Today we’re going to talk a bit about the girls of DEARDROPS!

First off is Kanade. She’s quite the shy, reserved childhood friend who’s been with Shoichi the longest, and knows him best. It’s thanks to her that he finds a place to live and work after events in Germany force him back to Japan. She has incredible talent as a singer, but fierce stage fright continues to keep her from considering singing as a career. For now her dream is to succeed the live house her father currently runs and see it produce a band that becomes famous. But is it really alright for her to leave her talents wasted and live a life supporting everyone else aside from herself?Kanade is voiced by Aoba Ringo, a seasoned eroge voice actress with over 200 different titles to her name. Though many of her performances have been with very erotic brands such as CLOCK UP, Liquid, Alicesoft, and others, those in the west are probably more likely to recognize her from her anime roles. Two of her anime roles include Batai from Shin Koihime Musou, and Hinata Ibuki from A Bridge to the Starry Skies both of which are available for free on Crunchyroll.

The next girl you’ll meet is Riho. Some people (like Gonda) might call her a bitch, but she’s actually just brutally honest with what she thinks about herself, others, and the world around her. She is devoted, driven, and refuses any comprise. She thinks absolutely nothing of those who aren’t equally striving towards their goal, which is why she very rarely has anything good to say about most people. Despite all of that though, she is simply honest, and does give credit where its due and earned. However, her refusal to compromise also leads to a short temper, and it’s not uncommon for her to haul off and smack someone who deserves it in her opinion. As driven as she is, her goal is very clearly that of becoming a professional vocalist. Her voice is good, and she certainly puts in a lot of hard work training and maintaining it, but she absolutely no skill in writing lyrics. However, the band she’s currently a member of isn’t committed and capable enough for her She wants to quit it since she doesn’t see it going anywhere, but their leader doesn’t want to let her go either. Though it’s hard to find Riho’s VA credited for many eroge, PS3 owners might be able to recognize her from Sega’s Valkyria Chronicles. As for fans of anime, you might recognize her from Queen’s Blade, Gosick, Nabari no Ou, or Himawari.

Some of Riho’s favorite artists are Madonna and Kimura Kaela.

The next one who comes to you is Yayoi. Yayoi is probably one of the most normal characters you meet, though she’s also rarely strong enough to stop the others from going out of control. But if something comes up that needs a smart, level head, she’s often the one they rely on. You first meet her when you’re looking for someone to teach you the guitar, and that is what separates her from most normal girls: her zealous passion for guitars. She loves everything about and every inch of every guitar, and can’t stand those who don’t give their guitars the care they deserve. She’s nearly at the end of her years at the academy and facing the ever looming trouble of entrance exams and trying to plan her future just like everyone else her age. Yayoi is voiced by Tamiyasu Tomoe, another VA with nearly 200 different roles to her name. In addition to voicing three different roles in Little Busters (Natsume Rin, Naoe Riki, and Sasasegawa Sasami), she voiced various roles in Circus’ RPG Academy series, Akabeisoft’s World Love Order,Β  and many other brands and games as well.

Some of Yayoi’s favorite artists are TOTO, Jimmy Page, and Kenta (From STAR GENERATION), though lately she’s been enjoying 9mm Parabellum Bullet as well.The last girl you meet is Rimu. “Free spirit” barely even begins to describe her behavior. She tends to go where she wants, when she wants and do what she pleases, how she pleases, with complete indifference to others. It’s no surprise people often liken her to a cat. Though her father taught her to play the drums from an early age, the great talent leaves her far above most others her age. As a result she’sΒ  grown sick of playing together with others, and finds her talents going to waste. It isn’t until her mother’s remarriage that she’s brought together with you and the others. Like Riho, Rimu’s VA is not one you’ll often find credited in eroge, but anime fans may recognize her from Kaichou ha Maid-sama, OreImo, Baka to Test, and Kara no Kyoukai: Garden of Sinners.

Some of Rimu’s favorite artists include: SOULTOUL, Simon Phillips, JOE, and Aoyama Jun.

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  1. I didn’t realize while I was playing the demo that Rimu’s body is kind of messed up in the standard standing pose.

  2. Who could guess that Riho’s VA was Kuzuryu Momoko’s and Cecile’s (the teacher in Gosick) ?

  3. raincoat superstar

    Riho’s gorgeous character design and fiery temperament make her an early favourite…

  4. Kanade’s my favorite in terms of character design and shy characters are cute anyways if done right. So she’s voiced by Aoba Ringo? So that’s why I kept thinking of apples whenever I look at her.

  5. Who is Rimu’s VA?

  6. If only Yayoi had a better design i would probably chose her for my first walktrhought without doubt. I think overdrive work make her a little more beautiful. A ponytail could works well. Her desing make me want to leave her to the last but i’m not sure because i liked her personality. The other option for my first, Rimu, give me more thought. I love her personality and she look good, but i don’t feel too attracted to her personality at the same time, It should be because i’m not interested in “cats”. Those two are going to give me to think at the begining.

    Then Riho, I don’t know what to think about her either, better look but her personality is just interesting to me. Kanade is cute, but althought i support childhood friends, i’m not interested in shy and calm girls.

  7. Shoujoko sugoi ne,I loved all *o*

  8. Surprisingly DEARDROPS doesn’t have a girl which I like (nearly) 100% like Kotori in Da Capo or Haruka in Edelweiss. Kanade is cute but lacks in confidence. Riho is confident but lacks in patience and empathy. Yayoi… hmm… I don’t know exactly what but I miss something on her (also the design could be just slightly better). Rimu is cute and her simple-heartedness makes her somehow sexy but she’s damn childish. I mean she’s a human rubber ball!

    Nevertheless my list is this:

    1. Riho
    2. Kanade
    3. Rimu
    4. Yayoi

  9. I think that all the girls are quite cute. And even if they weren’t, I’m really looking forward to this game. It’s a sure buy.

  10. What time and time zone will the game be released?

  11. Why aren’t the names of Riho’s and Rimu’s VAs mentioned in the blog above? Thanks to minirop, I see one is Igarashi Hiromi. Who’s the other?

  12. Does anyone know the VA for the little girl at the end of Riho’s route; Shoichi gives her the guitar at the end.

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