Conquering the Queen: A Getting Ready Guide

With Conquering the Queen’s release coming up, we figured it would be a good idea to let our readers know what they’re getting into before buying. While a land of fantasy and magic awaits, so do darker turns ahead….First and most importantly, this is not a game for the love-love cute-cute moe-moe fan. Sure, there are some lovely, curvacious ladies in this game, but sweet and gentle it is not, and the romance quotient is minimal. If you’re a love ’em and leave ’em sort, this is more the game for you.Second, this is the middle ages. There is no showering before sexytime. If descriptions of smell turn you off, the ctrl-key and CG galleries will be your best friends.

Third, this is not vanilla time. This is hardcore fantasy play and while there isn’t much by way of actual kinky deeds (e.g. no S&M), you’re going to find a shortage of gentle, romantic sex here (though there is a lesbian scene with it.)Fourth, my favourite quote from the game is “One cock not enough. Need one more.” Interpret that as you will.

Think you’re man enough to handle this? Are you deeply into sub-space? (Do you know what that even is?) If so, we look forward to seeing you again when the game streets. Otherwise, we hear there are new episodes of My Little Pony airing or something.

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  1. Hmm thanks for the info. Just wondering is it similar to another title on manga gamer, forgot what the name was but it had to do with war n the protagonist has to choose to help a mad general n his army or help the girls.

  2. Well its a Liquid game so I wouldn’t expect anything less from them

  3. saw the loli and was hopeful xD

    sadly after reading this i don’t think its for me D:

    good luck with sales none the less.

  4. Nintendo Maniac 64

    The 2nd season of My Little Pony started?! Since WHEN?!

  5. I’m a fan of the darker genre as well and Liquid is insta-buy for me. Bring on the 28th! 😀

  6. Putting THAT quote under the loli image. You cunning rascal, you.

    Also, something tells me the queen in the “Execution” image isn’t going to lose her head, but rather [bad pun] give a few [/bad pun].

  7. Will definitely be getting this, though it may not be at the top of my to play list

  8. Silly girl, there’s no lawyers in the middle ages

    • Actually…from the early 13th century they were. At the same time, I don’t think she could have sued her. They worked for the Papacy or defended in such cases.

      In any case, yea she wouldn’t be able to sue anyone in the middle ages.

      • ?? People were suing each other all the time in the middle ages, usually over property, using civil or common law, not just canon law, at least in England. Consider that the Magna Carta includes

        “(17) Ordinary lawsuits shall not follow the royal court around, but shall be held in a fixed place.”

        But I don’t know of any cases along the lines suggested by the screenshot, where the defendent is someone’s ass.

  9. Waiting warmly. *grins evilly and rubs hands together*

  10. Apparently, you could sue people’s asses off in medieval times. Boy, do I have a bone to pick with my Medieval Professor.

  11. oh another trashy nukige…

  12. Personally, I love playing as a bad guy. Props to MangaGamer for getting this game squared away for us of the English speaking world.

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