Conquering the Queen

Liked Berserk but thought it had too much blood and not enough sex? Then Conquering the Queen is here for you!
In Conquering, you play Vincent Conquer, a mercenary, who thanks to a lucky encounter with kindly princess Sana and an all-controlling evil eye, is presented with the opportunity for conquest and a chance to rise to the top of the Katushan military in their war against the invading Eclipse.

Choose your alliance and leave no maiden spared as you ravage the countryside in your war for power!

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  1. I guess I’ll be getting this then

  2. bought it. dled it. now waiting for serial key

  3. Shinesman Moss Green

    yeah no interest in this one. will wait for announcement of the next title to be released.

  4. Strange coincidence is I got this game not too long after I got a copy of this:

  5. Not so interesting as We love master! but i can’t deny that a part of my want to play it and now i have credit card i don-t have problems to buy this, if it helps MG somehow to get stronger and bring better games then i-m happy for this..

    • Well that is what i am doing. XD Well at the main moment is still waiting for the official release of a voice acting in koihime. have not check in a while but there still isn’t any official voice for the MG koihime musou right?

      • No, there isn’t one yet, and unfortunaly it’ll take a while. No so long ago MG manaje to sells 1000 of the 2000 of copies necesaries to get voices in it. If you think that a good porcent of those copies were sold at the begining then you can asume that it would take a while. Still sells in general increase in MG everymonth so it won’t be so slow as one could consider.

        For other side we have to consider that it is selling well inspite of that a lot of people got angry for the voicess thing, some of them as you are waiting for the voices, someothers won’t buy the game because of that, others are just not interested in games without voices. If everyone of those had bought the game the sells could be arount 1500 by now and it would sell faster that without it, so it would the voices in no time and Bason would never underestimate MG again, so from there only games with voices and even more games, even more MG could be working by now for the rights in Shin koihime mousou.

        • haha well that is that. now to the next game, hope the release dates would be release for the three games in process.

        • I’m pretty sure that most of those who were whining about not having voices in Koihime Musou weren’t even planing to buy it to begin with, so I’m not so sure it would have made much of a difference anyway. Still, the fact that MangaGamer is releasing Harukoi Otome gives me hope that they’ll release Shin Koihime Musou with or without voices. Now what we need to do is to buy Harukoi Otome when it will be release in order to secure a possible release of other Baseson’s games (starting with Shin Koihime Musou of course ^_^).

          • well i bought mine far and square. Yup i am waiting for that game to so far i have tried to play the japanese version with was awesome but my japanese is still not that good to understand most of the scenes just the ones that r funny and hilarious.

          • I don’t agree with you. The customers are easily influenced. You can sell them a piece of junk as long as you convince them that they could need it, it is really wonderful or that its price is so low that you are the one who is winning for this deal. But made them angry, thinking that the price is too high, your are a liar, it is incomplete or that you discriminate them when you are selling it and then they would refuse to buy it from you.

            Saying that they won’t add voices until we buy 2000 copies is like telling us that they doubt we worth the effort of selling something to us, so it’s like they are discriminating us because we are a new custumer.

            I’m pretty sure that Kohime could have sold almost 2000 copies by now if it has come with voices in that price, or at least it would have sold more copies if it has voices even if its price is higher.

  6. Finally this game is release ^^!
    purchased >> downloaded >> installed >> too late now so I’ll play tomorrow after work ^^!
    now the only eroge I wait and willing to pay high price is last 2 of Shin Koihime Musou and Princess Lover if they have english version ^^!

    • Princess Lover is not worth paying a high price. While the first half is sweet, the second half gets bogged down in sex.

      Now, if you had mentioned Seinarukana, I would agree with you. I would pay a bomb for that. That is, if I hadn’t already bought and finished the original japanese version. 500 hours of game time! No other game in existence has ever commanded so much of my life.

  7. I’ve just bought the game to support MangaGamer and because I like the art, still I must admit that I’m kinda uneasy about this game content and whether I’m going to enjoy this game or not. Anyway now I’m waiting for Deardrops and Harukoi Otome’s release date and still hoping to get Shin Koihime Musou translated into English and whatever good surprise MangaGamer might release in a near future.

  8. Finally the last one of first MG’s releases who had previous removed had rereleased XD

  9. Disappointed. Characters absolutely boring, sex scenes coming out of nowhere and not that sexy, I didn’t even finished it once.You can make funny and entertaining sex games, like We love Master! , but this one just sucks in my opinion.

    Well it wasn’t that expensive, and it was the one I was less impatient to get among the upcoming games. The others look much better, still looking forward to them!

    • I guess this wasn’t your type of game that you’d enjoy, but you pretty much knew it wasn’t going to be funny and as good looking as We love Master! when you saw the description.

      I personally think We love master! was my favorite title from mangagamer, even though I haven’t even finished Koihime, Kara no Shoujo, or even Edelweiss (I think Edelweiss will be something i’ll enjoy more due to how stupid the male companions act.)

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