Conquering the Queen: Your Conquests

Ready for some hardcore action? Let’s see who you’ve got to get it on with.

Remmy is your alpha slave. She ‘deres’ pretty easily and once you’ve claimed her, she’s in your power forever and does your bidding to set things up for you to take over the others. Between her and your best lieutenant, Gerald, finding new targets is not difficult.

Remmy is voiced by Oda Mari, a VA who’s been working the scene for over a decade now. Many of our fans are likely to recognize her as Benibara Nadeshiko from Shuffle, but she’s also played Silvia in Katahane, Hiraga Tsunami in Daiteikoku, and many others.Matilda, on the other hand, is the Caska of this world. She’s exclusively tsuntsun, which makes it all the more joyful to break her into lots of little moping pieces. Fortunately you’re given all kinds of tools to help, such as her past with Gerald and a convenient stepbrother who’s all too unwilling to join in the fun.

Matilda is voiced by Enokizu Mao, who some may remember from our introduction of Guilty the SiN‘s Yukari.

Now, you’re at war during this game, so the enemy has some commanders for you as well.

Totally not Sousou…right?

Rachel is your loli, a clumsy mage assassin who rolls double fail on everything she attempts. Needless to say, she’s punished accordingly, though she receives some solice in her love for her superior, Alfia.

Rachel is voiced by Isshiki Hikaru, who some may remember from our introduction of Koihime Musou‘s Kannei.

Of course, you get to have your way with Alfia as well.

From left to right: Emely, Alfia, Queen Sarah

Alfia is voiced by Kodama Satomi, another VA with over 200 different games to her name. In addition to countless roles in DISCOVERY’s works, she’s also played Shikouin Kasumi from Wind A Breath of Heart, and Youko Hasekura in Cross Channel.

Above them is the dark mage Emely, who offers you a deal: join her to overthrow the monarchies of her Eclipse and your Katusha, or turn against her and do it yourself. The choice is yours, but all sorts of fun (and a consensual scene!) awaits you either way.

Some may recognize Emely’s VA, Houjou Asuka, from her role as Vanilla in Cosplay Alien.

At the top, of course, is the Katushan royalty.

Sana is the nation’s beloved princess. She’s pure, romantic, and just waiting to have her dreams shattered and cum upon. She loves you from the start as her beloved rescuer, unaware of your ulterior motives for keeping her on your side.

Sana’s voiced by Chatani Yasura, another VA who’s been voice eroge for over a decade. Chatani has voiced Nekoko in Yume Miru Kusuri, Arai Hiromi and Kurou from Princess Waltz, Nimuntol from Eien no Aselia, Kururi in Flyable Heart, Sakuraba Yuu in Koi suru Otome to Shugo no Tate, and many, many more.Her mother, Sarah, is your goal: the Queen to conquer if you wish to ascend to the throne. Sarah is a wise ruler, majestic and inspiring, which makes it all the more of a pity that her son, Eric, is the actual ruler now that her husband’s died. Eric is a failure on most accounts, but he gets his fun in as well and Sarah will do anything to make up for his mistakes and protect the nation.

Sarah is voice by Kono Kanami, who you may remember from our introduction of her as Koihime Musou‘s Enshou.

There are a few more people for you to plunder, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise there. Just remember: it’s not as much fun when there’s just one.

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  1. Sounds really good

  2. I’ve made it clear before, but I’ll say it again: I’m getting this game.

  3. one word,”wow…”

  4. I’ve been really apprehensive about liquid games, but the character artwork is calling to me…

  5. not my cup of tea so im surely skipping this one. also in the game theres nothing but sex scenes one after another till the end. from my opinion people who can stand this till the end deserves a medal – im not one of them i rather spend my time on something nice.

  6. yea 2 more days til it is out.

  7. “Getting ready to rape your way to the top? Good. Let’s see who the victims are.”

    Somehow the respect I have for women just can’t allow me to let this slide: this is pretty terrible taste for pitching an advertisement.

    I think this game in general is in bad taste-I’m just not a fan of nukiges I suppose.

    • I dunno. For a game about rape, I think it’s fair to use the rape as advertisement.
      Also, maybe it’s just my attitude, but I always take any joke lightheartedly. Jokes about gay people, niggers, Asians, Twin Towers, Steve Jobs, rape and what else… They never bother me.

      And the game itself… Well, I don’t think it’s that offensive to women. Or at least, if it were men being raped, I wouldn’t be offended.

    • Might I ask, if simulated rape offends your morals so much, why’d you bother coming into a topic that highlights a game including it? If you’re protesting the advert line, as your second sentence alludes, then that’s fine and dandy, but there’s no need for you to show your true colors by telling all your dislike of nukige in general; it kinda nullifies your previous statement, ya know?

  8. Just bought a copy, might play it not sure, never tried a game based on rape, but if the girls end up enjoying it i don’t mind to much. Only reason i bought it was to support mangagamer ^^

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