Halloween Sale

Soon comes the time when things that fright,
ghouls and ghosts and monsters alight
down unto this land in twilight
celebrating Halloween night!

This year, for All Hallow’s Eve we’re hosting a big sale* on games that scare, games that fill you with terror and dread, and games not meant for the faint at heart! Games where monsters, magics, and evil runs rampant as you smite, excite, or run in fright at the horrors and suspense in store! Choose your poison and enjoy a frightful Samhain!

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni €24.95 →  €15.95
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai €34.95 →  €24.95
Guilty ~ The SiN~ €24.95 →  €15.95
Soul Link €24.95 →  €15.95
My sex slave is a classmate €19.95  →  €9.95
Suck my Dick or Die  €15.95  →  €9.95

*Sale will run from October 26th through November 2. In part with the sale, we’re having a special promotion for affiliates on Kara no Shoujo and Conquering the Queen as well, so check your inboxes for details!

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  1. Cool.

    Anyway for those interested, and who haven’t picked them up, here’s my reviews for Soul Link and Guilty to help you in deciding if you want them or not.



    • Soul Link is the only one I don’t have. I wonder if I should get it. So, DarkFusion says the game is awesome. Any other opinions?

      • It gets pretty bad after ch.1.

      • I liked it a lot.
        And chapter 2 is indeed slightly less good than chapter 1, but it’s not bad by any means.
        Though, some endings do leave some to be desired. There’s a bit of forced drama, and the very last scene is the same for each girl with merely a sprite swap.

        • =D I highly recommend Soul Link–and not just because it was the first title I translated for MangaGamer!

          It’s a great Sci-Fi/suspense game, and I at least loved Suzuhira Hiro’s artwork.

          It’s a bit more ‘classic’ in terms of game-play (read: there are times when you’re faced with choosing which rooms to go to, with varying combinations leading to various dead-ends), so don’t feel bad if you have to break down and use a guide, but its definitely entertaining.

          There’s a good mix of ero and story–enough to break up the story for those who want their eros, but not enough to upset those who want their story.

          And if you need more convincing, just look at the voice cast!

          It’s definitely worth the ~$20 it’s on sale for, and the sale won’t last forever. =D

        • I liked it a lot as well and what Nurio said pretty much sums up what happened during ch 2. Should also mention that there is two male leads, Shuuhei for ch 1 and Ryouta for ch 2.

          For instance there is a dramatic change in character for some of the cast that they are definitely unbelievable. Relationships with the girls in ch 2 is also forced and it makes the ero scenes with feel out of place. This game has a lot of unnecessary ero scenes(4 letter word, starts with an “r” and ends with an “e”). Of the romantic ero scene, only the one with Nao(pink hair girl) seems natural.

          Also a certain friend of someone plays the unfortunate part of a r–e victim which makes you wonder why they were even mentioned when their only role was to increase the ero content by a few scenes.

          I’d honestly say that Shuffle! and Soul Link are about the same level in terms of enjoyment. Also Shuuhei is among one of the best male protagonist I’ve come across and he is serious about the girl he likes which probably leads to the unnatural relationships in ch 2 lol where the other girls should have been falling for Shuuhei instead of Ryouta.

          And like Kouryuu said…don’t feel bad when you have to use a guide its actually a must. I’d say that Soul Link is worth the current price during this sale and its regular price too.

          • There’s one route which wasn’t really forced in the romance department. And that one is immediately the best in regard to drama.

            Yeah, I’m not a fan of rape, either. But why do so many people have difficulty pronouncing/typing it?

            And I agree that Shuuhei is one of the better protagonists. He’s awesome.

            And a guide isn’t so much a must only to get to the ending. I actually got to the ending easily without a guide and got through that most difficult part without dying. Maybe I was just a bit lucky?
            A guide IS a must if you want to 100% it, though. The game has MANY unique bad ends and it actually keeps track of which you’ve found and which you haven’t.

      • I liked Soul Link. For me, personally, there was slightly too much sex (especially r–e), but that’s personnal taste.
        In-so-far as the story, it’s quite engrossing and rarely boring and a very under-rated MG title.

  2. And here I was thinking KnS was on sale!

  3. Yeah I have no idea what “affiliate” is supposed to mean, but I got 1 e-mail about the sale and 0 e-mails about these ‘special’ sales. I pirated Soul Link and thoroughly enjoyed it, it’s not a super memorable VN but I think it’s worth the sale amount for those who’ve never read it. I’m checking over the Higurashi game and it’s just confusing the hell out of me-there are 3 different items to purchase or some business? Are you telling me that I need to buy all 3 for the whole story?

  4. This is completely off topic but do you guys plan on translating Shin Koihime Musou anytime soon? if you don’t have the rights could you acquire it?

  5. Also wondering about the fandisk.

  6. My guess is that Nexton’s waiting to see how much KM can sell in a year’s time before considering whether to take the chance on at least a voiceless SKM release.

    • I suspect you’re right, which is sort of a shame–I’d pay way more than I should for Shin Koihime Musou. I got Koihime Musou the day it came out, and since have spent several hundred more on related merchandise–figures of five of its heroines adorn my desk, there’s an artbook on my shelf, and two volumes of manga are in the other room. <_<

  7. Shinesman Moss Green

    I bought soul Link and did enjoy it; although there is a little too much non-consensual sex for my taste as well as some other wtf rape. The first chapter is definitely the best though as is the main route. It seems like the others were added because the creators realized da doh we need other women in dis game. So they found whatever they could and made them into other routes in the second chapter. I have to say that it did hurt the game rather than help it. The first and main route is the good part of the game while the others leave much to be desired and like everyone else has said it is forced to high hell.

    not a bad sale but I’ve seen better from mangagamer. I’ll wait for a different one once other games have been released. Hell this time next year the game I actually do want to pick up might be on sale.

  8. Not sure which one to buy. I’m thinking more about what is the best for my money to short and far time. (except for higashi, I just don’t get interested with that art

    To far long time it would be to buy everything xDD or at least the expensive items, so it would be Guilty and soul link.

    To short time it would be suck my dick and sex with my classmate. The problem is that this is going to make hard to save for the ps vita. Choose and choose.


    • No too much money to spend in the end, so in the end i just bought my sex sclave is my classmate and suck my dick or die.

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