Magical Teacher

We’re proud to announce that Magical Teacher is now on sale!

You’re a pure, innocent young lad…
And your teachers are about to teach you some very naughty lessons.

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  1. Just downloaded it and started it.
    the text is all messed up, any one else having this problem ?

  2. i got it working now
    Thanks for the help really appreciate it 🙂

  3. Getting an error saying “Temporary file could not be started.” and it won’t start :/

  4. Just a little notice, the install title and icon title both have the name “Masical teacher” instead of “Magical Teacher”. Otherwise just bought the game and look forward to playing it later.

  5. After a hurdle of failed downloads(on my part *stupid laptop battery*), FINALLY I can enjoy my SENSEI!!!!

  6. Hi, I’m having trouble installing the game. I run the installation and it tells me I don’t have Can you help me please?

    • Are you extracting both .rar files to the same windows folder? The easy way to do this is to select both .rar files and then select ‘Extract Here’. Or, since you have already extracted the first .rar file open the Magical Teacher 2 of 2 .rar and select the Data2 and files and drag them to the existing Magical Teacher folder to extract them to it.

    • Let it be known to all that I only extracted the first .rar and forgot to extract the second.

      Let it be known to all that I and only I tripped myself at the time to install the game. =)

    • Really wish they would link the .rar files so that if you only extract one it will automatically extract the others with it. Would stop causing this confusion that happens when people only extract one on accident.

    • There is a Red Warning saying to extract all the archive in the same folder when you click on the Donwload links on your account page.

      So ^^

  7. There was a question once in Tick? Tack! and Really? Really! the sequel to Shuffle is there by any chance you could show the numbers needed to meet the japanese quota to get the later titles and maybe even Shuffle Essence+ it would be great just like you guys mentioned the numbers needed to get Kohime Musou voices which was around 2000 if I recall correctly.
    Be nice also if you guys could get Da Capo Plus Communications and the Fan Discs Seasons add-ons for the 1st game unless that is also need to meet a criteria on sales numbers.

  8. A lot of censorship in the CGs XD

  9. I am seriously considering getting this game, but first I’ve gotta know: Does each girl have their own route, or is it more of a We Love Master harem funtime all the time? I can’t find that information anywhere, so I’ll just drop it here, ’cause I’d really like to know what I’m getting into BEFORE I get into it.

  10. It took a while and i’ll have to eat noddles this week, but finaly i have bought it.^^ (usualy i buy them right away but it has been a hard month)Too bad that i can enjoy too much.

  11. i downloaded all the above fonts and i believe i installed them as well but nothing changed on my game its still having word wrapping problems.

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