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We’ve recently moved the blog here, to this new web-address. This is where we’ll be posting all of our new posts from now on. This change means our blog and our forums will now be on the same server, as well as allowing us to make our own tweaks to the blog’s design. Do you guys have any suggestions for how you’d like to see the blog change (or stay the same)?

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  1. Man this image. Reminds me of the Over Drive ita-van I saw in Nagoya last spring.

  2. On the new blog — I’m not a fan of the shrinking fonts on comments. They start out a little harder to read than before, and get less legible when comments reply to comments.

  3. A recurrent problem I noticed is if you reply to someone the font becomes smaller, it’s a bit of a hassle to read replies. Just check previous threads you should notice that.

  4. Russo Turisto (@TheRussoTuristo)

    Just checking to see how this works now. It’s a shame the blog doesn’t support all of WordPress’ bells and whistles anymore.

    • Ooh, the twitter thingie works… somehow. Thanks.

    • It’s still running on wordpress software, so it should. Just that since it’s not on wordpress anymore, things have to be done the hard way, and only one staff member (not me) knows anything about doing them so it’s taking us some time to get all the bells and whistles working right again.

      • So, if its extra work for you guys, why did you move it? I thought money is tight! I guess now you can dispense with the naughty bits blocker. Maybe you are free of some more restrictions…

        Still a forward should have also done the job if you only wanted to have the blog under the domain. Besides what gives? There is and

  5. This blog is so much faster now ^^

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