Go Go Nippon Locales

With our release of Go Go Nippon coming up soon, we wanted to briefly talk about some of the various locations you’ll be visiting in the game.

Once you start the game and sleep off your jet lag, your week in Japan will begin. For your first three days, you’ll have a chance to tour the sights in Tokyo. As you can see below, you can select from six different major locations.Each of the two girls has three different locations they’re more knowledgeable about, so the location you choose to visit will determine which of the two sisters shows you around town that day. In each location you visit, your partner will take you to the various hotspots in the area, talking about the history behind them and giving you a detailed tour, including some of the different foods each area is known for.After your three day tour of Tokyo is complete, it’s off to Kyoto! Once you get off the Shinkansen, the girls begin their tour of Kyoto, spending two days showing you around all the famous sites such as the Golden Pavilion, Kiyomizu-dera, Gion, and several more.

Then, once you’re back in Tokyo, it’s time for one final sight before you have to catch your flight and head home. Whichever girl you’ve spent the most time with and grown closest to will take you out on a special day trip to a place just outside of Tokyo. Where do they take you, and what excitement awaits you once you’re there? Well, we’ll let you find out for yourself.

(You can find even more shots on our Go Go Nippon Facebook Page!)

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  1. Oh wow, I’m really looking forward to playing Go! Go! Nippon. It seems like a lot of fun and I just love the artwork! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I can’t wait to play this game

  3. Does this include the cons of living in Japan?
    Or does it make Japan seem “LOL KAWAII ITS ALL GOOD”

  4. Bottom of first image should read: “MANGAGAMER.COM all rights reserved.” Rights, not “lights”.

  5. have to say, im looking forward to this X3

  6. “Where do they take you, and what excitement awaits you once youโ€™re there?”

    Love Hotel? XD

    • That ain’t happening dude. This game is all ages so I hope at the minimum there might be a light romantic scene (a kiss, hug, or whatever japanese thing that indicates that stuff).

      • It was a joke dude. Anyone who’ve been following this title knows that it’s all ages and its also on the all ages section so I think its pretty obvious that what I said was meant as a joke.

        • I really don’t think this can be considered “all-ages”

          Just look at *that* one cg.

          • “Though I would say that having the โ€œfan service,โ€ especially that shower pic on the product page, defeats the purpose of making it โ€œall agesโ€ in the first place. ”

            a quote from myself where I posted on “Announcing Go Go Nippon!”

            No wonder no one believes us when we say visual novels aren’t about the porn……..that’s why they really need to get their hands on a “real” all ages title with no erotic fan service at all and not one that just has the ecchi content cut off because then people will complain about the cut and lost content..

  7. It’s still a downer there is no voices in the game though because frankly I’m getting sick of reading all my university text books and hearing a girl’s voice would brighten the experience up.

  8. I didn’t really expect there to be any voices… and I’m not expecting it to be very long…
    Still, for this price, might as well pick it up when it comes out :’) looks interesting~ and sort of educational (in the loosest sense) xD

  9. It’s REALLY the 1st visual novel makes for overseas,not Fading Hearts and other pseudos u.u

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