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With Dengeki Stryker‘s release just days away, we’re going to take a quick look at two visitors to the Eroge world who helped collaborate on the game: OP singer Masaaki Endoh and animation director Shinichi Watanabe.

Listen to those hot-blooded vocals! The singer, Mr. Masaaki Endoh, has been performing in Japan since 1995, and performed the theme songs for various anime including Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer, Carnival Phantasm, EX-Driver, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D, and most famously, King of Braves GaoGaiGar:

Mr. Endoh has also performed insert and/or OP themes for the Abaranger, Magiranger, and Dekaranger TV shows.

In 2000, Mr. Endoh formed JAM (Japanese Animationsong Makers) Project with Rica Matsumoto (Pokemon, Combustible Campus Guardress), Hironobu Kageyama (All Dragonball Z vocals minus ED 1, MD Geist, Shinesman), Ichirou Mizuki (Mazinger Z, Godannar, Kamen Rider V3), and Eizo Sakamoto (Animetal). Together, the group has contributed music to shows and games including MuvLuv Alternative, Super Robot Wars, Garo, Mazinkaizer, and many, many more. Needless to say, having Mr. Endoh performing with the always amazing Milktub shows just how much fiery action awaits inside the game!

Shinichi Watanabe (aka Nabeshin), on the other hand, is known for his off-the-wall wacky sense of comedy, and supports the game’s humour and action with his animated sequences. Mr. Watanabe currently works with the studio Silver Link, and is known primarily for his frenetic satires such as Excel Saga, Puni Puni Poemi, and Nerima Daikon Brothers, but has been working in anime for over 20 years and has contributed as director or animation director to a wide variety of shows from super robots (Goldran: Brave of Gold) to action classics (Lupin III: Columbus Files (dir.)), sports titles (Eyeshield 21), and school-based slice-of-life and romance shows (SKET Dance, The Wallflower (dir.))

Our friend Eli Lakritz, one of the fine folks from Colony Drop, had a chance to interview Mr. Watanabe at Anime Central, and found out some exciting behind-the-scenes facts about the game. For instance:

-[Nabeshin]  specifically used “kantoku” [to describe his role]. [The overall game] director told him what to do: hot-blooded fighting. He was really shocked [when he found out] that it had sexual and other risque content.

-[Nabeshin] really loves super robot shows and he got a lot of flack for what he did on Goldran from Sunrise. They told him to stop being “so crazy”. (Watch episodes 2 and 7, which Nabeshin storyboarded and directed and you’ll see why!)

-Nabeshin’s favourite character in Dengeki Stryker is Yamato.

– He used a lot of old-school style in creating the animation, and is currently working on the Chou Dengeki Stryker expansion pack. They’re hoping to make it even better than the first one.

-[Nabeshin] started at Silver Link when it was very small. The president was a big fan of Excel Saga. Silver Link’s president’s wife was in a big panic when they heard Nabeshin was coming because of what he’s like, so they were “relieved” when he was a normal person. He’s been working there for 3 years and really likes it. They like him too. He said Silver Link is really helpful in his work and he wants to make his own show with them if possible.

You can see a couple of the animation clips from Dengeki Stryker, courtesy of the official Milktub channel here:

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  1. Would there happen to be a Nabeshin cameo in this game…or Chou?

  2. You’ve forgotten Endoh Masaaki’s greatest accomplishment: the most pants-wettingly awesome cover of Yuzurenai Negai ever recorded.

    I won’t lie, I have a small crush on the dude. XD

  3. Wow!

    From Dengeki Stryker you could easily adapt an anime. Shit, now when I think about it, I’m now really watch the anime to stand – if would be finite.

  4. Masaki Endo are coming in Brazil on a event called Anime Friends in the past,I’ll seem he’s show *o*

  5. Dengeki stryker is pretty awesome, looking forward the full release!
    Go stryker Zero!!!

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