Go Go Nippon Girls!

So, for our next post on Go Go Nippon, we decided to ask our testers how THEY would introduce the two sisters showing you around in this game, and this is the little gem Tim presented us.

Okay, time to formally introduce the fine ladies of Go! Go! Nippon. As a shameless siscon, I am fully qualified to expound upon their finest qualities.

( ゚∀゚)o彡°おっぱい!おっぱい!

Misaka Mikoto Misaki Makoto is the resident nee-san type. As the older, wiser sister, we clearly need an older, wiser narrator. So I’ll hand it off to Mr. Morgan Freeman.

I must admit I didn’t think much of Makoto when I first chatted on the internet with him. Sounded like a stiff breeze would blow him over. It was two months before we met face-to-face. Misaki Makoto was a tall drink of water. In fact, I’d say she had two tall drinks of water, if you know what I mean.

The revelation that Makoto and her sister were girls was as big a shock as any. The first night’s the toughest. No doubt about it. They guide you home, exhausted and half-blind from jet lag. And when they put you in that futon, and the door slides shut, that’s when you know it’s for real. You’ve got two pieces of fresh fish down the hall, and all the time in the world to think about it.

Thanks, Mr. Freeman.Makoto’s job is to show you around to all the important cultural places while casually pressing her breasts together and upwards to accentuate her already impressive cleavage. Notice that she wears a form-fitting sweater with a jacket zipped down to the exact nadir of her cleavage while pressing and lifting. Her mother clearly taught her well.Akira’s solemn duty as the imouto-type is to be as adorably tsundere as possible, as evidenced by her small ponytail and expression of vague disgust. She’s not doing it for your sake, of course. It’s just…she was born second…so…idiot! Stop making her say such embarrassing things.

Her secondary job is to take you to all the fun places like Akihabara so you can spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need. So pull out your Visa, because its everywhere you want to be (and because protip: no one takes Discover in Japan).Here she has brought you to Sofmap Sofbook.  There are many Sofbooks in Akiba, but the one shown here is predominantly games, with the second floor being wall-to-wall eroge. She must be here to pick up Shin Imouto Taisen Siscalypse. Playing it with her is sure to raise an important flag.

Then go next door to the Taito Tatost game center. If you’re a real man, you should have no problems winning her something out of a UFO catcher. Or you could lose all your money, look like a fool, fail to raise any flags, and catch the express line to Bad Endsville. But hey, you were just doing that for 100% completion right? Yeah, those grapes aren’t sour at all.

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  1. That was quite some… interesting describtions. So13 days +/- some hours left.

  2. I enjoyed that preview and look forward to the game.

  3. I’m all for the nee-san type!!!!

  4. Good read. Sealed deal. I’m buying this for sure. Also, I have the sudden urge to watch The Shawshank Redemption now.

  5. “expression of vague disgust”

    Already in love.

  6. Is it just me, or does the Imouto look almost EXACTLY like Ui from K-On?! or maybe Jun with her hair down.

  7. A rough translation of the caption under the second picture is something like:

    (A/the degree ∀ degree) an/the o 彡 degree breast! A/the breast!

    Keyword: Breast x2
    Can’t wait to play!

  8. Totally buying this, it looks awesome.

    UFO machine here I come!!

  9. They need to give the player a wallet and see if he can make it out of Akihabara with any Yen left and some decent purchases. I could see something like trophy things in other games the player could collect.

  10. English texts with japanese texts in same time??????So good *o*

  11. I actually heard Morgan Freeman in my head, Hurry up and release this so you can take my money.

  12. Akira! Akira! Akira! Akira! Akira! Akira! Akira! Akira! Akira! Akira!

    Tsundere’s fan mode one. There is nothing more interesting and funnier than a nice Tsundere.

    Man, Makoto has REALLY good “gifts” o-o

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