRIVE’s artist, Katakura Shinji
Interview #2: Debonosu Works’ president & artist, Yamamoto Kazue
Interview #3: Akabeisoft2’s artist, Alpha

As per usual, feel free to leave any comments about the interviews here.

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  1. Whoa Akabeisoft2!!!

    Awesome thanks!!

  2. Really nice interviews. I’m quite a fan of Katakura’s art, maybe one of these times I’ll make it down for AX and meet him and the other guests!

  3. Thanks for posting this, love hearing from the makers themselves about their work. Glad to see AS2 is in direct contact with MG.

  4. Interview #3: Akabeisoft2′s artist, Alpha

    Love how they didn’t INFORM alpha that several of her games have been translated and LOVED.

  5. Nince interviews, I especially like how alpha was pleasantly surprised at her popularity and how the artists are being optimistic towards the western market.

  6. I personally would have liked to see an interview with Clochette’s CEO. XD (Reason: Newer, not really correlated, not on ongoing talks, no real previous history, etc). I was thinking I could have seen the Clochette artists but the reason was amusing indeed as to why not.

    I didn’t know who Alpha was prior, though my greetings to her with such enthusiasm would make it seem like I did. Too bad I encountered her at a funny time (language barrier + no exhibitor nearby). All I heard from the morning from friends was “waiting in line for Alpha and happy for a drawing” so I was like oh ok I’ll go check her out. Then I go oh man I missed out. Talking to her was fun.

    I liked the comment on the line growing and not being able to go back home if drawing for everyone. Actually I’m sure every artist that did shikishi probably felt that in one way or another.

    I just feel like it’s easier for the artists to be optimistic. The art itself has no barrier. If you noticed for some shikishi purchasers, some have no idea/interest of Visual Novels but certainly had interest in buying. Then I quickly proceeded to explain any questions they had. I thought this was relevant since you want to have people unaware of VNs to be interested.

    I’m wondering why there wasn’t a question on artist medium differential. Alpha mentioned the no barrier thing on video games and anime but AkabeiSoft2 isn’t really video game nor anime related. Maybe that’s why there was such a surprise on the line turnout and awareness (other than the somewhat obvious reason)?

    Well, the three artists’ roles and visits are rather different. For Katakura’s case it was more on promotion and exposure. For Yamamoto-sensei and Alpha it was more like visiting.

    Pleasant to meet them for sure. MG’s guest aspect is one of my favorite parts of AX. I am excited at the 2012 potential, but I best not think about it now.

    • “If you noticed for some shikishi purchasers, some have no idea/interest of Visual Novels but certainly had interest in buying.”

      I would if y’all would translate “Hakuouki” ^_~

      I’m definitely one of those people. Although I did not know who Alpha was prior to attending AX, I had seen her signature on repro shikishi being sold on Yahoo Japan. When I saw her sign her name, I made the association with her work.

      I loved all the interviews and it was interesting to hear their opinions and insight after attending AX. With all the commotion at AX, there isn’t any time to ask them any questions, even with a translator nearby.

      Loved that both Alpha and Yamamoto were pretty down to earth people, and that they were both nice enough to use my copics for the sketches. I also appreciated that Yamamoto drew a bunch of stuff at AX, and I was able to buy quite a few of her drawings on the last day.

      I look forward to seeing who MangaGamer will bring next year. How about Takashi Takeuchi? ….Eh? Wishful thinking, you say? P’sah!

  7. I like the three of them. They were nice people until i can read. I hope i can play some (or more if i have alredy played of their games soon.

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