Tester's Corner: Edelweiss Ed. Vol 2.

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The first time I read Edelweiss was about month after it was first released in English, which is about three years ago now (god damn). Well, back then I finished only one route, but that was enough for me at the time. It’s not that the story wasn’t good – quite the opposite, actually – but the translation was just so bad. Thankfully, that’s been taken care of.

Starting to read retranslation, I mostly expected the Engrish to be fixed (which it was), but what I didn’t expect was so to discover just how much was lost in the previous translation. The lines that made absolutely no sense before had turned into jokes that were probably too hard for the original translators to handle. Edelweiss turned from slightly amusing to downright hilarious at times.

Still, out of all Overdrive’s translated works, Edelweiss is probably the weakest. Although it starts out just being silly and fun with the same attitude continuing well into the various character routes, they all take a turn for horrible heart wrenching stuff about halfway through with range of bad stuff happening to the heroines. It’s almost as if when they were finalizing ideas for story somebody had bright idea to completely change the tone.

Although Eiden Fantasia overshadows it with even more hilarious stuff and better heroines, Edelweiss is still a good game with funny jokes… and really touching drama if that’s your thing.

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  1. some of these CG’s i just don’t remember from reading through the edelweiss with the horrid translation…soon as my schedule opens back up i need to go back through this.

  2. i dont remmber the past with the bloody sword from edelweiss is that a bad end

  3. The new font text of Edelweiss is now seeing better than the font text of Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia XD

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